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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Y&R Year in Review 2005 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

CASE CLOSED: Though Phyllis was relieved that the transcript proved her innocence, she decided to keep it quiet until they could find a way to save Damon as well. With things looking bleak, Phyllis went undercover again - this time as Ms Sandra King, a reporter from the south. Pretending to be writing a story on parole violators, she scared Glenn Richards enough with the threat of bad publicity that he dropped the charges. Weber briefly considered arresting Phyllis when he realized her scheme, but decided not to. She then told Damon, Jack, and later Daniel the good news as the conspiracy to commit murder case was closed.

COLLEEN’S BRIEF RETURN: Colleen's time in GC was charged with romance between her and JT. But things fizzled quickly as he realized she'd met Zach while in NY, and she realized he had deep feelings for Brittany... and possibly Mac. When an offer to travel Europe with her Mother came through, and JT refused to ask her to stay or promise her a future, Colleen made the painful decision to say good-bye to their love again. They promised to keep in touch, and she left town, but not before Mac saw her fearful reaction to Kevin.

BURYING JOSHUA CASSEN: Bobby returned to GC with news that he'd visited his parents’ grave to tell them about Joshua's fate. Nikki gave in and let Bobby watch the video footage of his brother, and Brittany was bothered when the two comforted each other. Nikki had to come forward and tell the police her story when Bobby and Brittany tried to have Joshua's remains released to them. Weber agreed not to press charges on anyone (including Paul and JT for stealing the earring and obstructing the investigation), and the case was closed. When Bobby decided to bring his brother's remains to Cleveland for burial with their parents, Nikki made all the funeral arrangements, but let Brittany take credit, earning herself permission to accompany Bobby on his trip. In Cleveland, they buried Joshua, and Brittany sang him a lullaby, then suddenly collapsed by his grave.

LILY’S PATERNITY REVEALED: In quick succession, Malcolm broke up with Adrienne, slept with Olivia, and demanded Dru run a paternity test to determine if Lily was his daughter. Phyllis intercepted the test kit - from DMS Labs where she once worked - and taunted Dru about the possibility her daughter belonged to Malcolm. Neil and Malcolm finally reconnected by forgiving each other for Alex Perez and all that happened in Africa years before. When the family forgot Devon's birthday, he ran off to spend it at the zoo and fell into the Lion's Den. Neil and Malcolm saved him, but Lily - driving the car to pick everyone up - skidded on ice and, when Neil pushed Malcolm to safety - struck her father with the car. In the hospital, Neil almost died, while Phyllis took advantage of the distraction to pose as Olivia and sign for the test results. Things got ugly when Lily began to suspect Malcolm and Dru were sleeping together. To make her realize she was wrong, they had no choice but to tell her about the paternity test and the night they'd shared years before.

Lily was devastated and insisted she never wanted to see Malcolm again, even though the test proved Neil was her father. However, Phyllis learned Dru had run a second test and forced her to tell Malcolm the truth... HE WAS LILY'S FATHER. Malcolm burned the results and insisted they keep it a secret from Neil and Lily... forever. As Neil recovered at home, they threw Devon a birthday party to prove to him that they loved him and wanted him in their lives, while Malcolm told Lily he hoped they'd someday rebuild their broken relationship.

CONTROLLING JABOT: The business year began with Ashley's unthinkable decision to hire Victor as a consultant at Jabot, intent on saving the company from declaring bankruptcy. Brad refused to cooperate, so Victor urged Ash to fire him. Meanwhile, Jack tried to use Chancellor Industries’ cash to buy Jabot's debt, but the bankers refused to go back on their promise to Victor to give him a chance to turn things around. During a confrontation with Victor, Jack threw his old desk chair through a window. John removed Ash as CEO of Jabot, but shocked everyone by calling a truce with Victor to save the company. Jack told Brad to play nice with Victor, and gave Jill similar instructions about dealing with Kay.

Nick complicated things by deciding his father had no place in Jabot. Intent on firing the man himself, Nick launched a deal with the bankers to use NE to buy Jabot. When Jack got wind of it, he convinced the board that Nick and Victor were working together. It was all the fear needed to cause the board to vote to let Chancellor Industries buy 51% of the company. Victor was devastated and assured John he had never intended to take over Jabot. Meanwhile Nick, whose deal had been thwarted by Victor, promised he'd never let his father make a fool of him again.

With Jabot in the hands of Chancellor Industries, Kay had to be told about the acquisition. Jill became the bearer of bad news, and when Kay said she'd stop the deal from going through, Jill handcuffed her to the bedpost to prevent her. Later, Kay agreed to honour the deal, but told Jack that Jill was to be fired from Jabot and never given a position with either company. After several failed attempts to win Kay over, Jill and Esther joined forces, forged a letter from Billy saying he no longer wanted anything to do with his mother, then read it to Kay. Worried Jill would turn to alcohol to numb the pain, Kay agreed to let her return to Jabot. Meanwhile, Brad - after giving Jack a ‘promote me or I quit’ ultimatum - resigned from Jabot when Jill was given the job. He warned her that Jack would one day cross her, too.

BOBBY & NIKKI: Bobby and Brittany faced crisis when she learned she was pregnant, and he learned Nikki had been the real organizer of the funeral for Joshua. When confronted, an emotional Brittany revealed her pregnancy, and Bobby immediately apologized for yelling at her and said they’d have a wonderful life together, raising a child. But when her parents didn’t support the pregnancy, and admitted her own birth had been a mistake, Bobby suggested a move to Chicago, where they could start fresh.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Victor’s marriage was in trouble as she began to feel neglected and he refused to focus less on work. About to lose Bobby, Nikki reached out to him and they shared a passionate kiss that JT witnessed. He told Brittany what he’d seen and she confronted Nikki. During their heated argument, she doubled over and was rushed to the hospital where she nearly lost the baby. After refusing to see Bobby for a time, Brittany finally met with him and said their marriage was over. But when she was released, a persistent Bobby got them an apartment and swore he’d never hurt her again. JT was surprised by Brittany’s decision to stay with Bobby, but promised to stand by her and be the best friend he could.

VICTORIA’S RETURN: The return of Victoria Newman was precipitated by more than a few questionable business decisions on the part of Nick, as CEO of NE. First he appointed Drucilla head of the cosmetics division, hoping to tie up Victoria's position. He then hired Sharon away from Jabot, and contemplated hiring Brad once he'd quit the rival company. Missing their daughter, Victor and Nikki went to Italy and begged Victoria to return. Teaching and studying art there, she insisted she was happy and wanted to stay.

Reluctantly, they left her alone. Meanwhile, Jack used Phyllis to find out where Victoria was living, flew to Florence and offered her the job as CEO of Jabot. Respectfully, Victoria declined. To solidify his new team, Nick signed Dru to an executive contract she should have had to wait at least 6 months for. Victor told her he had no faith in her abilities, and Nikki told her she was destroying the Newman family. Dru shut them both down and insisted she'd do her job and make Nick proud. Angered by the changes, Phyllis phoned Victoria and told her about Dru's promotion, then sent an email from Nick's account with a taunting tone that he was running things smoothly while she was away. It was enough to bring Victoria back to Genoa City, determined to see if there was any type of life left there for her to live.

KEVIN’S REDEMPTION: To keep Mac from growing closer to Kevin, JT told her everything about Kevin’s crimes against Lily, Colleen and Gina. But rather than abandon Kevin, Mac stood by him, and - with help from Michael - got him to agree to therapy. But despite her newfound bond with Kevin, she still accepted an invitation from JT to attend a Valentine’s Dance. Mistaking her friendship for love, Kevin planned to surprise her with a date to the same dance and was hurt when he realized she’d planned to go with JT. Rather than lose control, Kevin underwent more therapy, impressing everyone… except JT, who refused to cut him any slack. Mac warned JT to stop harassing Kevin, and not to interfere in her friendship or he’d risk losing her. Meanwhile Kevin, in an effort to thank those who had supported him, bought Michael a lottery ticket and was later stunned when it turned out to be a million-dollar winner. He stole it back and nearly cashed it in, but - at the last minute - changed his mind and returned it to his brother. Mac was proud of his restraint, while the story of the ticket win made the local newspaper.

GLORIA AND HER BOYS: When John announced that he'd rewritten his will to provide for Gloria in the event of his death, Ashley went to Michael and asked for legal advice. Because it was a conflict of interest, Michael refused to take the case, but when Ash later found him meeting with Gloria - and didn't believe his story about 'checking the woman out' - she hired Paul to investigate her father's new bride. Unfortunately for Gloria, just when Ash was about to accept that she truly loved John - and not just his money - Paul and JT's investigation proved that Michael and Kevin were Gloria's sons.

