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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Year in Review 1990 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Nikki in the Middle of Jack & Victor

As the year began, Jack wanted nothing more than to make Victor pay for buying Jabot away from the Abbott family. The best way to do this, he surmised, was to woo and marry Victor’s greatest love: Nikki. Jim Grainger, her current boyfriend, was Jack’s first obstacle. However, romantic dinners and lavish gifts accomplished the mission and, soon, Nikki had eyes only for the golden boy. When he discovered that Victor intended to propose to Nikki once again, Jack moved his plan into overdrive, whisked Nikki off on a romantic getaway, and convinced her to become his wife.

When they returned and announced their good news, Victor suspected that Jack had only used Nikki to punish him. To test his theory, he offered to return control of Jabot to the Abbott family if Jack agreed to divorce Nikki. Despite having fallen deeply in love with her, Jack signed a deal, intent on seeing the company returned to his father, John. Unbeknownst to Jack, an intricately worded loophole in the contract voided the deal. Victor immediately went to Nikki, with the signed document, to show her how little Jack actually valued their union.

Devastated, Nikki made plans to divorce Jack, but he regained her trust when he rescued young Victoria, her daughter, from drowning. However, Nikki was unable to continue a life with Jack since it was obvious he loved Jabot, and – in truth – she still loved Victor. As she began to make plans to approach Victor to reconcile, she discovered that she was pregnant… with Jack’s child. The stress of an unhappy marriage and an unwanted pregnancy caused her to turn to alcohol and pills to numb her emotional and physical pain.

The Impact Of Victor & Ashley’s Love

Love took an odd direction when Brad Carlton, ex-husband of Traci Abbott, began pursuing her sister, Ashley. Their romance blossomed quickly, despite the guilt both felt over their union. When Brad proposed, Ashley insisted she needed time to think. Before she could give him an answer, Traci returned to Genoa City, intent on reclaiming Brad’s love. Torn between her love for Brad, and her sisterly loyalty to Traci, Ashley left town to visit a remote cabin, needing time to herself.

But Victor Newman had a similar plan. Regrouping from having lost Nikki to Jack, he also visited the cabin to clear his mind. Away from their troubles back home, Victor and Ashley convinced themselves they were still in love, and impulsively got married. The marriage announcement later rocked all of Genoa City: Brad’s ex-girlfriend, Cassandra, vowed revenge against Brad for his harsh rejection of her; Jack was horrified to learn that Victor, his great enemy, was now his brother-in-law; and poor Nikki was flat-out heartbroken that her chance to reclaim her great love was now gone, for good.

The hardest hit of all, Nikki suffered unparalleled emotional stress. She miscarried the child she and Jack had been anticipating, and developed a chronic back problem. In time, she began mixing her booze and pills, hoping for relief from her pain, and quickly became drug-dependent.

Katherine Chancellor’s Wicked Doppleganger


Clint Radison, Gina’s somewhat shady new husband, spent the beginning of the year coaching Marge, an off-beat diner waitress, on how to impersonate the well-known and wealthy Katherine Chancellor… a dead-ringer look-alike. When Marge had mastered her act, Clint kidnapped Katherine and Esther, and held them captive in a cabin outside of town.

Marge’s first mission was to sell several of Kay’s most valuable possessions. Many of her friends and family members were stunned by the move, especially Rex – Kay’s husband – who found himself increasingly surprised by his wife’s sudden odd behaviour. In time, Rex was unable to handle the extreme changes in the woman he loved, so he moved out… and in with Jill, Kay’s nemesis. Jill immediately urged him to divorce the grand dame, and marry her. On the verge of extreme wealth – a product of their many sales of Kay’s valuables – Marge and company were nearly rich when Brock – Kay’s son – made a surprise visit to town and immediately realized that someone was impersonating his mother. He confronted Marge, who broke down and confessed. Soon after, Kay and Esther were rescued and Clint was arrested for his role in the plot.

Returning to her life in Genoa City, Kay was horrified to learn that Rex had married Jill while she’d been away. With her lawyer’s help, she proved the marriage was not legal, since Marge – not her – had been the one to sign the divorce papers. Kay agreed to accept Rex’s marriage to Jill, if he agreed to wait six months before legally remarrying her. It was during this waiting period that Jill began seeing John Abbott – her ex-husband – once again.

