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Y&R History

Year in Review 1994 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

An Incest Scare Rocks Victoria & Cole

Victor Newman and Nikki were shocked to learn that Victoria, and Cole Howard had eloped to Vegas in early 1994. Upon their return, Victor revealed that Cole was his son, which forced an annulment. While going through the late Eve Howard's belongings, Victor discovered a letter from another man to her, which cast doubt on Victor being Cole's father. He immediately arranged to have blood tests run on Cole, the other man and Eve's corpse. When Nikki tried to resume her romance with Cole, a devastated Victoria left town before she had learned that Cole wasn't interested in her mom.

Receiving confirmation that he wasn't Cole's father, Victor and Cole immediately tracked Victoria down. Cole shared Victor's news with Victoria and they returned to Genoa City, where they arranged to remarry. When Victoria had discovered that Cole and Nikki had once been intimate, she had traveled to New York City and had agreed to pose for a nude centerfold. The publisher had promised Cole that the photos wouldn't run.

Nevertheless, a few months later, Victoria's shocking centerfold was on newsstands around the country. Angered by the publisher's unethical behavior, Victor bought every existing copy of the magazine and had them destroyed. He then purchased the company that published the magazine and fired the publisher. Rather than attend college, Victoria opted to take a job at Jabot, working with Ryan.

Tensions Drive Victor & Hope Apart

Hope revealed to Victor that she had never been with a man sexually. Soon after, she and Victor made love. When Victor proposed marriage to her, Hope accepted. Nikki was so distraught by the news that she crashed their wedding and made a spectacle of herself. Nikki considered reconciling with Jack, but he surprised her by announcing that he was ready to file for divorce.

Meanwhile, Hope learned that she was pregnant. Victor and Hope were forced to do some serious soul-searching when Hope's doctor said the baby could inherit her blindness. When medical tests revealed that there was a good chance the baby would be born blind, Victor urged Hope to have an abortion, but she resisted, and the tension in their marriage escalated.

Nick Newman Grows Up & Finds Love

Victor and Nikki's son, Nick, returned from his Swiss boarding school for the summer. After becoming interested in an attractive young woman named Sharon, Nick decided to stay in Genoa City. Meanwhile, Sharon's friend, Amy, was also interested in Nick. Eventually, Nick and Sharon began a romance, which angered Sharon's former boyfriend, Matt. Sensing the closeness between Sharon and Nick, Sharon's mom, Doris, warned her daughter not to make the same mistake twice and become pregnant again. Still hurting over the pain of giving her first baby up for adoption, Sharon resisted Nick's attempt to make love.

He was stung by Sharon's rejection, and turned to Amy for physical comfort. When Doris was hospitalized after falling from her wheelchair, Victor relieved Sharon's financial worries by taking care of Doris' hospital bill. Nikki couldn’t believe he’d done such a thing, and worried that Sharon’s interest in their son was based solely on the possibility of financial gain.

Paul & Chris Find Love During Conflict

Christine’s happy world was shattered when Danny sent a letter from New York, announcing that he wanted a divorce and had become involved with another woman. Heartbroken, she resolved to get her life on track by following Danny's wishes. When her divorce was finalized, Christine resumed her maiden name of Blair. Eventually, she learned that Danny had actually gotten the other woman, Phyllis, pregnant. Before their son, Daniel, was born, Danny reluctantly married Phyllis. Soon after, they moved to Genoa City, where Christine struggled to accept their presence in town.

Meanwhile, Paul's former wife, April, again returned to Genoa City after being beaten by her husband, Robert, over the holidays. Although she was still attracted to Paul, he gently turned her down. Concerned for her daughter, Heather, April returned to Robert. When he threatened Heather's well-being, April fatally stabbed him with a letter opener, and was charged with murder. To her relief Christine and John Silva volunteered to represent her in court. Their dynamic representation won April a suspended sentence. After being reunited with Heather, April announced to Paul that she wanted to begin a new life away from Genoa City. Paul's relationship with Christine heated up and he eventually proposed marriage. But Christine resisted giving Paul an answer because she was still trying to accept the news about Danny's abrupt marriage to Phyllis.

“Blade” Bladeson & “Mary Jo” Mason

Alex "Blade" Bladeson and Ashley married early in 94. While their house was being built, they moved into the Abbott home. Complications quickly developed when Blade's former lover, Mari Jo, moved to Genoa City. Blade was troubled when Mari Jo became romantically involved with Jack Abbott and secured a job at Jabot.

After Mari Jo also befriended Ashley, Blade told her to leave town or he would reveal the truth about her to Jack. But Mari Jo forced Blade to back down when she accused him of being responsible for the death of his twin brother, Rick. Blade realized that Mari Jo was going to become a permanent part of his life when she announced her engagement to Jack. However, Ashley accidentally discovered Mari Jo's true identity and confronted the woman about her past relationship with Blade. No one was more shocked than Mari Jo when Blade's presumed-dead twin brother Rick showed up in Genoa City.

The Lost Love Jack Abbott Forgot

Adjusting to life as a divorcee, Christine became friends with Luan, the Vietnamese owner of restaurant called the Saigon Shack. Luan hadn't seen her son, Keemo, for years because he still lived in their native country. When Luan was shot by robbers at the restaurant, she pleaded with Christine to find her son. Christine and Paul immediately traveled to Viet Nam, where they found Keemo and brought him back to Genoa City.