Ashley confronted the three of them and gave Gloria 24 hours to tell John the truth, before she did it for her. On their 6th month anniversary, Gloria confessed all. Outraged, John insisted he'd never accept her sons, said he’d never forgive her betrayal, and threw her out of the house. Michael and Kevin comforted her. After a heated conversation with Gloria, tragedy struck when a distracted John fell down the stairs and impaled himself on a letter opener. Bleeding to death, he was discovered by Kevin, who used his shirt as a tourniquet, called 911, and effectively saved John's life.

Though the Abbott's were grateful, John still wanted nothing to do with Kevin, and refused to see Gloria. When he finally spoke to his wife, it was long enough to agree to let her stay at the estate to care for him, but with the understanding that their relationship had changed. Kevin caused more trouble by forcing his way in to see John, upsetting the man so much he nearly had a heart-attack, and calling Ashley a bitch when she had him escorted out by security. Finally, John was released, and Gloria accompanied him home, unaware Ash and Jack had hired a nurse to care for their father in his time of need.

Feeling incredibly threatened by the presence of the beautiful physical therapist Gitta, Gloria begged Kevin to help her get rid of the woman. When they discovered Gitta was heavily superstitious, Kevin launched a plan to convince her the Abbott mansion was haunted. Meanwhile, realizing she needed a Green Card to stay in America, Gitta tried to seduce Kevin so he would marry her. Gloria and Kevin saw through her game, and upped the ante: Kevin used Dracula teeth to make Gitta think he’d been possessed by the ghosts of the estate. She resigned and fled the home, while Gloria used Viagra to seduce John. Ashley was disgusted by their reunion, but did her best to support her father’s choice.

DAMON & ADRIENNE: Because Malcolm had backed off, Damon and Adrienne had time to get to know one another again. They went horseback riding, shared memories of their dead son, and almost made love. Elias’ ghost visited each of them, asking them to treat each other well and not give up on their love. But when Damon realized Malcolm and Adrienne had dated, he questioned her feelings for him and - after seeing them kiss - Damon backed away. Phyllis, still caring for Damon a great deal, warned his ex-wife not to hurt him, or she'd have to answer to her. Adrienne finally convinced Damon that she wanted him, not Malcolm, while he warned he didn't want to casually date her. It was all or nothing. When Adrienne was offered a job back in Atlanta, Damon made the difficult decision to leave Genoa City and return home with his former wife, so they could rebuild their love. Phyllis was saddened to see him go, but wished him well.

NICHOLAS VS VICTORIA: Back in GC after almost two years away, Victoria hid out at the stablehouse with Phyllis, who kept her return secret. But after realizing Michael and Damon (her former flames) were both involved, she decided no one needed her and opted to return to Italy. But first, she came face to face with Nick, and found that old tensions still existed between them. Even Nikki and Victor, upon learning she’d come home, were unable to convince her to stay. Hoping to save the family, Nikki threw a dinner party, but things unravelled when business came up in conversation and Nick and Victoria were immediately at each other’s throats. Victor ordered Nick to bring his sister back into the fold, but she said she wanted nothing to do with the company and insisted she had other options. She went to Jack who - despite hiring Jill - agreed to bring her on and broke the news to Jill.

But Victor - suspicious of Victoria’s ‘other options’ - went to Kay and begged her not to let Jack hire Victoria. Kay confronted Jack and said that if he fired Jill, she would fire him. While Jill was devastated to realize everyone was right about Jack, he had no choice but to tell Victoria there wasn’t a spot for her at Jabot. Devastated, Victoria lashed out at Victor for ruining her golden opportunity, and decided to return to her life in Italy.

THE DEATH OF CASSIE: Preoccupied with work, Sharon and Nick failed to notice when Cassie started wearing makeup and dressing provocatively. They ignored warnings from Nikki, but finally woke up when Cassie began spending time with a senior, and lied about her reasons for carrying a condom in her purse. When she later took the ranch four-wheeler on an unsupervised drive, Nick and Sharon grounded her. But good behaviour and grades led them to suspend the grounding so she could attend the movies with some friends. Instead, Cassie snuck out to a teen party where she hoped to spend time with Daniel Romalotti… upon whom she’d developed a crush.

Daniel had been quasi-dating Lily Winters, which worried Dru - who didn’t want her daughter dating enemy Phyllis’ son, and Phyllis - who worried the truth about Daniel and Kevin orchestrating the attack on Lily would be revealed. Unable to argue, Daniel pushed Lily away, and began drinking to deal with his heartache. He got drunk at the party in the park and passed out in the back of his car. Lily and Devon, without thinking, told Cassie not to let him drive drunk. Cassie promised she wouldn’t, and decided to drive them home herself. En route, she crashed the car. Though they were both thrown from the vehicle, Daniel was released from the hospital with only scrapes and bruises, while Cassie had brain damage and was rushed into surgery. Panic grew when an infection began spreading through her brain.

Victoria cancelled plans to return to Italy, while Daniel was arrested for drunk driving, and was verbally attacked by Neil, Drucilla, Nick and Sharon. While Lily was warned to keep her distance from Daniel, Christine signed on to represent him, and begged Glenn to go easy on the boy who was like a son to her. Jack took Phyllis and Daniel in when Nikki ordered them to vacate the ranch, while Lily and Daniel shared their first kiss and planned to leave town together if things became too desperate. Meanwhile, Cassie’s fever worsened as she remembered that she - not Daniel - had been driving the car. Cassie snuck out of the hospital, desperate to find Daniel and tell him the truth. She collapsed at Crimson Lights moments before telling him - and everyone - that she’d been driving. The trip ended up costing her more than anyone had ever imagined it could. Back at the hospital, Olivia informed the Newman family that there was little hope Cassie would recover.

In a truly heartbreaking moment, Cassie met with the whole family and said her good-byes. She asked Victoria to watch over Nick, told Noah she’d always be his guardian angel, thanked Nikki and Victor for a long ago horseback ride in the moonlight, and told Nick and Sharon how blessed she’d been to have them as parents. Before breathing her last breath - and with her last ounce of strength - she whispered something in Nick’s ear. Sharon thanked her for the impact she’d had on her life, while Nick tearfully - devastatingly - sang a lullabye. Cassie flatlined, as Nick and Sharon dissolved in tears.

Cassie: You’ll have another little girl someday.

Sharon: What? Cassie, honey, we have our little girl.

Cassie: But I know you’ll have another one. I know it. One day.

Sharon: Cassie, I… I wanna thank you.

Cassie: Thank me?

Sharon: For everything you’ve given me. You have blessed my life just by being in it. There really is no greater love than that between a parent and a child. I never really understood that until I had you… and I’ll never be able to describe the joy that you have brought to my life… but I want you to know, baby, that a part of my heart is yours. It is yours alone, and nothing’s ever gonna change that. Ever.

Cassie: I love you both so much.

Nick: We love you, sweetheart. We love you.

Cassie: Daddy, I’m so tired. I need to rest.

Phyllis was humiliated when Nick threw her out of Cassie’s funeral service, and later fired her. Realizing Cassie’s death meant a murder sentence, Daniel hid in the Abbott Estate, with help from Lily, while everyone believed he’d fled the country. Meanwhile, Nick and Sharon’s marriage began to suffer as he embraced his rage and she turned to Brad as a source of comfort through her grief. Malcolm learned that Lily was helping Daniel hide, but kept the truth to himself, and was later blasted by Neil and Dru when Daniel and Lily actually left town.

At a motel out of town, Lily cut Daniel’s hair to disguise him, while back in GC Nick and Phyllis each hired experts to track the missing teens. When their separate sources led them both to the motel, they missed Daniel and Lily, but came face to face and agreed to work together to find them. In LA, Daniel and Lily contacted a friend of Danny’s, hoping for a hideout, but he contacted Phyllis who immediately headed there, with Nick and Neil in tow.

Unbeknownst to them, Daniel’s memories of the accident had returned and he realized Cassie had been driving the car. But with no way to prove it, he kept running. After a tedious game of cat and mouse, and several near-run-ins, the adults finally found the teens. Neil took Lily home to face the music, while Nick - at Phyllis’ urging - didn’t harm Daniel, but instead ensured he returned to GC to face a proper punishment for his role in Cassie’s death. Believing Daniel’s memories, Paul and Christine ordered the car re-examined, hoping for proof Cassie had been driving. Nick was infuriated and warned Christine their friendship was on shaky ground, while Neil and Dru told Lily she could no longer see Daniel, according to a court order. But Phyllis and Lily ignored the law, worried Daniel was becoming suicidal, and snuck Lily in for a morale-boosting visit. Things backfired, Lily was arrested, and everyone blamed Phyllis for being so irresponsible. Of course Phyllis wasn’t alone in her irrational behaviour; Nick, upon receiving Cassie’s clothes from the night of the accident, buried them rather than hand them over to Paul and Christine for a proper examination.

