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Y&R History

Year in Review 1996 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Nick & Sharon’s New Life Finally Begins

By the start of 1996, Amy Wilson had recovered from her mental trauma and realized that Matt Clark had raped her. She testified on Nick's behalf that she was responsible for shooting Matt following the rape. When Matt learned that the police were about to arrest him for perjury, among other criminal charges, he skipped town. The Newman's were relieved when Nick was released from jail and cleared of shooting Matt; especially since Larry Warton, a fellow inmate, had taken an interest in tormenting Nick. Once released, Nick and Sharon married in a formal ceremony and began living together in a reconverted barn on the Newman estate. Nick also took a position at Newman Enterprises, with his step-dad Jack Abbott showing him the ropes.

Nikki worried that Sharon was anxious to get pregnant so that Nick would be further tied to her. By summer, Sharon's old friend, Grace Turner, from Madison, had moved to Genoa City, anxious to start a new life. With Nick's help, Grace landed a job at Newman Enterprises. Nick wasn't pleased when Sharon announced that she was pregnant. He urged her to consider an abortion because he wasn't ready for fatherhood. Worried about her marriage, Sharon eventually made plans for an abortion. Nick, however, had a change of heart and stopped Sharon at the last minute, saying that he was prepared to become a father. Sharon confided to Nikki that she had skipped taking her birth control pills deliberately. When Doris heard about Sharon's confession to Nikki, she worried that Nikki would use this against her daughter. Meanwhile, Grace began having fantasies about being involved with Nick and tried to undermine Nick and Sharon's marriage. When Tony, Grace's old boyfriend, showed up and said he wanted to resume their relationship, Grace resisted his advances, unable to control her ever-strengthening feelings for her best friend’s husband.

The Tragic Death Of Luan Volien Abbott

Jack Abbott was devastated when Luan died from her terminal illness. When Keemo learned that Jack had known that Luan was seriously ill, he accused his father of stealing precious time that he and his sister Mai could have spent with their mother. Eventually, Keemo forgave his father, but - to Jack's disappointment - announced that he was returning to Viet Nam.

After grieving over Luan's death for several months, Jack resumed his relationship with Mari Jo Mason, who had waited patiently for him to return to her. By summer, Jack and Mari Jo were engaged to marry. And though he knew it was best he move on and find things to once again bring him joy, Jack vowed that he would never forget the woman who had meant so much to him at two very separate, but important times in his life.

The Stunning Shooting Of Victor Newman

Tired of waiting for Victor to express interest in a future together, Nikki finally accepted Brad’s marriage proposal. Victor was shocked when he learned that Brad was the mystery man in Nikki's life. To retaliate, he bypassed Brad for a promotion at Newman Enterprises and awarded the new position to Neil Winters. Concerned for his friend John Abbott's health, Victor also warned Jill to stop threatening to take Billy away from him. And, when Victor received a FAX meant for Jack from Keemo, urging Jack to be leery of Mari Jo, Victor confronted Mari Jo about her manipulative ways. In quick order, Victor had made more than a few important enemies in town. Unknown to Mari Jo, Victor gave the FAX to Chris for safekeeping. On Brad and Nikki's wedding day, Victor was having a late meeting with Chris when he was shot. When Nikki learned of the shooting, she fled the church to be by Victor's side at the hospital.

As Victor recovered from his gunshot wound, the police zeroed in on several suspects, including Brad and Jill. Brad urged Nikki to marry him and immediately leave for their honeymoon, but Nikki wanted to keep herself available for Victor. Upset, Brad broke off his relationship with Nikki and left town. When the police discovered that the gun used to shoot Victor belonged to Jill, they arrested her. Further investigation, however, cleared Jill and she was released. Victor's near-death experience prompted him to re-evaluate his life. He left Genoa City for several weeks and visited Hope on her farm in Kansas, where she was now married to Cliff. Victor enjoyed spending time with his son Victor Jr., but Cliff made it clear that the boy considered him his father.

