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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Year in Review 1999 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Jack & Brad’s Hostile Takeover Of Newman

Victor won his divorce from Diane by agreeing to award her a seat on the board of Newman Enterprises. To celebrate his freedom, Victor surprised Nikki with a romantic getaway to a tropical isle. During his absence, Jack and Brad moved to seize control of the company, using Diane as leverage. Nick sent a message to Victor suggesting he return home immediately, but - thanks to Jack and Brad's trickery - the Newman jet was unavailable. Victor arranged a commercial flight for Nikki, while he boarded a small plane. But before the plane could reach the nearest airport, it crashed in the New Mexico Mountains. The pilot died and Victor was found unconscious by a stranger named Chet. He helped Victor recover from his wounds. But when Chet learned his patient's identity, he held him hostage. Chet explained that he was angry with Victor for the devastation he wrought by taking over his dad's small company years before.

 Back in Genoa City, Jack and Brad won enough board votes to be named the new CEOs of Newman Enterprises. Meanwhile, Chet's girlfriend, Ramona tried to help Victor win his freedom. When Chet discovered Ramona's betrayal, he held them both hostage. Eventually, Victor and Ramona were able to free themselves. But before they could completely escape from the remote mountain, Chet found them. In a fight, Chet fell to his death.

Victor returned to Genoa City and struggled to reclaim his company. When Nikki learned about Ramona, she wondered if Victor's absence was because of an affair. Jack agreed to step down as CEO, provided Victor return Jabot to the Abbott’s. Victor agreed to sell the company back, but retained a promissory note on the company. With Jabot back in the hands of the Abbott’s, Jack returned to Genoa City. Mamie also returned, eager to resume the duties she’d left long ago and begin taking care of John and his family again.

Once Victor had his company back, Nikki announced she wanted another baby. Victor thought Nikki was merely feeling insecure about their marriage and refused. Besides, Victor pointed out, he had a vasectomy. But Nikki countered it could be reversed. Unknown to Victor, Diane - with Brad's help - obtained a sample of Victor's little swimmers from a sperm bank. Fed up with the role other women played in Victor's life, Nikki slept with Brad while on a Christmas getaway.

The Custody Battle For Little Cassie

Fearful of Alice's interest in her daughter, Sharon filed for legal custody. Meanwhile, Michael Baldwin agreed to represent Alice in the courtroom, and soon won an important victory when the judge agreed that Alice could have unsupervised visits with her adopted daughter. To create a picture of domestic bliss, Nick moved back home, but slept on the couch. While Al – Alice’s boyfriend - was on the stand testifying for Alice, Christine exposed him as a child molester. Distraught, Alice severed ties with Al. Later, Al contacted Nick, claiming to have info about Millie's whereabouts and tried to extort money. But when Al accepted the money, he was arrested.

Soon after, Michael learned from Grace about her one-night stand with Nick. Later, when Nick was on the stand, Michael questioned him about the indiscretion. Nick's passionate plea on Sharon's behalf helped them to reconcile. During the trial's final stages, Chris and Paul succeeded in finding Millie, who recommended that Sharon be granted custody. But before the judge made his decision, Alice did an about-face and said that Cassie would be better off with her natural mother. With the trial over, Sharon helped Millie and Alice heal the rift in their relationship, and focused on her life with her husband, her infant son and the little girl she’d once given away.

On another front, Nick and Sharon were disheartened to learn that Crimson Lights would be closing. The coffeehouse held special meaning for the couple because it was where they first met, and the setting for Nick's wedding proposal years before. They stopped the closing by assuming ownership and management of the establishment; a decision that angered Victor, who didn't want Nick distracted from his increasingly important work at Newman Enterprises.

Marriage Woes For Both Williams Men

Though Christine and Paul had often talked about starting a family, she found herself drained from Cassie’s court trial, and utterly unable to conceive. When she accepted an invitation from Victor to attend an out-of-town, three-month corporate symposium, Paul was devastated. Regardless, he stuck things out, but when Christine returned she was less than thrilled with her life and began to realize something was definitely missing.

Meanwhile, thanks to Chris and Paul, Mary was reunited with her missing-husband, Carl. Though Carl still suffered from amnesia, Mary broke up with Charlie. She focused on her former husband, doing all she could to first jog his memory, then to cope with the fact that it might never return. Though they tried to build a new romance and life together, Mary was unable to accept his unending memory loss, and Carl was unable to forget the relationship he’d begun in Norfolk with Ruth. Reluctantly, he bid his former wife and son farewell, and returned to the life he’d built in the years since he’d left GC.