Though Paul found a piece of rubber from the sole of a shoe wedged beneath the accelerator in the car, he couldn’t prove it was Cassie’s without the clothing Nick had buried. Sharon began to question her husband’s desire to see justice when she learned that Cassie had told him Daniel wasn’t to blame before she’d died. Phyllis confronted Nick and passionately warned him that he’d go to hell for withholding evidence that could free her son, while Christine obtained a search warrant for the ranch, but came up empty-handed as the trial of the year began.

THE MOB ATTACK: Despite Kevin’s interest in her, Mac was unable to fight long-buried feelings for JT, and the two became involved when she moved out of the loft to force him to realize his love for her. Some time later, despite interference from Brittany, the two made love; Mac’s first sexual experience. Later, JT wrote her a beautiful song and serenaded her. She instantly believed she’d chosen right when giving him her heart.

Meanwhile, Bobby took a job as a bartender at The Athletic Club, but reluctantly agreed to store stolen jewels for Vinny Tribbucco - a mob boss - when he couldn’t find another way to pay Brittany’s hospital bills. But when Bobby used the cash from Vinny to pay the bills, then returned the jewels and said he’d pay back the ‘loan’ when he could, Vinny warned him things didn’t work that way and that there’d be hell to pay. Bobby didn’t take him seriously, until he and Brittany received a series of mysterious baby gifts… the last being an infant casket with the name “Joshua” engraved inside, and a warning their child would end up just like his namesake. Bobby begged Vinny to forgive his debt and stop the harassment, but Vinny refused unless Bobby would use his position at the club to gain insider information about GC’s rich citizens that would lead to financial opportunities for the mob. Realizing he was in over his head, Bobby devised a desperate plan.

Bobby and Brittany staged a dramatic public breakup, observed by Vinny, then went to JT and begged him to pretend he’d fathered Brittany’s baby and caused the dissolution of the marriage. Believing it was the only way anyone would be safe from the mob, JT went along with it, even though it meant lying to Mackenzie. She was devastated when JT - lying - insisted he’d fathered the child and would now have to care for it. She left him, while Nikki told Brittany and JT they deserved one another, and deserved to go to hell for hurting so many innocent people with their betrayal.

On surprising advice from Kevin, Mac told JT she could forgive him, but - to keep her safe - he said he loved Brittany and wanted a future with her. And though Mac fell for it, Paul began to suspect the truth and told Bobby he would help him face down the mob in any way he could. Things intensified when Vinny and Angelo - wanting proof of Bobby’s loyalty - demanded he brutally beat JT as punishment for his betrayal with Brittany. JT initially refused to go along with it, but later allowed Paul to rough him up, then confronted Bobby with a gun… all for Vinny’s viewing pleasure.

The mob finally believed Bobby was loyal to them, while Brittany began to realize JT would stop at nothing to protect her. Bobby returned to work at the old strip club - and began searching for evidence he could use against the mob - when Nikki saw he and Brittany share a stolen moment and realized they were fooling Vinny. Meanwhile, Mac misunderstood when JT tried to sing her the song he’d written at a crowded coffeehouse, only to have Brittany’s presence convince her the song was not for her.

Unaware Vinny had bugged Paul’s office - hoping to keep tabs on JT - Nikki visited him there and told him she knew about the plot to bury the mob. JT admitted everything, while an enraged Vinny listened. Later, everyone was horrified when Nikki went missing and her car was discovered abandoned in the parking structure of the law firm. After discovering the bug under his desk, Paul - with Bobby and JT - went to Victor and told him Nikki had gotten involved in a plot that had put her life in danger. Using Brittany as bait, the men stood by while Vinny threatened her life, giving Paul time to put a tracking device on his car. They were able to trace him to an old warehouse where he’d been keeping Nikki hostage, but not before he’d had time to transport her to the basement of Marsino’s.  

Nikki’s bloody message - scrawled using her own blood - gave the men the clue they needed to find her. At the club, Bobby was knocked unconscious as Vinny and a thug held Nikki at gunpoint and tried to take her out of GC. But Victor and Paul overpowered them and saved Nikki from certain death. Vinny was arrested, while Angelo managed to sneak away before the police arrived. Meanwhile, across town, Brittany went into premature labour at the Newman ranch and Mac - of all people - was forced to deliver the baby while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

At the hospital, Nikki recovered, while baby Joshua was placed in an incubator, and Bobby learned he would need to enter the Witness Protection Program until they had enough evidence to bring down the mob. As if to punctuate the reality of how dangerous life had become, Angelo - desperate to save his own future - tried to kidnap Joshua at gunpoint, to use him as a bargaining tool. JT and Bobby thwarted his efforts, and he was arrested. Forced to leave town without his family, Bobby shared a tearful good-bye with both Brittany and Nikki, and left town under FBI guard.

TERRIBLE TOM FISHER: While working together to expose Gloria, Ashley and Paul began dating. But Paul got competition when Ashley met Tom Fisher, who made his way to town after reading about Kevin’s lottery ticket win. While Ashley began casually dating the mysterious man, he revealed himself to Kevin and demanded a portion of the winnings. Michael and Lauren, quickly noticing Kevin’s sudden paranoia, forced him to admit Tom had surfaced. Michael instantly confronted the man and gave him $10,000.00 to leave town and never return. Tom took the money, but decided to stay and pursue a romance with Ashley.

Tom wooed Ashley with a midnight fishing trip and spontaneous motorcycle ride, but showed his true colours when she innocently answered his cell phone and he nearly blew a gasket. To make amends, he bought her a necklace from Fenmore’s, and when Lauren later spotted the original design on Ashley’s neck, she said she’d met the mysterious man in her life and suggested they double-date, Ashley & Tom, and Lauren & Michael. Later, Michael was horrified to find Tom with his stepsister, but pretended not to know the man, and secretly offered him even more money to leave town. Tom still refused, insisting he was making progress with Ashley. However, he later simmered with rage when he kissed her and she admitted that her feelings for him were strictly platonic.

While Ashley distanced herself from Tom, Michael learned the devastating truth that the man was still legally married to Gloria. He immediately went to his mother and, without telling her about Tom’s return, urged her to have him declared legally dead, since it had been so long since they’d heard from him. He then convinced Tom to accept the previously offered money and start a new life far away. However, he didn’t tell Lauren what he was planning and - as a result - she accidentally read the death notice aloud when she saw it in the local paper. Tom overheard her and revealed himself, and she was horrified to realize that he was the man who had abused Michael and Kevin, dated Ashley, and that she’d just ruined their plan to get rid of him. She immediately smacked him across the face. Putting the pieces together, Tom discovered the secret Michael had been so desperate to keep, and revealed himself to a stunned Gloria, then revealed the truth of their lingering marriage. When he threatened to tell John the truth, Gloria threatened him with a fire poker. But Tom merely laughed off her attack and told her he’d be in touch.

Lauren told Michael what she’d done, and he finally opened up to her about the pain he felt as a result of his inability to keep his family safe from Tom. When Tom showed up to taunt Michael, a fight ensued and Michael nearly strangled him to death. Days later, he decided the best way to deal with Tom was to go to the authorities, and he urged Gloria to tape-record Tom blackmailing her. She tried, but Tom found the tape, smashed it, grotesquely kissed her, and warned they would be playing from his rules from now on.

THE LOVE AFFAIR OF MICHAEL & LAUREN: The more Lauren saw of Michael’s hatred for Tom, the more she questioned a future with a man so consumed by rage and unwilling to share his pain with her. Desperate to make her realize his love for her, Michael proposed and she immediately accepted. Lauren agreed to let Gloria plan the wedding, while Michael became concerned when she refused to invite her son - Scott - to their wedding, but wouldn’t say why. Michael went to first Paul, then Brad, begging for insight into Lauren’s refusal to have her son share their special day. To help his brother, Kevin obtained Scott’s phone number in Toronto and put Michael in touch with the young man. When Michael flew there to profess his love for Lauren, Scott was impressed and wished him all the best. And though it should have been a happy moment, Michael was stunned when Lauren confronted him and warned they’d never be happy if he couldn’t respect her wishes.