Victor returned to Genoa City and began spending time with Nikki, who assumed that they were finally about to reconcile. When Victor received word that Cliff had been struck by a drunk driver, he quickly returned to Kansas to lend Hope support. Hope was grief-stricken when Cliff died. Nikki misunderstood Victor's reasons for leaving her, and she resolved to end things once and for all. She became involved with her doctor, Josh Landers, who said that he was a widower. When Josh proposed marriage, Nikki impulsively accepted and they eloped in Vegas. Victor tried to stop the marriage, but he arrived too late, and so he decided not to tell Nikki that he was still in love with her. Eventually, Victor persuaded Hope to relocate to Genoa City with their son.

When Mari Jo realized that Chris had a link to the FAX that could potentially destroy her relationship with Jack, she kidnapped Chris and held her prisoner in an isolated area of Newman Enterprises. While Chris was trying to escape from the gun-wielding Mari Jo, Victor and Paul came to her rescue. Mari Jo fired two shots into Christine, but they were blanks, having been placed in the gun by Paul, who had been trailing her in the hopes of finding Christine. Mari Jo was arrested and committed to a mental institution, where Jack visited and made it clear that their engagement was off.

The Return Of Trouble: Diane Jenkins

Jack was surprised when Diane Jenkins, a former girlfriend, suddenly showed up in Genoa City. Lonely, and disillusioned with romance, Jack was anxious to reconnect with Diane, whom he saw as a fun diversion. But she resisted, fearing that Jack hadn't reformed his former playboy ways. She wanted to protect herself from being hurt by him again the way she had in the past. Meanwhile, Ashley – who had returned from Paris - was livid that Jack and Diane were seeing each other again. She tried to pressure Diane into staying away from Jack, but she found it difficult to resist his charms.

Dina Mergeron Makes Another Attempt

Jill was shocked when John's first wife, Dina, reappeared in Genoa City, and began efforts to seduce the Abbott patriarch once again. John resumed his romance with Dina and, in time, proposed remarriage. Although Jack was elated that his parents were involved again, Ashley and Traci, who was visiting from New York, both opposed the reconciliation. The stress that John suffered while dealing with Jill caused him to have another heart attack. However, he quickly recovered. Jill and John finally agreed to divorce and Jill made plans to live in a new home with her son, Billy. But, as her plans progressed, and the family began to think everything was working out for the best, Dina surprised them by suddenly leaving town again.

The Mysterious Kurt Costner Arrives In GC

To take her mind off her family troubles, Ashley resumed her job at Jabot and enjoyed a brief flirtation with her new work associate, Adam. When she was attacked, and nearly killed by two thugs, while walking through the woods, she was rescued by Kurt Costner, a mysterious stranger, who had been doing odd-jobs at the Chancellor estate in exchange for room and board. The thugs shot Kurt and fled. Ashley and Kurt were rushed to the hospital, where a grateful Ashley arranged to cover Kurt's medical expenses. In time, she became intrigued with him and tried to find out more about his past. It was this desire that brought her to Victor, whom she asked for help in trying to put Kurt's life back on track. While Victor was out of town on a business trip, he asked Kurt to watch out for Hope and his son.

Phyllis’ Desperate Attempt To Keep Danny

Phyllis was heartbroken when Danny announced that he was still interested in divorcing her. She reluctantly agreed to his request, but at the divorce hearing, she testified that she believed that their marriage still had a chance. The judge postponed making a decision until after Phyllis and Danny had undergone marriage counselling. Sensing that her counsellor, Dr. Tim Reid, was attracted to her, Phyllis slept with him.

On the day that Tim was scheduled to testify that he felt Danny and Phyllis should divorce, Phyllis blackmailed him with a videotape of their lovemaking. Tim testified on Phyllis' behalf that her marriage to Danny had a chance, but he later recanted his testimony. Phyllis finally accepted the inevitable, and her divorce from Danny was finalized.

In an effort to anger Danny, Phyllis began dating a handsome, successful young man named Peter. Their passionate affair escalated and Phyllis began allowing him to spend time alone with Daniel. This enraged Danny, who knew nothing about the man. Phyllis merely insisted that, since they were divorced, he would have to get used to not being in control. However, when Phyllis was contacted by Sasha Greene, an old friend from New York, her world was sent into a tailspin.

