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The Young and The Restless Top Ten List Pages

Y&R Top Ten Lists

Top Ten List #4
Dos and Don'ts of Genoa City
By Bethany

1. If you are under ten, never let your parents send  you to boarding school. It will cut years off of your life.

2. If you meet the right guy, have a private eye check him out first.  Otherwise, you could wind up reliving your childhood in the old tree house that your brother had.

3. Always check your closets before making love to someone that you shouldn't because someone could be in the closet taking pictures to blackmail you with.

4. Never assume that your love one is dead until you have the body back and it is embalmed and identified properly.

5. Be sure that you are not some how related to the lover that you have just taken.

6.  If you are pregnant, you can safely assume that you will go early, miscarry, have some god-awful disease, or be pregnant by someone that you shouldn't be.

7. Never do business with Victor unless you check him for knives that he will invariably put in your back unless you cover your a**.

8. Never say never. Just when you least expect it, your past will come back to haunt you in a form that you may not recognize right away.

9. Never go up the hill with Jack and Jill.  The fall down will never be as fun and the walk up.

10. If you are a multimillionaire, never make a deposit to the local sperm bank.  The assets that you have there have a tendency to multiple faster than any bank in the state with interest that you could live without.

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Page updated 8/21/12

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