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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Year in Review 1998 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Truths And Lies Destroy Nick And Sharon

At Tony's urging, Grace revealed to Sharon that Cassie was the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago in Madison. Meanwhile, Cassie's adoptive mother resurfaced and demanded that Millie tell her who had taken the little girl. All the Newman’s were surprised when Sharon revealed the truth about Cassie. After serious soul-searching, Nick told Sharon he would accept Cassie, and their marriage was back on track.

Grace became engaged to Tony but continued to be interested in Nick. Later, Sharon suspected Grace's attraction to her husband. Meanwhile, Megan ended her romance with Alec and became intrigued by Tony. Nick was disappointed when Sharon couldn't join him on a business trip. Drunk and despondent, Nick made love to Grace. The next day, Nick regretted his actions. To his surprise, Sharon managed to make the trip. Unfortunately, Sharon overheard Nick and Grace discussing their night of lovemaking. Shattered, she rushed out and was struck by a car. She survived her wounds and later told Tony about Nick and Grace’s affair. Shortly after, Sharon confronted Nick with the truth and refused to accept his apology. Meanwhile, in an effort to save his marriage, Nick demanded to Jack that Grace be fired. Instead, Jack transferred Grace and made her Brad's assistant. Chris advised Sharon not to leave the ranch, or risk giving up her claim to property in the event of a divorce. So, Nick moved out. Meanwhile, Nick grew closer to Megan and opened up about the history of his relationship with Grace.

Alice called every Collins in the phone book, trying to locate Sharon. Later, Alice discovered that Sharon left school because she was pregnant, and that her best friend was Grace Turner. She phoned Grace, claiming to be someone who was updating the school directory and asked for information about Sharon. Suspicious, Grace tried to tell Nick, but he wasn't interested in hearing anything that she had to say. Later, Alice paid a surprise visit to Grace. When Alice questioned Grace about Sharon's whereabouts, Grace played dumb. Shortly after, Grace sought legal advice from Michael and learned that the courts could back up Alice's claim that she had a legal right to Cassie. Grace became more nervous after Michael said that the friends who brought Cassie to Genoa City could face criminal charges for kidnapping.

Complications For Victoria, Ashley & Cole

Victoria was promoted to the presidency of Brash and Sassy. In a misguided effort to keep Ashley and Cole apart, Victoria got Cole drunk and then made love to him. Nevertheless, Cole told Victoria he still wanted a divorce. Reluctantly, she agreed to his request. Meanwhile, after Dru accepted a modeling contract out of town and left with Lily, Victoria and Neil began dating. After a dizzy spell, Victoria learned she was pregnant with Cole's baby. She broke the news to Neil as she and Cole were officially divorced. Eventually, Victoria admitted to Cole he was the father of her unborn baby. Despite this truth, he married Ashley.

In the fall, Dru returned to Genoa City and was surprised to discover that Neil was involved with Victoria. She shocked him by announcing that she wanted a divorce. Soon after, their divorce was finalized. Victoria was rushed to the hospital with an appendicitis attack and was forced to give birth prematurely to a baby daughter. She named her Eve and suggested to Cole that they baptize their daughter. With sadness, Cole was forced to tell Victoria that the child hadn’t survived. Devastated, they agreed to see each other through the grief, and grew closer as the days went by. Meanwhile, Victoria accepted Nikki's invitation to recuperate at the ranch. Later, Ashley received a mysterious call and temporarily left for Europe, and on New Year's Eve, Cole surprised her in Paris.

The End Of The Romallotti Custody Trial

Sasha's manuscript was introduced as evidence in Danny and Phyllis's custody battle for Daniel. Ultimately, the judge awarded custody of the child to Danny, which devastated Phyllis, who was declared an unfit mother by the courts. Later, Danny admitted to Chris that he still loved her, which infuriated Paul, while Phyllis moved in with Michael.

When Danny was mugged and seriously injured, Michael donated a kidney, hoping to impress Christine. When Chris learned the truth, she reluctantly helped Michael regain his license to practice law. After Danny's recovery, Chris announced that she was still in love with Paul and they reconciled. Devastated, Danny left town with Daniel on an extended concert tour, and Phyllis was left with nothing.

The Truth About Carl Williams’ New Life

As she finally put the drama with Danny behind her, Christine wanted desperately to do something unforgettable for her husband, Paul. She began looking into his past and realized that his greatest sadness stemmed from his father’s abrupt disappearance years before. While out of town on business, Chris was shocked to see a man identical to the missing Carl Williams. She investigated him, learned he was living a life as Jim, and that he was dating a wonderful woman named Ruth.

