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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Year in Review 2000 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Tony’s Tragic Death Rocks Megan & Tricia

The year began with Tony spontaneously proposing to Megan, and her accepting without hesitation. Rather than wait a long time, thus allowing for the possibility of interference, the two decided on a small wedding early in the year. Tony asked Nick to be his best man, while Megan asked Sharon to stand up for her. Wisely, she opted not to tell Tricia about the upcoming wedding. But, when she circled a marriage chapel in a phone book that was left out, Tricia found it and realized what was happening.

 Megan's wedding day ended in tragedy when Tricia hit Tony on his motorcycle while backing out of the driveway in a rush to find her sister and stop the union. A makeshift ceremony took place at the hospital, but Tony died in Megan's arms shortly after the vows were exchanged. Ryan suggested that Tricia go to therapy for her trauma and intimacy issues, while Sharon suspected that Tricia killed Tony and urged the police to fully investigate her in the case.

When Tricia finally confessed that she was part of a conspiracy with Grace to break up her sister and Tony, Megan left Genoa City and moved to Boston. Tricia's mental state started a downward spiral and Ryan decided to separate from her. He denied Tricia's sexual advances and turned to Victoria for support. Feeling rejected, Tricia vowed to somehow get revenge on Ryan, Victoria, Sharon and all who had wronged her.

Victoria Newman’s Greatest Fan

At Newman Enterprises, Ryan distracted himself by focusing on Brash and Sassy’s new ad campaign. When sales began to fall, he hired a dynamic advertising duo to save the line. Gary and Ross were brought on board and instantly suggested they use Victoria Newman herself as the face of the line. Victoria reluctantly agreed and – in time – began to enjoy her celebrity status. Until she began receiving threatening fan mail from someone identifying himself as her “Number One Fan”.

As the letters continued to arrive, the Newman family learned that Larry Warton – Nick’s prison tormentor from years before – was out on parole and living in Genoa City. Convinced Larry was threatening his sister, Nick went to the police. Warton was immediately arrested, while Victoria – feeling more secure – began to date Gary.


With Warton in prison, the letters continued to come, worrying Victoria and her entire family. Of course, Gary promised to protect her. But when she showed up at his apartment one night to surprise him, Victoria was horrified to discover an entire shrine to herself hidden in the back of his home. As it hit her that Gary had been her stalker all along, he kidnapped her and took her to Nick’s old tree house on the Newman grounds.

There, he held her captive and was on the verge of forcing her to drink poison with him – part of a murder/suicide plot – when Paul and Nick tracked them down and rescued her. Gary was brought to justice, while Victoria – though not physically harmed – suffered from emotional distress. Needing to heal, find closure and move on, she visited Gary at the correctional facility and – in a stunning moment – attacked him!

A Rocky Road For Victor & Nikki Newman

Trying to rebuild their lives, as they always seemed to do, Victor and Nikki each took time to themselves. For Nikki, this meant soul-searching, which led her to decide that she was tired of relying on Victor for her own financial, mental and emotional security. She approached Jack and offered to invest $35 million in Jabot, provided she could have an office, serve on the Board of Directors, and become a part of the day-to-day functioning of the business. Jack, in need of the money, and excited at the prospect of working with Nikki, immediately agreed.

Meanwhile, Victor returned to New Mexico and spent time with Ramona. There, he made love to her but found himself unable to commit to anything more serious. She prepared a farewell dinner for him when he announced plans to return to GC. After making passionate love, Victor confessed that he wanted to save his marriage to Nikki. He returned to GC, trailed by Ramona, who had decided to fight for him. But when she arrived and discovered that, in addition to loving Nikki, he was sharing a penthouse with Diane, Ramona decided his life would always be too complicated for her. She boarded the next flight out of GC and returned to Mexico, putting Victor behind her.