After a tearful reunion, Luan recovered from her wounds. Keemo moved in with his mom, and her daughter Mai. Through a series of events, Christine deduced that Jack had been Luan's lover while he was a soldier in Viet Nam, and had fathered Keemo. With Christine's assistance, Jack and Luan were reunited. Luan told Keemo that Jack was his father, which angered Keemo, because he had always believed that his American father had deserted Luan. When Keemo learned that Jack and Luan had been separated by the war's ending, he accepted Jack as his father. However, Mari Jo wasn't pleased to learn of Luan's return to Jack’s life. She began to worry about the impact this reunion would have on her own shaky relationship.

Medical Woes & The Arrival Of Malcolm

Early in the year, Olivia was hospitalized with a mystery ailment. During her hospitalization, Nathan took custody of Little Nate. Olivia's mother, Lillie Bell, snuck into Nathan's apartment and took the boy to Olivia at the hospital. After a healthy Olivia was released from the hospital, she and Nathan reconciled. Meanwhile, Lillie Bell resumed living with her husband, Walter.

Dru was surprised to discover that Neil had a half-brother named Malcolm. Neil explained that he had distanced himself from his brother, who was a troublemaker. When Malcolm arrived in Genoa City, he informed Neil that he had reformed his bad-boy ways. Dru befriended Malcolm, which led him to believe that she was attracted to him. When she took ill, and Neil was forced to go out of town on business, he asked Malcolm to check in on his wife. Dru was groggy from over-medicating on cold medicine when Malcolm stopped by. In her delirious state, she mistook Malcolm for her husband and made love to him. Initially, Malcolm believed that Dru recognized him. Later, Malcolm told Olivia what happened. When Dru announced to her sister that she was pregnant, Olivia told her that she had slept with Malcolm and that he might be the father of her baby.

Dru considered having an abortion, but when her doctor revealed that she wouldn't be able to have another pregnancy, Dru changed her mind. Rather than learn the truth about the baby's paternity, Dru resolved to keep the incident secret from Neil, and assumed that he was the father.

Ryan’s Loveless Marriage To Needy Nina

When Nina told Ryan she was pregnant, he decided to marry her. But when she miscarried soon after, she worried their marriage would end now that he had no real obligation to her. Though it was an initial thought, Ryan did some serious soul-searching and – in time – admitted to Nina that he was ready to be a husband to her. He swore that, deep down, he’d always loved her, and that he wanted nothing more than to build a life… together.

Age Old Feud Re-Ignited: Tracey VS Lauren

Brad Carlton sought legal help after Traci refused to let him see his daughter, Colleen. The judge ruled that Brad could have supervised weekly visits with Colleen in New York until after the case was reviewed. While Brad was in New York, Traci phoned him at his hotel. She was angered when Lauren answered the phone. In retaliation, Traci tried to prevent Brad from seeing Colleen, but the judge ordered her to bring the child to Genoa City for bi-monthly visits.

After making love to Lauren, Brad suffered a heart incident, which forced him into temporary hospitalization. Worried about Brad's health, Traci risked her marriage to Steve Connelly so that she could be with Brad. At the hospital, when she learned that lovemaking with Lauren had caused the attack, she confronted her long-time rival. A vicious catfight ensued, with the two women doing damage to each other and the waiting room. After Brad recovered, he made it clear to Traci that there was no chance for them to reconcile. Traci accepted the news and returned to her marriage in New York City. Lauren proposed marriage to Brad, but soon realized that he wasn't interested in making a lifetime commitment.

Affairs Of The Heart In The Abbott Home

Too embarrassed to tell Jill that he was suffering from impotence, John Abbott simply began spending less time with his wife. Feeling rejected and shut out, Jill started an affair with Jed Sanders, the contractor who was making improvements to their home. To Jill's dismay, Mamie discovered the affair. To protect John, Mamie told him the truth. Meanwhile, Jed also began seeing Nikki. When Nikki learned of Jill's affair with Jed, she broke off their romance. Soon after, Jed left town. John revealed that he knew the truth, and told Jill that he wanted a divorce. A bitter custody battle over their son Billy ensued. During the custody fight, the judge ruled that Jill could remain in the Abbott house.

Things got out of control at the courthouse when Kay allowed Jill to think she planned to testify on her behalf, then showed up at the last minute as a surprise witness for John. Believing Kay had gone too far by letting their personal hatred jeopardize her chances to raise her son, Jill physically attacked her in the courtroom corridor, and a battle to end all battles ensued.

The Tragic End Of Mr. Rex Sterling

When Kay’s lonely maid, Esther, answered a personals ad, she fell for con man, Norman Peterson. She lied about her social status, and convinced Kay and Rex to pose as her servants, so she could pretend to be the mistress of the great Chancellor Estate, thus impressing Norman. What followed was a whirlwind romance that left Kay worried Esther might get hurt. When Norman moved into the home, Kay wondered if his primary motivation had been money. When Norman proposed to Esther, and she accepted, Kay hired an actor to impersonate a priest. The wedding took place, with Kay secretly aware it would not be binding should anything ever go wrong and her suspicions be confirmed. Tragically, Kay did not follow her own gut instincts. Norman did in fact begin stealing from the family. And when Rex came upon him in the act of cracking Kay’s safe, Norman shot him out of desperation. Though Norman was apprehended, Rex died.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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