Things got really intense when Rex – posing as Roger – began dating Leanna Love. Having had enough of all the lies and games, Kay arranged a dinner and sat back watching – in delight – as Jill and John’s secret romance was revealed, and Rex’s cover with Leanna Love was blown. It was an evening no one would ever forget.

Paul’s Successful Game To Clear His Name

Believed dead, Paul Williams set out to prove – with help from his father, Carl – that he had not murdered George Rawlins, but that it had been the work of Cassandra and her lover, Adrian. The father/son duo trailed the secret lovers to Bermuda, where they tormented Cassandra with visions of Paul as a ghost. Terrified, Cassandra rushed back to Genoa City and soon after confessed that on the night of George’s murder, she had been knocked unconscious. When she awoke, she claimed, there was a gun in her hand and her husband was dead. With Cassandra’s cooperation, Paul and Carl were able to prove, in time, that Adrian had killed her husband. They exposed him and he was arrested.

The Introduction Of Twisted Sheila Carter

Despite lingering feelings for Paul, Lauren Fenmore agreed to marry Dr. Scott Grainger. When Lauren miscarried early in a secret pregnancy, Scott was bothered both by the child’s death, and by the fact that he hadn’t known about the pregnancy. Confused about his new marriage, he turned to Nurse Sheila Carter, a colleague, for support and advice. Sheila, immediately smitten with the doctor, suggested that Lauren still had feelings for Paul.

In time, Lauren agreed to give Scott a trial separation, unable to handle the stress of daily arguments in what was supposed to be a happy union. During this time, Scott gave in to his feelings of loneliness and had sex with Sheila. When he and Lauren later decided to reunite, Sheila announced she was pregnant. Scott was devastated, believing this would cost him his wife, but Lauren was understanding, and surprised him with the news that she was expecting his child as well.

Skip & Carol & The Baby They Loved

Unable to have children of their own, lovers Skip and Carol arranged to adopt a baby from an unwed mother named Nan. The young woman wasn’t sure if her child was the product of lovemaking with her boyfriend, Jeff, or a violent rape she’d endured some time before. Soon after the birth, Nan discovered that Jeff was the father, and immediately wanted the child back. She fought for custody, and won. However, when she and Jeff realized how much responsibility was involved in the raising of a child, they returned the baby to an elated Skip and Carol.

Hurricane Drucilla Hits Genoa City, WI

Nathan Hastings was furious when he was pick-pocketed by a young street woman named Drucilla. When he later learned she was the niece of the Abbott family maid, Mamie Johnson, he decided to help her. He learned she was illiterate, poor and in need of a friend, so he moved her into his home and began tutoring her. In time, Dru fell in love with her saviour, unaware he was dating her sister Olivia, a successful local doctor.

Having been separated for years, there was no love lost between the two sisters. But when Olivia learned about her presence in town, and in Nathan’s home, she immediately set out to repair their broken relationship. But Dru, bitter over the situation with Nathan, refused her attempts to reconcile. Now studying ballet, Dru decided she was just as much of a catch as her sister, and became determined to steal Nathan away from Olivia… whatever the cost.

Jill Orchestrates A Romance For Nina

Desperate for more time with her grandson, Philip, Jill urged her male secretary, David Kimball, to pursue a romance with Nina. Lonely for quite some time, Nina took to the man instantly and their romance blossomed. They stunned everyone a short time later by eloping. When they returned to town, Nina used her vast fortune to set David up in business for himself, where he began an illicit affair with his secretary, Diane.

It was Diane who happened upon a newspaper clipping about heiress Rebecca Harper, who had been murdered by her husband, Tom. Strikingly, Tom was identical to David. Some time later, a woman named Vivian arrived in town, intent on exposing David as a wife-killing womanizer. But before she could tell anyone what she knew, David electrocuted her in her hotel bath. He then set his sights on Christine and Danny. Nina’s best friends disapproved of her sudden marriage to the man they knew nothing about, and had voiced their opinions several times. Eager to shut them up, David arranged to make it look like Danny was a cocaine user and had him arrested. Christine helped Danny fight the charges, distracting them from their concern for Nina. Soon after, to celebrate his name being cleared, they were married.

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