Nikki, despite her brief Italian fling with Brad and sudden investment in Jabot, remained confused about her feelings for Victor. When she learned about Diane’s successful attempt to gain access to Victor’s sperm sample, Nikki broke in to the penthouse, stole Victor’s sperm back and replaced them with someone else’s. Diane took these sperm to a fertility specialist and was impregnated with “Victor’s” sperm. When Victor learned about the pregnancy, he was livid and moved out of the penthouse, while Diane travelled to Kansas and met with Hope, eager to determine whether or not Victor would be a committed father to his child. Nikki and Victor, meanwhile, briefly resumed their romance. However, he broke things off immediately when he learned that she’d actually invested in Jabot.

Brad tried to resign from Newman Enterprises and he and Nikki entertained the idea of working for Jabot together. All were unaware that Victor had secretly purchased Jabot's remaining loan. When Jack approached the banks about a loan extension when the time expired for the payments due, he was shocked to learn Victor held the loan and would not accept any deals. When Brad paid off half the loan, Victor threatened legal action to enforce his non-compete clause. Victor tried to end his career but Ashley used her influence on Victor to convince him not to go after Brad.

After Jack was tested for testicular cancer [negative], he made a sperm deposit. Meanwhile, Ashley took a cruise alone and returned to GC pregnant, claiming to have had a one-night stand with Christian, a man she’d met on the boat. She insisted she wanted to raise her child alone, but Jack flew to Paris to confront Christian. Meanwhile, Ashley informed Victor that she was pregnant, and Brad volunteered to be her Lamaze partner. She and Brad began spending time together once again and, in time, fell in love. She accepted his marriage proposal despite her lingering feelings for Victor. However, on the day they were to wed, Ashley went into labour at home and Victor drove her to the hospital. Brad arrived moments after the baby was born and exchanged wedding vows with Ashley. Brad wanted to legally adopt the baby, later to be named Abby, but Ashley feared that doing so would reveal the true identity of the biological father. She met with Christian and thanked him for pretending to have fathered the child, and he promised never to reveal the truth of whatever secret she was keeping.

Jack & Phyllis’ On Again / Off Again Love

At the end of 1999, Jack broke up with Phyllis and – feeling like she had no reason to stay in GC – she left and returned to New York. There, she studied computers and graduated at the top of her class in Internet design. While she was away, between business messes, Jack had a brief affair with Leanna Love. When Phyllis made a surprise return to Genoa City and Jack offered her a job as the website producer for Jabot, she was torn. Having once loved Jack, she also felt a great deal of affection for Michael. For a time, she did her best to balance her feelings for the two eligible bachelors. However, things exploded between her and Jack when – despite working for Jabot – she accepted a job offer from Victoria Newman to join the Brash and Sassy campaign, where she’d have more control over the website, and more independence as a creator.

Katherine’s Granddaughter & Jill’s Son

Billy distanced himself from his friends and began hanging out with JT, a known troublemaker at school. He used Mac's birthday party as an excuse to go to JT's house where he drank until he passed out in the snow. Raul used CPR to resuscitate Billy and he was rushed to the hospital where he went into full cardiac arrest. Friends and family gathered to show their support and he eventually made a full recovery.

Billy and Mac, despite a tense early relationship, shared their first kiss shortly after his recovery, and agreed to keep their feelings a secret. Billy continued his relationship with Brittany, a local rich girl, and Mac remained close to Raul. When Billy and Mac were crowned prom king and queen, things became increasingly complicated. Although Brittany was hired as Jabot's new Glow Girl, Billy and Mac were featured in the advertisement because of their prom "royalty" status. Both Brittany and Jill were upset with the situation. Jill tried to dig up dirt from Mac's past and was frustrated when her birth certificate confirmed that Brock was her biological father.

Unable to continue the lie, Mac finally broke up with Raul who punched Billy in the face after discovering the truth about his feelings for Mac. Meanwhile, Brittany discovered that Billy and Mac were dating and plotted her revenge. She devastated Mac by telling her that she had been sleeping with Billy all summer. Billy tried to tell Mac the truth but she refused to listen to him. She returned the opal ring Billy had given her as a gift, and he struggled to keep his emotions under control.

Billy returned to his relationship with Brittany and the couple nearly had intercourse before being interrupted by Jack. The Glow by Jabot house was reinstated for a New Year's Eve party. Although she still had feelings for Billy, Mac was unable to confront him in person. When Jack offered her a job running the New Year's Eve webcast, however, she accepted to spite Jill.