Aware Michael was in a tough spot with Lauren, Brad urged her to be open with her fiancée about the real reason she’d kept her son isolated all his life in Canada, and why she didn’t want him at the wedding. Lauren told Brad she’d spent years trying to protect Scott, keeping him hidden where he could have a normal life, and where she wouldn’t have to worry he’d someday be in danger from Sheila Carter.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES: Her conversation with Brad, and Michael’s all-too-easy locating of her son in Toronto, left Lauren overwhelmed by memories of Sheila Carter. She was haunted by thoughts of the evil woman who had stolen Scotty at birth, and switched him for a black-market child that later died. She was traumatized to think of the time Sheila had set fire to a farm house with Lauren and her own mother trapped inside. She was frightened to think that Sheila - having done so many times before - might escape capture yet again and come hunting for the now-grown man who she’d once stolen from his crib. Concerned, Michael again begged Brad for help, and this time he reluctantly suggested Michael find out all he could about ‘Sheila Carter’.

A few internet searches later, and Michael understood the entire story - in horrid detail - of the many tragedies Lauren had experienced at the hands of the diabolical Sheila. He immediately summoned Eric Forrester, from LA, and asked for more info on the woman. Eric admitted that she was deadly, but insisted she was neutralized, locked away in an asylum under heavy guard. Unconvinced, Michael visited the establishment and saw - with his own eyes - a catatonic Sheila. But while he was away, Lauren found the pages he’d printed from the Internet and realized he knew about her past with the crazy woman.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the unthinkable was transpiring in Toronto, where Scott - a student of creative writing - had become involved with Brenda Harris… actually Sheila, doing all she could to be close to him. As they discussed writing, Sheila told him she had a great story in mind that he could write as his own. She then recounted the entire baby-switch scheme, casting herself as the victim and Lauren as the villain. Scott was mesmerized, unaware he was hearing his own history.

Back in GC, Lauren blasted Michael for his investigation, but relented when he told her about his visit to Sheila. Realizing she could finally be free, Lauren thanked Michael, invited Scott to the wedding, and insisted on her own visit to the Sanitarium. There, she and Michael stared through a one-way mirror at a heavily sedated Sheila, tied to a wheeling mattress. Satisfied she was finally safe, Lauren thanked Michael for giving her peace.

While Scott planned a trip to GC for the wedding, Sheila suggested they end the novel by having the poor nurse hook up with the son she’d lost and seek vengeance on the rich woman. Unaware he was discussing revenge against his own mother, he invited ‘Brenda’ to join him in GC so they could continue to work together. Sheila initially refused, until a guard from the institution told her the decoy (an inmate altered to look like her and drugged into silence) had worked perfectly, and that Lauren believed she was locked away. Confident Lauren’s guard would be down, Sheila decided to return to Genoa City.

DANIEL ON TRIAL: Almost immediately after Cassie’s death, Daniel was put on trial for accidental homicide. In court, Glenn Richards sought a life-imprisonment sentence, while Christine struggled to present evidence to support the theory that Cassie had been driving the car. As the trial progressed, a guilt-ridden Nick finally remembered Cassie’s entire dying words to him: “Don’t blame Daniel. It was me.” Despite knowing the truth, he remained silent, while things looked bleak for Daniel in court. Lily was forbidden to testify on Daniel’s behalf, and though Devon testified that Cassie had promised not to let Daniel drive home, the judge remained unconvinced that Cassie was the real driver. Even Sharon’s under-oath admittance that Cassie had been out of control in her final months alive was not enough to sway the court. It was a trip to Madison, and a visit with Alice Johnson - Cassie’s one-time mother - that led Nick to dig up the buried clothes, which were all the proof Paul and Christine needed to clear Daniel’s name. All charges were dropped, and Nick later realized that Daniel was one of the few people who understood his pain.

Though Daniel was a free man, Neil and Dru still refused to let Lily see him. When she snuck out and made love with him for the first time, her parents realized drastic measures were required and immediately arranged for her to attend an out-of-town boarding school. In exchange, the DA dropped all charges against her for helping Daniel flee the law. And though Lily swore she’d fight them, a conversation with Malcolm made her realize she could only protect her future if she said a temporary good-bye to her love. At the airport, Lily and Daniel shared a tearful good-bye moments before she boarded a plane and left Genoa City for a year away from Daniel.

JABOT VS NEWMAN ENTERPRISES: Hoping to stick it to Victor, Jack tried hiring Victoria as Jill’s right-hand at Jabot, but Victor kyboshed the deal by offering Victoria the helm at NE while Nick was away grieving Cassie’s death. She began spending time with Brad, who comforted her during her own grief and also accidentally revealed that Victor was Abby’s father. Victoria promptly confronted Ashley and warned her to stay away from her father. Over at Jabot, Jill and Ashley teamed up to improve the company’s public image, while Jack hired Phyllis - recently fired from NE while Nick still believed Daniel had killed Cassie.

On advice from Sharon, Victoria hired Brad, annoying Nick and infuriating Jill, who accidentally gave Brad insider secrets about upcoming campaigns at Jabot before learning about his new job. Eager to make his mark at NE, Brad convinced Victoria - against the advice of Neil and Nick - to move full-speed ahead with Dru’s Beauty of Nature campaign. He then told Ashley he wanted her to be a full-time mother to Abby and spend less time in the Jabot lab.

AFTERSHOCKS: Eager to help Mac forgive JT for lying to her to protect Brittany and Bobby, Kay invited them all to move into the Chancellor Estate while Brittany waited for permission to join Bobby in the Witness Protection Program. Though Brittany adjusted quickly, JT and Mac grew more distant when she and Kevin went into business together and bought Crimson Lights from an eager-to-sell Nick and Sharon. While Kevin moved into the loft, Jill returned from a business trip and demanded everyone vacate her home. She changed her tune, however, after meeting baby Joshua, and instantly bonded with the child. JT did his best to rebuild his relationship with Mac by arranging a romantic candlelit spa at The Athletic Club, but she backed away and admitted she didn’t think she’d ever trust him again.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the mob attack, Nikki was overwhelmed by panic attacks that she kept secret from everyone around her. When a perceptive JT, hired by Victor to do some investigative work for NE, noticed her condition, she demanded his silence. He tried to honour her request, but couldn’t keep quiet after observing her behaviour at a going away party Victor threw her days before they were to leave on a cruise. Hopped up on sedatives she’d tricked a doctor into giving her, Nikki lost control of her emotions when she walked in on JT about to tell Victor the truth about her mental state. She admitted she couldn’t stop the panic attacks, and that the sight of Victor spending time with Ashley and Abby was enough to drive her crazy. Victor promised to see her through her condition, and - to that end - took her away from Genoa City for a vacation. Meanwhile Mac, moved by JT’s selfless efforts to help Nikki, realized he was worthy of her trust and agreed to give their romance an honest try after all. 

TOM & SHEILA’S UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Because she’d failed to defeat Tom, Gloria convinced John to give her access to a bank account for Michael and Lauren’s wedding. Secretly, she used the funds to pay Tom for his silence. Enraged at the continued blackmail, Michael called Tom’s bluff by forcing him to the Abbott Estate and threatening to tell John the full truth. Defeated, Tom left, while Gloria warned Michael she’d allowed his bluff but would never actually tell John the truth. At The Athletic Club, Tom met Sheila - in town and in disguise - and she inspired him not to be a victim. He went to John, introduced himself as Gloria’s ex-husband and Ashley’s ex-boyfriend, and insisted Michael had known about his presence and kept completely quiet.

Seeing Tom as the lesser of two evils, John blasted Michael for putting Ashley, Abby and Gloria in danger, and reluctantly believed Gloria hadn’t known Tom was in town. Ashley was next to learn the truth of Tom’s identity. She also blasted Michael, but later confronted Tom and smacked him across the face for his lie. Sheila witnessed the confrontation and wondered if it were possible Tom could be an ally in her quest for revenge on Lauren.

Sheila revealed herself to Tom - but as Brenda - and insisted they could help one another. He initially refused, but gave in when she seduced him. They made love and he instantly set up shop in her motel. When he summoned Gloria there, Ashley followed, and nearly found them together. But Sheila - disguised as British Jennifer Mitchell - ran interference and allowed Tom to escape, then later warned Gloria she would owe her for the help she’d provided. Scott arrived in town, stayed with Kevin, and was thrilled to learn Brenda - really Sheila - had come to GC to work on their book after all. Things went well until he cancelled plans with her to attend a welcome home party organized by Lauren. Furious, Sheila dressed as Jennifer, got hired by Gina to help serve the dinner, and watched from the shadows as the night progressed. When - overcome with rage - she approached Lauren with a knife, Gina screamed out, causing Gloria to choke on a piece of meat. Sheila acted quickly, and saved Gloria’s life, then rushed out before anyone could thank her.