No Strength Left: Olivia & Malcolm Split

Despite herself, Olivia was unable to accept Callie’s continued presence in Malcolm’s life. And, for his part, Malcolm was unable to pretend he didn’t still harbour feelings for his first love. Olivia agreed to a divorce, which prompted Malcolm to wonder if she was merely using Callie as an excuse because she still – deep down – had feelings for Neil. Olivia denied the accusations and insisted that Malcolm – not her – had been responsible for their predicament. Malcolm and Callie began spending time together as the days went by and – in time – he proposed to her and she accepted. However, she neglected to tell him that she was already married to her former music manager, Trey… a man not likely to give her up without a fight.

The Complicated Lives Of The Dennisons

Tricia discarded her birth control pills and got pregnant early on in her marriage to Ryan. The news was upsetting to Ryan, who was temporarily unemployed when Jack and Brad ran Newman Enterprises. Shortly after his job was restored by Victor, Ryan accepted the pregnancy and looked forward to being a dad. But Tricia miscarried and slipped into a deep depression.

Meanwhile, Tony returned to Genoa City and began a relationship with Megan. While they were on a trip, transporting a car for Tony's boss, they were arrested and charged with vehicle theft. Eventually, the charges were dropped, but Tricia, who disapproved of Tony, used the incident as proof that her daughter was involved with a man who would only bring her pain. With this in mind, she sought out Grace, enlisting her help in undermining the budding relationship. Grace did her best to romance both Tony and Michael. But when Tony remained uninterested in her, and focused more and more on Megan, and Michael simply didn’t care whether she was around or not… Grace finally left Genoa City. Despite this, Tricia remained intent on breaking up her sister’s happy romance. Her fierce desire to cause trouble worried Ryan, who was convinced the miscarriage had greatly impacted his wife in ways she wasn’t even fully aware of. Sharon, who had grown to view Tony as a dear friend, also worried about Tricia’s need to cause him pain. Countless times she warned Nick and Ryan and anyone who would listen, that Tricia was not to be trusted.

On New Year’s Eve, Tricia was a mess of nerves and nearly made a fool of herself several times at a public dinner. When Tony found her huddled in the hallway of the restaurant, he asked her to finally stop trying to destroy the happiness he’d brought her sister. In response, Tricia pulled him into a passionate kiss. Though she hoped Megan would walk in on them, Tony pulled away before that could happen. He warned Tricia to seek professional help to figure out why she had become so unglued.

Ashley Tours Europe & Ends Her Marriage

In Spain, Ashley reconnected with her stepbrother, Rafael, an art forger. She later returned to Genoa City and Cole. Meanwhile, a snoopy Victoria arranged for Rafael to spend time in Genoa City, with the intention of breaking up Ashley and Cole's marriage. Restless for his life in Spain, Rafael left town, leaving Victoria to deal with her warped plans on her own. In the end, no effort was required by her to break up the marriage.

Cole felt neglected by Ashley because of her all-consuming interest in Jabot and, when Ashley finally realized how troubled her marriage truly was, she suggested to Cole that they have a baby. Realizing she was attempting to hold onto him by providing a distraction for them both, Cole nixed the idea. Instead, he accepted a teaching position at Oxford and made plans to divorce Ashley. In this way, Cole left Genoa City, Ashley Abbott and Victoria Newman far behind.

Housemates Whether They Want To Or Not

Per a judge's ruling, Katherine and Jill were awarded joint custody of the Chancellor Estate, and forced to live together. Kay was so rankled by Jill's constant games that she disappeared. Eventually, she re-surfaced at a homeless shelter, where she became acquainted with a teenage runaway, MacKenzie. Before long, Kay made the startling discovery that the girl was her granddaughter. She returned home, and brought Mac with her. With Paul's help, Kay tried to locate her estranged-son, Brock, who was doing missionary work in India. When Brock returned home, Katherine introduced him to his daughter.

Meanwhile, Jill was thrilled when Billy returned for a visit. But Billy resented his mother because she spent little time with him as a boy. When John returned to Genoa City, after a long business trip away, he tried to improve relations between mother and son. Unknown to Jill and John, Billy was developing a reliance on alcohol. When Billy's best friend, Raul, expressed interest in Mac, Billy suddenly saw her appeal.

Nina’s New Life As A Novelist Brings Joy

Nina briefly dated Brett, a successful man who seemed a prime candidate to share a new life with. However, when he suggested living together as a next step, rather than marriage, Nina realized the relationship was going nowhere and ended it. Instead, she focused her attention and efforts on writing her first novel; the story of the child she’d lost years before when Rose DeVille – a black market baby broker – convinced her to give it up for adoption. Once she’d completed the story, she developed a friendship with Tomas Del Serro, a successful novelist with a world-renowned reputation. He agreed to read her work, and the two began a slow, timid, loving relationship.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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