Things Continue In The Right Direction

Tomas and Nina grew closer together and eventually consummated their love. She began to publicly refer to him as her boyfriend and was delighted when he shaved off his mustache at her request. Tomas encouraged Nina with her writing and offered to edit her material. As Nina's writing improved, Tomas developed a "writer's block" and turned to the bottle for relief.


When Hugh, Tomas’s publisher, read Nina’s work, he recommended the novel and it was chosen for publication. Furthermore, a big time movie producer showed interest in her story as well. Of course, the more she succeeded, the more Tomas failed, and began to resent her. Despite this, he managed to control his anger, keep it hidden, and surprised Nina in Taos with a wedding proposal that she accepted.

The Winters Family Finds Heartache

Early in the year, Olivia told Neil that she had been diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Meanwhile, Trey arrived in town intent on forcing Callie to leave with him and resume their marriage. When Callie refused, and Trey learned about her love for Malcolm, he hired hit men to beat Malcolm to a bloody pulp.

When Olivia heard that little Nate had witnessed Malcolm's attack, she called Michael to revoke Malcolm's visitation rights. Callie finally confessed that she was married to Trey and she pleaded with Olivia not to punish Malcolm and Nate for her mistakes. Malcolm was devastated by Callie's dishonesty and the wedding was called off. Callie fled town a short time later.

Olivia, Malcolm and Neil were shocked when Drucilla returned to Genoa. When Lily contracted chickenpox, Neil invited Dru and her daughter to stay at his house. Dru and Neil rekindled their passion but she ran back to Paris after their first tiny disagreement. Malcolm traveled to France, however, and convinced her to return to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Olivia's health declined and Dru volunteered to donate her bone marrow. Olivia began chemotherapy and Dru ultimately gave Neil her permission to pursue her sister.

In turn, Dru reconnected with Malcolm and a kiss led to a night of lovemaking. He helped her put together a new portfolio and, in turn, Sid offered her a new contract. She traveled to Paris after a miscommunication with Malcolm; he went after her but she refused to return. Olivia questioned Malcolm's commitment to Nate and threatened to reduce his visitation rights yet again.

Chris Fills The Void In Shocking Fashion

Realizing that Christine was beginning to feel static in her career, and wanting to spend more time with the woman he’d never stopped obsessing over, Michael persuaded her to become a partner in his firm and she accepted. Paul was horrified that she would go into business with a man who had once dug a hole through her wall and nearly raped and murdered her. Christine understood his obligations, but insisted on putting her career first for a change. Mary pressed Paul to have a baby with Christine and he consulted a fertility clinic. He was delighted when they were given the go ahead and – a short time later – a pregnancy test showed she’d conceived.

However, when they met with a doctor, they learned the test was wrong, and Christine wasn’t pregnant after all. With everything changing, all cards were put out on the table. Paul insisted he wanted a family and wanted Christine to leave her job with Michael. Christine insisted family came second to her career and refused to give up her new gig. Immediately, a downward spiral began in their already shaky marriage.

Ghosts Of The Past Haunt Nick & Sharon


As Nick and Sharon signed a lease for a new coffeehouse and prepared to legally adopt Cassie, Victor cut Nick out of all business responsibilities at Newman Enterprises. As a result, Nick nearly resigned, but agreed to stay when Cassie asked him not to stop working with his father. When Cassie took ill, the family worried she’d die from tuberculosis. However, she healed in time and Nick and Sharon began to believe their lives were finally back on track in every way.

What neither of them knew was that the past was about to find them, infiltrate them, and utterly destroy them. What neither knew was that their newest employee, Carter, was really Matt Clark. He had returned to town after years away, and after having undergone plastic surgery, with the sole intention of making them pay for ruining his life years before. And this time, he wasn’t alone. He joined forces with Larry Warton, and brilliantly plotted to frame Nick for dealing drugs out of the very coffeehouse he’d struggled to purchase, and make successful.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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