While Lauren and Michael set a wedding date, Sheila’s mental state took a downward spiral as she had visions of Lauren taunting her and insisting she’d never have a happy life. And as Scott and ‘Brenda’ worked on their novel, and she grew more emotional with the telling of the story, he realized that the baby switch story was one of her own personal hell. He comforted her, while Lauren wondered if it was time to tell her son the truth about his past and why she’d sent him away for so many years.

Meanwhile, Tom took a trip to Vegas, with Gloria’s money, and returned just in time to prevent a catastrophe. Lauren, hoping to give Brenda a gift, showed up at the motel and knocked on Sheila’s door. Believing it was Scott, Sheila answered. Luckily, Tom spotted Lauren in the hall and called out to her, causing her to turn as the last moment, as the door was opened. Sheila, spotting her, immediately shut the door, while Tom menaced Lauren and threatened to rape her. She escaped and later told Michael what had happened. Realizing Tom had to be stopped, Michael devised a desperate plan of action to bring the man down.

BRAD’S NEWMAN INFLUENCE: To give Daniel a home of his own, Phyllis moved out of the Abbott mansion, disappointing Jack. Despite this, he paid to have her new apartment furnished. That taken care of, he focused on destroying Brad’s newfound success. He revealed to Victoria that Brad, a NE executive, owned a considerable stock in Jabot. Victoria ordered Brad to choose between the companies, and he refused. Sharon feared losing him, while Victor - aware Jack was playing a game - made a trade, dollar for dollar, giving Brad shares in NE in exchange for shares in Jabot. Not only was Jack defeated, but Victor succeeded in once again gaining a significant piece of Jabot… something Jack had fought for years to take away from him.

Unaware that many people had begun to question their ‘friendship’, Brad and Sharon took a business trip together to Chicago and were stranded in a storm. Ashley took the opportunity to taunt Victoria about Brad’s connection to Sharon, while Nick - hearing about Brad’s acquisition of shares in NE - decided it was time he return to work and put an end to Brad’s increasing involvement in his family. Still intent on destroying Brad, Jack sent Phyllis to lure Neil away from the company and to Jabot. And though Neil refused to leave NE, Phyllis’ offer made him tell Victoria that he felt undervalued at NE since she’d hired Brad. Jack next used Abby, who felt Victoria didn’t like her very much, by taking her over to a table to interrupt a lunch date with Brad and Victoria. Ashley was initially annoyed with Jack, until she noticed Victoria’s harsh treatment of Abby and realized the little girl was right. She demanded Brad stop seeing Victoria, and - when he refused - she threatened to file for divorce and fight him for full custody. By the time Jack convinced her to tell Brad she’d spoken too rashly, he had decided she was right… and that divorce was their best option.

THE GAMES WE PLAY: Putting his plan into motion, Michael convinced Ashley to help him frame Tom for making and distributing Crystal Meth. First, Ashley got Tom to believe she was willing to give him a second chance. Then, she invited him to dinner and arranged for Michael and Lauren to be there. Michael confronted Tom, causing a scene.

But no one predicted John would also be in the restaurant - dining with Gloria - and when he saw Tom with his daughter, no one could stop him from punching Tom in the jaw. Sheila - disguised as Jennifer - watched the whole thing, utterly amused. Ashley earned points with Tom by standing up to her father on his behalf. Her loyalty earned her a second date, which she used to hide the drug materials in Tom’s saddlebag on his motorcycle. Michael placed a call to the police and they later pulled Tom over after he’d taken a ride with Ashley. Though they were both arrested, Ashley was released, while Tom was held for further investigation. Though Tom’s plans were on hold, Sheila’s were moving full-speed ahead. She studied up on poisons and - when left alone with a necklace Scott had purchased for Lauren - coated the gift with a toxin that would seep into the bloodstream through the skin. Scott claimed the necklace, unaware of what she’d done, and presented it to Lauren. Days later, Sheila - as Jennifer - watched gleefully as Lauren, while making wedding plans, began to lose her vision and feel dizzy, feeling the effects of the poison.

Meanwhile, Tom ordered Kevin and Gloria to post his bail but they refused, even when he warned he’d go to John with the truth of his non-divorce from Gloria. Christine was briefly assigned to his case, but refused to represent him when she realized he was the abusive stepfather of Michael and Kevin. She backed out, but not before Tom planted a seed of doubt in her mind that Michael had set him up to be arrested. Things worsened for him when a prior drug conviction from Michigan landed him in prison.

Sheila visited Tom in prison, but refused to post his bail, even when he threatened to reveal that he’d discovered her investigation into poisons and believed she’d use it against Lauren. Undeterred, Sheila left him to rot, while she focused on destroying her nemesis. She realized it wasn’t enough to know Lauren had died, but that she wanted to watch it happen and be able to reveal - in the final moments - that she was the one responsible for the death. She wanted Lauren to breathe her last breath knowing she’d been defeated. With that intention, she convinced Scott to throw Michael an impromptu bachelor party on the same night Lauren had planned a romantic anniversary celebration atop the roof of their condo. While Michael was whisked away to the loft to celebrate with Nick, Phyllis, Kevin and Scott, Sheila went to the condo, in a black cloak, and waited for Lauren atop the roof.

ROOFTOP NIGHTMARE FOR LAUREN: Alone at the condo, Lauren’s mental, physical and emotional state went haywire as the poison attacked her central nervous system. She imagined a dog about to attack, saw blood streaming when she poured water, and believed her cell phone was a rat. Then, realizing she was trapped on the roof, she came face to face with Sheila. She believed she was hallucinating, but Sheila insisted she was real and tormented her foe with declarations that she’d always be a part of her, deep inside her mind, and that no one would be safe as long as Lauren lived. It was this declaration, reinforced by the taunting voice of Sheila that prompted Lauren to climb on the ledge of the roof and stare at the ground below, contemplating suicide. But Michael, having returned home and found a note telling him where to find her, burst onto the roof. Sheila hid while he stopped Lauren from jumping and rushed her to the hospital, where doctors quickly realized she had toxins in her system.

As a search of the condo and Lauren’s possessions began, Sheila knew she had to reclaim the necklace or risk being linked to the poisoning. Luckily, Tom’s threats had convinced Gloria to post his bail, so Sheila - as Jennifer - agreed to be the one to make the actual payment, thus putting Tom in her debt. She made him pay up by stealing the necklace right off a sleeping Lauren’s neck. Lauren awoke and - disoriented - believed she was dreaming, then hallucinated Michael and Tom fighting and Tom murdering Michael. The nurses had to sedate her, while across town Tom gloated to Michael and Kevin about having been released. Michael was summoned to the hospital, forced to ignore Tom, where he found Lauren in shock. His calming voice was enough to soothe her. But in the morning, when she realized the necklace was actually missing, she lost control and Michael was forced to postpone the wedding for her own mental health.

As Jennifer, Sheila then went to Gloria and demanded - as payment for her help with Tom - to be invited to Michael and Lauren’s wedding to see how the better half lived. With no real options, Gloria agreed to let her attend. When Gloria was later informed the wedding would be postponed, she rushed to the hospital and begged them to reconsider. Her desperation made Michael realize she was responsible for freeing Tom. He vowed to never forgive her.

Meanwhile, at her motel, Sheila dressed as ‘Jennifer’ and fantasized about the gift she planned to give Lauren… a venomous snake that would bite her at the moment she opened the box it was contained within. At the club, Sheila placed her gift box on a table and prepared for the festivities, when Gloria returned and declared the ceremony postponed. Alone, Sheila savagely attacked the wedding cake, angry with her nemesis for avoiding death twice, and with herself for causing the postponement in the first place. And back at the club, Scott was horrified to discover the demolished wedding cake, and wondered who would do such a thing to ruin his mother’s special day.

GOOD-BYE BRITTANY: Just as Brittany began to feel safe in GC, two mobsters posed as FBI agents and lured her to the airport - on the promise of bringing her to Bobby - where they tried to kidnap Joshua. Luckily, Jill - who had bonded with the baby and suspected foul play - had replaced him with a doll, and the mobsters were promptly arrested. And though she’d saved the day, many wondered what would have happened if they’d been legitimate agents, and she’d simply kept Brittany’s baby.