Lonely and depressed, Sasha felt she had nothing to really live for and demanded that Phyllis either help make her life better, or she’d reveal to Danny that he wasn’t really the father of Daniel. Desperate, Phyllis broke up with Peter and set him up on a date with Sasha. The two hit it off and Peter moved to New York, where he and Sasha began a torrid romance and forgot all about Phyllis.

To make him jealous, she became involved with Tim, but she didn't reveal her lover's identity to Danny. When Tim proposed marriage, Phyllis accepted. Her son, Daniel, became seriously ill and was hospitalized for several weeks. During this time, Phyllis and Danny held a vigil by his bedside and, in the process, became closer. They were relieved when Daniel's health recovered. Touched by Phyllis' love for their son, Danny began dating his ex-wife. Soon after, Phyllis ended her engagement to Tim. But neither Phyllis nor Danny fully trusted their newfound connection.

Meanwhile, Paul and Chris made plans to marry. But when Danny visited Chris on the night before the wedding, hoping to apologize for all the pain he’d caused her, and wish her well on her new life… the two wound up making love on the floor by the fire. When Paul walked in and saw them sleeping there, he quietly left, and later cancelled the wedding. Chris made it clear to Danny that their lovemaking was a mistake and that she was no longer in love with him.

Eventually, Chris and Paul patched up their differences and married. Their Caribbean honeymoon, however, was nearly destroyed by Phyllis, who was also visiting the island with Tim. In an effort to ruin any bit of happiness Christine was to have, Phyllis snuck into the honeymoon suite and left a dead octopus under the covers of their bed. Tim was horrified by her behaviour, while Christine made it clear that she intended to tell Danny exactly what Phyllis had been up to. Back in Genoa City, Phyllis apologized for her actions and pleaded with Chris not to tell Danny. Chris reluctantly agreed.

The Devastating Impact Of Nathan’s Affair

Dr. Olivia Hastings began treating Keesha, who had contracted the AIDS virus from a former boyfriend. When Olivia inadvertently discovered that her husband, Nathan, had been having an affair - and that Keesha was the other woman - she blasted both Nathan and Keesha for their illicit behaviour. Olivia, who had been trying to get pregnant again, worried that Nathan might have exposed her and their son to HIV. Meanwhile, Malcolm, after learning of Nathan and Keesha's affair, ended his romance with her.

Keesha soon developed full-blown AIDS. Seeing Keesha's physical deterioration, Malcolm's attitude toward her softened. Realizing that she was near death, he made her dying wish, to be married, come true. Soon after the ceremony, Keesha died. Olivia and Dru were initially angry with Malcolm for showing sympathy toward Keesha, but eventually the two sisters forgave him. But a bitter Olivia, made it difficult for Nathan to see their son.

Frustrated, Nathan kidnapped the boy and disappeared. After several weeks on the run, Nathan decided to return Little Nate to Olivia. When the boy wandered away from his father on a crowded street, Nathan rushed to find him and was fatally struck by a car. At the hospital, Nathan struggled to apologize to Olivia for hurting her and then died.

The family tragedy left Dru eager to focus on her work, while it left Neil intent on the importance of family sticking together. When she was offered a lucrative modeling contract he insisted that she turn it down so she could focus on being a full-time mother and wife. Behind Neil's back, Dru signed the contract and began secretly accepting out-of-town modeling assignments. Malcolm, who was hired to be the photographer for Dru's shoots, reluctantly agreed to keep the secret. But, as time went on, Neil began to suspect that his wife had signed with the agents after all.

Professional & Personal: Cole & Nina

Despite a great love for Cole, Victoria’s long hours working side by side with Ryan got the best of her. In time, she and Ryan began enjoying secret kisses. Ironically enough, Cole was also straying from his marriage… and with Ryan’s own wife, Nina. Having hired her to work as his assistant on a new book, Cole found himself increasingly attracted to the needy, self-loathing, budding novelist Nina.

When Nina learned that Ryan was still attracted to Victoria, she ordered him out of their home. Meanwhile, following Victor's orders, Cole asked Victoria to give their marriage another chance and she agreed. Even though Cole made it clear to Nina that he wanted to remain married to Victoria, Nina struggled to fight her attraction for him.

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