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The Young and The Restless Older Polls Page

Archived Y&R Polls

New polls can be found on our new site at TVMEG.COM

We had some 2017 polls, but they weren't working any more, so we had to delete them. Sorry! You can see what they looked like here and here.

by Boo
ran from 5/16/05 till 7/13/06

What is the worst thing Daniel did lately?
Watched porn online.
Lied to his wife about the porn.
Used his credit card to buy porn without telling his wife.
Flirted heavily with Amber.
Shared personal stuff about himself online without telling his wife.
All of the above.
None of the above.

Who should Sharon be with?
someone else on the show
someone new
no one

Who is your favorite couple?
Victor and Nikki
Brad and Sharon
Brad and Victoria
Victoria and J.T.
J.T. and Colleen
Colleen and Adrian
Cane and Amber
Adrian and Amber
Sharon and Jack
Jack and Phyllis
Sharon and Nick
Nick and Phyllis
Michael and Lauren
Michael and Phyllis
Paul and Lauren
Paul and Maggie
Paul and Chris
Neil and Dru
Neil and Victoria
Dru and Malcolm
Olivia and Neil
Jill and Ji-Min
Jill and Will
Gloria and John
Gloria and Will
Daniel and Amber
Lily and Daniel
David and Sharon
some other couple not listed here

Who should win the senate race?
someone else
I don't care


by Jodi
added 11-1-06


by Boo
added 07-13-06

by Jodi
added 04-02-06

Nick's Affair
Who Should Nick Choose?

view results

Bigger story
Who would you like to see in a bigger storyline?
Angelo (13) 6%
Esther (22) 10%
Devon (29) 14%
Sierra (42) 20%
Gina (29) 14%
Olivia (29) 14%
someone else (46) 22%

Total Votes: 210

New Victoria
Do you like the new Victoria?
yes (111) 47%
no (100) 42%
don't care (27) 11%

Total Votes: 238

by Boo
ran from 02-08-05 till 5/16/05

Will Malcolm tell Neil if he finds out he is Lily's father?
Yes (6) 50%
No (6) 50%

Total Votes: 12

Kevin & Mac
Will Kevin and Mac become a couple?
Yes (8) 62%
No (5) 38%

Total Votes: 13

by Boo
ran from 12-10-04 till 5/16/05

Damon & Phyllis
Will Damon & Phyllis be convicted of conspiracy to commit murder?
Yes (6) 29%
No (15) 71%

Total Votes: 21

John & Gloria
What will happen when John finds out who Gloria really is?
Divorce her immediately (7) 32%
Forgive her but refuse to accept her sons (13) 59%
All one big happy family (2) 9%

Total Votes: 22

Who should J.T. be with?
Colleen (13) 46%
Mac (9) 32%
Brittany (2) 7%
Someone else (1) 4%
Don't care (3) 11%

Total Votes: 28

by Suzanne

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Polls by Jodi


Page updated 6/17/20

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