She struggled over whether to tell Mary and Paul the truth. Shortly after, Paul, who suspected that Chris was having an affair with Danny, followed her to Norfolk, where he came face-to-face with his dad. He was stunned that Carl didn't recognize him. Meanwhile, Mary had begun dating Charlie, a man from her church group, who surprised her with a marriage proposal that she promptly accepted.

Tragedy Leads To A Newman Reunion

Diane was livid when she learned Nikki was – without question - responsible for Victor's vasectomy. Meanwhile, Veronica stopped taking her mood medication. On a stormy night, Veronica’s psychosis overwhelmed her and she revealed herself to Joshua, without the Sarah makeup. He realized his wife hadn’t died, and immediately tried to reason with her. But, feeling betrayed by the man who had moved on with his life and married Nikki, Veronica attacked him. They fought, and she shot him dead. She then waited for Nikki to return home and – when she did – Veronica also shot her.

With Nikki near death, Victor agreed to remarry her, and begged Diane to temporarily divorce him so he could grant Nikki her dying wish. Believing there was no real threat to her marriage, Diane agreed. But when Nikki suddenly recovered, Victor decided to stay married to her, which broke Diane's heart. Meanwhile, Veronica ditched her disguise as Sarah and became involved with an unsuspecting Miguel. Miguel proposed to Veronica and she accepted.

Meanwhile, Cole began investigating the details of Joshua’s past with Veronica, hoping to use their story as the basis for a new novel. It was through looking at pictures of the woman that Cole and Victor realized that Veronica, Miguel’s new girlfriend, was actually Joshua’s ex-wife, and the same woman who had posed as Sarah and shot Nikki and Josh. Armed with the truth, they rushed to find Nikki, who was facing off against Veronica at the Newman Ranch. In the stables, Veronica tried to shoot Nikki again, but Victor intervened, and, in the scuffle, impaled Veronica on a pitchfork.

While Victor was distracted with Nikki’s drama, Diane hired Michael as her lawyer and promptly filed a hefty lawsuit against Victor. At Michael's urging, Diane appeared on The Leanna Love Show and discussed her relationship with Victor. On another front, Jack persuaded Brad to return to Genoa City in an effort to overthrow Newman Enterprises. Shortly after, Victor promoted Brad to a top-level position, working alongside Jack. Victor requested that Brad keep an eye on Jack. Later, Jack and Phyllis began a secret affair. Unknown to Jack, Phyllis worked as a spy for Victor. When Victor became preoccupied with his divorce from Diane, he stepped down from Newman Enterprises and temporarily turned the company over to Jack and Brad.

Philip’s Refusal To Accept A New Mommy

After Tricia and Ryan made love for the first time in Aspen, their relationship heated up. When they got engaged, young Philip was furious, and insisted he would never accept Tricia as his stepmother, especially since her romance with his father had brought such pain to Nina’s life. But when Ryan and Tricia married, Nina wished them all the best and had a heart to heart with her young son. She urged him to accept his father’s new bride, promised she was okay with how things had played out, and began a new exercise routine to finally address her issues with weight and somehow find a new life for herself. Philip, reluctantly, agreed to give Tricia an honest try.

Jill vs. Kay For The Chancellor Estate

Tricia wasn’t the only Dennison finding love in Genoa City. Jill and Keith’s romance heated up as the year progressed, and he eventually proposed to her. However, she turned him down, realizing the last thing she wanted was another man in her life so soon after John. Instead, Jill moved in with Katherine and began snooping around the Chancellor Estate. In the attic she came across documents that proved that she was the rightful owner of the home, which Philip Sr. had left her in his will.

She confronted Katherine and the two had a brutal catfight in the attic, before Katherine threw her out. With John Silva as her lawyer, Jill filed a lawsuit against Kay for ownership of the mansion. She tracked down Beatrice, a former housekeeper, and bribed her to lie in court, insisting Philip had never loved Kay and had wanted Jill to have everything he left behind. When a fire broke out in the estate during the trial process, Jill convinced a judge to temporarily evict Kay so she could not destroy the home. Realizing she needed to up the ante, Kay hired Michael Baldwin to represent her and was able to prove that Jill had given Beatrice money to lie on the stand. The judge immediately realized things were going to be more complicated then he’d initially believed.

Malcolm’s Past Threatens Olivia’s Happiness

When Callie, an old college girlfriend of Malcolm’s surfaced in Genoa City, Olivia felt immediately threatened. She worried that her husband might still have feelings for the woman who was once so important to him that he’d planned to spend his life with her. Malcolm did all he could to assure Olivia that his life was – by choice – with her now, and that Callie meant nothing. And though Olivia should have been reassured, her insecurities intensified when Callie decided to stay in town and took a job singing at Gina’s restaurant.

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