Days later, the real FBI arrived, with Bobby, who told Brittany that he’d merely come to tell her they needed more time before it was safe for her and the baby to join him. He spoke to JT alone, then left, not even kissing her good-bye. Shortly thereafter, Brittany’s entire world crumbled as news came that Bobby - while under guard - had been run down by a hit and run driver working for the mob, and that he had died en route to the hospital. In a tailspin, Brittany turned to JT for consolation and realized that, deep down, she’d always loved him. She confessed her feelings, and kissed him, but he vowed loyalty and love to Mac. Humiliated, and realizing there was little left for her in GC, Brittany took her infant son to live with her recently-relocated parents in New York.

BEAUTY OF NATURE: To prove his love for Victoria, Brad gave her diamond earrings, which she returned after Nikki warned her that people wouldn't respect a CEO who was romantically involved with her subordinate. Victoria instantly ended the relationship, but later - wanting to sure up support - begged Brad to take her back when Nick announced his intention to return to NE. Intent on exposing Brad as a user, Nick instructed Neil to compile a list of all the decisions Brad had made, so that - if things went wrong - he would bear the blame. Meanwhile, Brad focused on finding a spokesmodel for Beauty of Nature, and was surprised when Sharon auditioned and wowed the marketing firm hired to select the winner. Sharon was thrilled when she got the job, despite Nick's obvious wish that she'd spend more time with Noah and less time focusing on a career.

Back at the NE helm, Nick infuriated all by allowing Phyllis to work on the website she'd designed, which was in need of an overhaul. When Jack learned she'd worked on the system, he immediately assumed she'd sabotaged it for Jabot, while Brad and Victoria made a similar suggestion to Nick. He insisted that Phyllis wouldn't betray him, while Brad warned there'd be trouble down the road. When Victor learned of Phyllis' night with Nick working on the system, he met with her to belatedly thank her for the courtroom support she'd given him two years before that had cost her her marriage to Jack. Phyllis cried, grateful to be trusted by the Newman family, but the moment she left, Victor instructed JT to hire a computer expert to determine what Phyllis had done to the system.

All hell broke loose on the day of the launch when the NE server crashed moments before a live webcast. Brad and Victoria insisted Phyllis was to blame, until they learned it had been a problem with the hardware. Satisfied that he hadn't made a mistake, Nick gloated, and later angered Sharon by insisting Brad was using her to get in with the family. Meanwhile, the technical difficulties caused Brad to miss Abby's birthday party, which devastated the little girl. When he arrived, with Victoria in tow, Ashley blasted him, and Abby overheard the argument. Sharon comforted her as she realized her wish to see her parents reunited would never come true, and Victoria later accused Sharon of poisoning Abby's mind against her.

Elsewhere, Jack told Jill that Phyllis had sabotaged the NE system, but - when she confronted Phyllis - she denied everything and blasted Jack for spreading lies about her based on his own assumptions. Jack was furious that she'd had the chance to destroy the system and hadn't taken it. Later, Brad relished an opportunity to tell Kay about Phyllis’ time on the NE system, which led Kay to realize Jack and Phyllis had attempted sabotage. She warned them they'd be jobless and behind bars if they ever compromised her company's reputation again, while Phyllis broke down and admitted to Jack that she had left a backdoor access on the NE server.

Days after the launch, Nikki overheard Sharon tell Abby that it was okay not to like Victoria. She confronted her, insisting Victoria had been right, while Sharon said she was merely trying to be a friend to the little girl. Meanwhile, JT was forced to recruit Kevin to study the NE system, and - trying to be coy - he immediately asked Phyllis about ways to destroy a computer network. Guessing what he was up to, she confronted Victor about having her investigated. Angered, Victor fired Kevin. But a heart to heart with Daniel led Phyllis to tell Nick the truth about the secret access she'd left buried on the server.

Though hurt, he understood her motives, accepted her apology and brought her back to the system to repair the damage. There, Kevin hid and listened as Phyllis walked Nick through her scheme and undid her dirty work. Alone, he wondered what to do with the CD copy he'd made which would surely include the secret passcode she'd temporarily left behind.

Meanwhile, Sharon's webcast finally occurred and Brad was forced to save her when callers began asking questions about Cassie's death. Afterwards, while comforting her, they shared a passionate kiss that Victoria almost walked in on. At Thanksgiving Dinner, things got uncomfortable when Victoria invited Brad and Nick invited Phyllis and Daniel. Overwhelmed by Cassie's absence - and the sight of Daniel with Noah - Sharon rushed out in tears and was comforted by Nick, who surprised her by admitting Daniel was one of the few people he could talk to about Cassie.

In the days that followed, Daniel got closer to the boy, while Sharon became overwhelmed by the distance between her and her husband. Things were also tense for Jack and Phyllis when he learned she'd spent the holiday with the Newman's, and she told him their relationship couldn't survive his hatred for Victor. Kevin brought Jack the CD backup file proving Phyllis' sabotage and - though she'd initially blamed Nick - she found Jack and Kevin together and realized who had really been the ones to dupe her.

While Victoria began to feel that Victor would always favour Nick over her, Nick began to understand that Brad and Sharon were becoming incredibly close. Despite this knowledge, his hands were tied when a special holiday promotional tour opened up at the last minute and only Sharon and Brad were available to go out of town. Sharon begged Nick to join her for a romantic getaway, but he insisted he couldn't leave. Aware Brad would be away, Victoria seduced him in the NE conference room. The two made love for the first time, and though she was completely satisfied, he was overwhelmed by thoughts of Sharon. As she left for St. Louis, Sharon made a last-ditch effort to convince Nick to join her, by insisting it was a last chance to salvage their marriage. He said she was over-reacting and refused.

BEFORE THE WEDDING: Complications arose for Sheila when Scott found a picture of her from her nursing days at Memorial Hospital, and recognized the background. He stole it, but before he could have it identified by anyone at the hospital, Sheila got it back and said she'd traveled the world working as a nurse in the wake of the baby switch horror. She insisted she hadn't always remembered where she'd been. Meanwhile, Ashley learned Tom had been released from prison and agreed with Michael that she had to speak to him or risk raising his suspicions. She met with the man, who insisted Michael had framed him, and vowed revenge. Elsewhere, John's accountant requested receipts from the cancelled wedding, which left Gloria unable to account for the $50,000.00 she'd spent bailing Tom out of jail. She convinced a reluctant Kevin to doctor the receipts.

News of the destroyed wedding cake left Michael and Paul convinced someone - namely Tom - had poisoned and was trying to kill Lauren. They were desperate to find the missing necklace (the only piece of clothing not tested after the toxin attack), while Sheila also needed to get her hands on it, since Tom - for insurance - had hidden it from her. After discovering 'Jennifer' had bailed Tom out of prison, Michael and Paul worried they were up against more than they'd bargained for, while Ash - hoping for information - agreed to a date with Tom. Things got intense when - alone in the woods - Ash discovered Tom had hidden her cell phone. He insisted he'd merely wanted time alone, while Paul - having trailed them there - burst forth and pretended to have followed out of jealousy. Ashley defended Tom to Paul, earning the convicted felon's respect and trust. Believing things were turning around for him, Tom went to Mac to use her to convince Kevin to believe he'd changed. But Mac refused to help, and when Lauren arrived and ordered Tom to leave them all alone, he threatened them both. Michael found them there, attacked and nearly strangled Tom... yet again.

While Kevin reeled from Tom's harassment of Mac, Michael warned Lauren that it was possible Tom had poisoned her. Meanwhile, Scott met with a publisher who instantly bought the rights to publish the baby switch story, but Sheila - as Brenda - refused to allow the deal. Lauren, the protective mother, went to confront Brenda, found the manuscript and nearly read it, until Sheila - as Jennifer - arrived and threw her out. But Gloria saw her leaving and later confronted Lauren about visiting Jennifer. Confused, Lauren said she'd gone to the motel to see Brenda Harris, Scott's writing partner, but Gloria insisted Room 311 belonged to Jennifer Mitchell. The pieces came together and Michael told Lauren and Paul that it was possible that Tom and Jennifer had been using Brenda to get close to Lauren through her own son.  

Aware he was running out of time until his trial, Tom tried to make a deal with Michael by informing him he knew who had poisoned Lauren, and that he could get the necklace that would prove it, provided Michael had the drug charges against him dropped. Michael agreed, while Scott met with Brenda and warned her to be careful of Jennifer Mitchell and Tom Fisher. Playing dumb, Sheila said she only knew them as acquaintances and vowed to keep her distance. Realizing Tom was a great threat to her, Sheila broke into his room and - following a trail of dead cockroaches - located the necklace. She cleaned it, leaving no trace of the toxin, brought it to the hospital, and left it in the laundry facility in the basement. When Lauren later learned it had been located, and that it showed no traces of the poison, she and Michael believed they were safe after all. But Tom's last minute deal-attempt left Michael convinced something sinister was afoot.

