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The Young and The Restless Trivia Quiz Pages

Y&R Trivia Quizzes

Young & the Restless Mega Quiz Answers
by Dani


1. March 26

2. Guiding Light

3. “The Innocent Years”

4. Stuart Brooks

5. Jill Foster Abbott

6. Katherine Chancellor

7. John McCook aka Eric Forrester

8. BBQ Spareribs and Sauerkraut

9. His Eyes

10. A. Greg Foster
      B. Paul Williams

11. A. Jack Abbott
      B. For demanding sex to ensure her position at Jabot
      C. 1 Million dollars

12. Tyrone and Jazz

13. Puzzle pieces that when places together revealed a compromising photo of Jill

14. Ruthless: The Story of Victor Newman

15. Brad Carlton was held captive by his one time love Lisa Mansfield AND Nina Webster was held captive in the attic of the Chancellor mansion by Mrs. Chancellor.

16. Rex Sterling was a bum living in the park. Rex was the biological father of Danny and Gina.

17. A. David Kimble
      B. He married Nina for the Chancellor fortune she had inherited on behalf of her son.

18. “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat”

19. Hope was blind

20. A. Vietnam
      B. Jack Abbott

21. Phyllis

22. An Octopus

23. A. Ashley Jones and Jennifer Gareis
      B. Megan Dennison (Y&R) Bridget (B&B)
      Grace Turner (Y&R) Donna Logan (B&B)

24. Andy Richards and Nathan Hastings

25. Doug Davidson

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Page updated 8/21/12

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