Beaten by Sheila/Brenda/Jennifer, and no longer able to make a deal with Michael, Tom went to see Ashley for comfort. But at the Abbott Estate, things had exploded. John's accountant had discovered Kevin's treachery, and Gloria was forced to admit she'd been stealing from him to pay off a blackmailing Tom, and that she'd posted his bail. John was furious, while Ashley - in a surprise move - came to Gloria's defence and told John that she understood how the woman could be manipulated by Tom. She then admitted she'd only been seeing him as a way of helping Michael bring him down, and that Tom made her sick to her stomach. Unfortunately for her, Tom had slipped into the kitchen and heard everything. He left, unseen, and returned to the motel, where he confronted 'Brenda' for stealing the necklace. She said they were even now and insisted they start relying only on one another. Meanwhile, Ash met with Paul, updated him on what had happened with Gloria and her father, and admitted she'd help Michael frame Tom. Paul was furious, but understood their motives.

Michael and Kevin were thrilled to learn Gloria had come clean with John, but disappointed when they realized she hadn't told him she was still legally married to Tom. John told her he wanted her to have Tom's bail revoked, so she went to Jennifer and begged her to do so, but Jennifer refused to do Gloria any more favours. When John learned this, he confronted Jennifer himself, warning that she had no clue what a low life like Tom could do. Hiding in the bathroom, Tom revealed himself to John and warned there was nothing the old man could do to protect those he loved. Sheila stopped the two from coming to blows, and sent John on his way. He went straight to Paul's office, where he convinced the private investigator to give him a gun, should he ever need to protect his family from the madman who was haunting them. He later promised Gloria and Ashley that he would never let Tom hurt them again.

Meanwhile, Paul and Michael joined forces to find out all they could about Jennifer Mitchell. To that end, they broke into her motel room, formerly Brenda’s, and discovered a bag of prosthetics hidden in the closet, along with wigs and a CD on mastering a British accent. Realizing they were dealing with a real professional criminal, they decided to up the ante and surround the wedding ceremony with several security guards. Paul also ordered JT to keep tabs on Jennifer and Tom as the wedding approached.

THE TRAGEDY AT SEA: Finally, Lauren and Michael’s wedding day arrived, and Sheila set her diabolical scheme into motion. As Brenda, she met with Scott, told him to publish their book, and said she was returning to Toronto. She then convinced the motel manager to give her room to ‘Jennifer’. In a talk with Tom, she revealed her plot to kidnap Lauren on her wedding day, ransom her off, and escape to a tropical paradise with millions of Michael’s dollars. Tom reluctantly agreed, and made several attempts to steal Lauren away, but failed miserably.

On assignment from Paul, JT followed Tom and Jennifer as they took a ride in the country. He couldn’t understand what was out there, and lost sight of them just before Sheila took Tom to a remote cabin and explained that they would keep Lauren there until the ransom could be arranged.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s mother, Joanna, arrived in town and created tension with her insistence upon helping Gloria with all final details of the ceremony. At The Colonnade Room, Lauren got ready for the ceremony and was horrified when Jennifer visited the bride’s room with a warning that Tom would try something at the ceremony. She ordered Jennifer out, met with Paul - whose security men were surrounding the event - and told him about the warning. Paul promised not to let anything happen to her. Scott then visited his mother and presented her with the first 10 chapters of his book, for reading aboard the private yacht Michael had rented for their honeymoon. When Scott received a call from Brenda, he innocently told her of Lauren and Michael’s plans for their romantic getaway. Sheila was thrilled.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and - despite a momentary blackout - Lauren and Michael became husband and wife without incident. Following the ceremony, they boarded Victor’s private jet and headed for parts unknown (to all but Sheila and Tom). On the ocean, Michael and Lauren began their life together. And after a morning of lovemaking, he went snorkelling with the ship’s captain, while she settled in to read the first chapters of Scott’s book. Alone on the ship, her nightmares came to life as she recognized the story as her own baby switch drama with Sheila Carter. Then Sheila revealed herself, in all her glory, to a stunned Lauren. Within moments the two were entangled in a catfight, and Lauren nearly got the upper hand until Tom revealed himself and held her in place while Sheila smacked her and swore it was finally time to make her pay for destroying her life. Sheila left Lauren alone with Tom, who inadvertently called her Brenda. Realizing that Sheila Carter was both Brenda Harris and Jennifer Mitchell, Lauren finally began to understand what was happening.

While she tried to convince a doubtful Tom that Sheila had manipulated him into helping her so he would bear the blame when Lauren turned up dead, Sheila planted a bomb in the engine room of the boat. Desperate, Lauren begged Tom to realize that - if he didn’t believe her - they would both be dead in a matter of minutes. Seconds later, sitting on the beach miles away from the yacht and thinking about how lucky he was to have the life he shared with Lauren, Michael watched in horror as the boat exploded.

NICK & PHYLLIS / SHARON & BRAD: Though Nick had doubted Sharon’s insistence that their marriage was on shaky ground, she was proven right on the night of Michael and Lauren’s wedding. Out of town on a trip with Brad, Sharon confided in him about the troubles in her marriage and, when he held her and made her feel like a woman for the first time in months, she pulled him into a passionate kiss. Though things threatened to go further, she and Brad regained control of their emotions and parted ways for the night.

But in Genoa City, things didn’t go so well. Nick attended the wedding solo, while Phyllis accompanied Jack, only to have him storm out when she chastised him for his childish antics where Victor and Nick were concerned. As Phyllis called for a cab, Nick offered to take her home. There, they shared wine and played video games before realizing their friendship and comfort level with one another was beginning to feel more intense. Though Nick started to leave, they stood at the door unable to take their eyes off one another. Then, the unthinkable… Nick took Phyllis in his arms and the two made love on the living room sofa. The next morning, en route back to Genoa City, Brad and Sharon agreed their kiss had been meaningful, but that it never should have happened, while in GC Phyllis met with Nick and the two agreed never to speak of what had happened between them… despite how good it had been.

Sharon and Brad returned: He immediately went to Victoria, told her how much he’d missed her, and made love to her; She immediately went to Nick, only to find him distracted and moody. Sharon tried to make love to her husband, and was crushed when he pulled away from her. Meanwhile, Jack visited Phyllis, apologized for his behaviour at the wedding, and vowed never to hurt her again.

Tensions were high when Sharon and Nick, and Jack and Phyllis - separately - dined at The Athletic Club. Back at the ranch, Sharon told Nick that their marriage was about to die, and admitted she’d nearly turned to another man while in St. Louis. Realizing it was Brad, Nick was furious, but immediately - guilty over his own tryst with Phyllis - told Sharon he forgave her, and insisted he was ready to salvage their marriage once and for all. The two made love, while across town, Phyllis and Jack did the same… and Brad told Victoria he was in love with her.

Prior to New Year’s Eve, Nick confronted Brad about his kiss with Sharon, but was reluctantly forced to admit that he - not Brad - was to blame for Sharon’s desire to be with another man. As New Year’s Eve arrived, complications arose when Brad - reeling from news of Lauren’s death - ran into Sharon and told her that life was too short to not seize the moment. He admitted that, despite his relationship with Victoria, he was in love with Sharon; the type of woman he’s spent his life searching for. Though moved, Sharon told him she was committed to Nicholas and told him to forget her. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Daniel shared the night with Nick, Sharon and Noah. And when the night ended, Phyllis admitted to Nick that she was overwhelmed with guilt for their night together, and bid him good-bye. Before Nick could respond, she kissed him, and drove away.

Meanwhile, across town, Brad stunned Victoria by proposing marriage. Though incredibly moved, Victoria told him she needed some time to think before giving her answer. She kissed him, and gushed, unaware that mere hours before he’d declared his unwavering love for her sister-in-law.

ROMEO & JULIET: After being summoned to court to receive punishment for having fled the law with Lily before his trial, Daniel was relieved when the judge agreed to a probationary period with community service. Finally out of trouble, he set out to communicate with Lily, who was far out of touch and guarded by both the Winters family and her boarding school. It was Sierra who gave him the ability to communicate, sending him to, where he and Lily began chatting through an online message board. During the holidays, when Neil and Dru planned an out of town trip to see Lily, Daniel was able to convince a reluctant Devon to bring her a gift on his behalf: a copy of Romeo & Juliet, the names he and Lily had been using to communicate online.

YOLANDA HAMILTON: Neil and Dru’s distraction over Lily caused Devon to search for his birth mother, Yolanda. He found her in the parks of GC, a drug addict with nothing to live for. When he stole from Neil and Dru to support his mother, Dru met with Yolanda. The two agreed that Devon was better off living his new life. Despite this, Devon couldn’t stay away, especially when Yolanda used some of his money to buy drugs that put her in the hospital near death. Once released, Yolanda took her son’s advice and entered rehab. She made progress, while Devon took a full-time job to earn enough to get her an apartment. Realizing he would ruin his life if he kept focusing on his mother, Dru convinced Neil to invite Yolanda to move in with them until she could get her life back on track. And though the bizarre expanded family had difficulty living together (Dru and Neil grounded Devon when he punched a drug-dealer to defend Yolanda), the holidays brought them closer together.

But Dru and Neil worried that Devon, upon reaching the age of emancipation, would choose to leave their home and build a new life with his birth mother. Meanwhile, Yolanda took her first job working at Fenmore’s for the holidays, and then - in a surprise twist - was offered a job at Newman Enterprises by an eager-to-please Sharon.

THE TEAM OF NIKKI & PHYLLIS: While searching through old files at Jabot, Phyllis came across one of Nikki’s abandoned projects involving anti-aging skin cream. Suddenly inspired, she met with Nikki and proposed teaming up to launch a line of beauty spas across the country that would service a woman’s entire beauty needs. Realizing it was a novel idea, Nikki jumped on board. However, when she noticed the tension between Jack and Phyllis, she questioned the stability of teaming up with Phyllis on a project that would require Jack’s support. Phyllis immediately seduced Jack, ensuring they were on good ground again, then - with Nikki - gave him the pitch. Jack turned down the idea, upsetting both women, and later accused Phyllis of using sex to get what she wanted.

Undeterred, Nikki told Victor about their idea and he was immediately supportive. To that end, he gave Nikki a special Christmas gift: a promise to fund the project and do all he could to ensure she saw her dream realized in the new year. Though thrilled, Nikki knew she had to give Jabot first right of refusal. She and Phyllis met with Jill who, though annoyed they’d gone to Jack first, immediately agreed to go forward. But Jack, upon learning of Nikki and Phyllis’ behind-his-back meeting, told Phyllis he had the final say in Jabot’s spending and that he would not fund the project, which he considered a financial risk at this time.

Phyllis told Nikki what he’d said, but Nikki - nonplussed - explained that since Jabot had passed, they now had the chance to pursue the project with Victor’s assistance. Realizing what that could mean for her relationship with Jack, Phyllis still agreed. But days later, Jack spotted Phyllis and Nikki meeting with Victor, who agreed to officially fund the project. Alone with Phyllis, Jack told her their relationship was over if she chose to work with Victor, and warned she would also lose her job at Jabot. Phyllis was stunned he would issue such an ultimatum… but Jack was clear: him or the mustache. No alternatives. His threat delivered to Phyllis, he then met with Victor and warned him that he would take him and Newman Enterprises to court and destroy both if Victor dared touch Nikki and Phyllis’ project. As Jack stormed out, Victor smiled to realize how worried his foe clearly was.

THE TANGLED WEB: In Miami, Michael’s world was crumbling as rescuers searched the wreckage of the yacht for any sign that Lauren might be alive. When they turned up evidence of explosives on the ship, Michael immediately insisted Tom had murdered his wife. Desperate to believe Lauren was not dead, Michael kept vigil at the police station in Miami, waiting for any news. Back in Genoa City, Tom’s vengeance on Gloria was complete when John received a letter in the mail - from Tom - informing him that he and Gloria were still legally married, and that she’d responded to his blackmail in an attempt to keep the truth from John. Though Ashley and Jack, upon learning the news, believed their father would throw Gloria out once and for all for her many lies, John stunned everyone by inviting a reverend to the house and - in front of Kevin, Ash and Jack - renewing his vows to Gloria. He insisted that her actions, though questionable, proved that - more than anything - she loved him with all her heart.

During the ceremony, Kevin received a call from Michael, informing him about the events in Miami. Kevin told Paul and Ashley what had happened, and the three immediately searched Tom’s motel room, where they found a one-way ticket to Miami, along with a glass under the bed with two sets of fingerprints on it. While Kevin told Scott what was happening, and rushed to Miami with him to meet Michael, Paul and Ashley had the glass sent in for testing, and arranged for Tom’s motorcycle to be searched. When the search turned up materials needed for explosives, Paul grew suspicious. He didn’t believe Tom would be so stupid as to leave such an obvious trail between him and the explosion. Instead, Paul believed Jennifer Mitchell and Brenda Harris were the same woman, and that she was the real mastermind behind everything.

When the fingerprints came back positive, Paul’s theory was proven true… and the real nightmare was revealed: Not only was Brenda Harris really Jennifer Mitchell… but both were actually Sheila Carter. Paul immediately had the woman in the insane asylum printed and within moments the authorities knew that Sheila Carter had once again escaped and left a decoy behind while she sought revenge on Lauren. Paul dissolved in tears, realizing he’d failed to protect his dearest friend. He then met with Scott and told him exactly who Brenda was, and - as he told him the story of Sheila’s history with Lauren - Scott filled in the blanks, and revealed that his book was the very story Paul was giving him. Realizing he’d been duped into helping a psychopath kill his mother, Scott broke down and blamed himself.

MURDER & IMPRISONMENT: Unbeknownst to everyone, Lauren was not dead, but was - in fact - in Genoa City, locked in the bomb shelter of the farmhouse Sheila and Tom had visited just before the wedding. There, Tom held both her and Sheila captive, having rescued the three of them from the boat moments before the explosion. While he tried to figure out what to do next, Lauren and Sheila were left alone, in a locked room, to really face one another for the first time in years. Though Lauren did her best to convince Tom that - without her - he’d be unable to prove Sheila was the mastermind, Sheila kept him on edge by insisting he could trust no one but her. Finally, unable to deal with the two women, he left them alone and headed back into town.

There, Tom contacted Gloria, who had recently learned the truth about Michael and Lauren’s honeymoon. She broke down in tears and refused to listen to him as she insisted he would burn in hell for killing Lauren. Tom demanded she meet him in the alley behind a restaurant in a seedy part of town. Though she refused, she said the location out loud. John, listening from the dining room, immediately rushed out. When Ashley discovered her father had gone, she immediately followed. Gloria phoned the police, then called Michael and told him where to find Tom. In the alley, Tom came out of hiding when a car pulled up, expecting Gloria, but was annoyed when John got out of the car and approached him with a gun.

Overwhelmed with his hatred of the man torturing his family, John warned Tom he would go to prison for what he’d done. Tom lunged for John, and the gun went off. As Tom collapsed in a pool of his own blood, John jumped in his car and drove off. Ashley arrived just in time to see her father driving away. She approached Tom’s body and picked up the gun, just as he reached out and grabbed her ankle. Ashley screamed out, as the police suddenly pulled up and found her standing over Tom’s body, and holding the gun. She was immediately taken downtown for questioning, while Tom - still alive - was prepped for a trip to the hospital. Michael came upon the scene and was stunned to see Tom shot. He screamed at him that he would rot for killing Lauren, and wondered who had gotten to him.

At the police station, Ashley demanded to see her lawyer, Christine, and refused to answer any questions until she arrived. Meanwhile, Gloria was horrified when she received a call from the hospital informing her that John had been involved in a car accident and had been rushed in. When Christine received the news, she arranged for Ashley to be released long enough to see her father in the hospital, but it meant Jack posting a million dollar bail. At the hospital, Ashley refused to discuss Tom’s shooting with Jack, Gloria or Michael. Instead, she insisted on being the first to speak to John when he awoke. Meanwhile, Tom woke and surprised everyone by insisting to see Michael. In his room, Michael threatened to pull the plug on the IV and watch him die, but Kevin prevented it. Tom struggled to tell Michael that Lauren was alive and locked up with Sheila, but couldn’t get the words out before he breathed his last breath and died.

Ashley was immediately brought back to jail, charged now with the murder of Tom Fisher. Of course, only she knew the truth of what had happened in the alley. Meanwhile, in the bomb shelter, Sheila continued to taunt Lauren, doing her best to unravel her foe’s mind with insistences that Scott hated her and always had, and a declaration that Michael had framed Tom, and that it was his fault Lauren was in this predicament in the first place. Though Lauren tried to remain strong, Sheila’s twisted tales began to eat away at her, and - in a fit of rage - she shattered Sheila’s ankle with her own foot. While Sheila ate tainted canned food and coped with her ankle pain, Lauren continued to batter away at their prison wall, intent on freeing them both before the new year began.

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