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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Year in Review 1993 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Michael’s Pre-Meditated Attack on Christine

In court for a sexual harassment suit at the beginning of 1993, Michael Baldwin shocked Chris by submitting an illicit photo of Danny with Rebecca. Michael then proceeded to suggest that Chris and Danny were experiencing marital difficulties. When Rebecca learned of Michael's dirty move, she tried to blackmail him. Instead, Michael murdered her. Eventually, Michael was found guilty of sexual harassment and censured by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

When Michael learned that his ex-girlfriend Hillary was out of town, he broke into her apartment and smashed a hole in the wall that was adjacent to Chris's apartment. Nina arrived unexpectedly and a gun-toting Michael bound and gagged her. When Chris arrived home, Michael tried to rape her. Fortunately, Chris was rescued by Paul, who shot and wounded Michael. Later, Chris visited Michael in jail and was startled to find him speaking incoherently. Chris accused Michael of feigning insanity to escape a long prison sentence.

Ryan & Victoria Face Off Against Victor

Victor agreed to drop rape charges against Ryan because he suspected that Ryan was still involved with Nina. Victor also tried to enlist Nikki's help in voiding Victoria and Ryan's marriage. Learning of Victor's plan, Victoria lashed out at him and demanded that her father stay out of her life. Victoria sought therapy for her inability to make love to Ryan. Deciding that their situation was hopeless, Victoria separated from him and moved in with Nikki. Soon after, Ryan presented Victoria with divorce papers and started sharing Nina's apartment. Victoria took her mind off Ryan by turning her interest to Cole Howard, a man doing odd jobs at the Newman ranch.

Sheila Returns To Gain Needed Insurance

Sheila Carter secretly resurfaced in Genoa City, where she hid in Lauren's closet and took incriminating photos of her affair with Brad. Returning to Los Angeles, Sheila developed the photos and cut them into tiny pieces, which she sent to Lauren as a puzzle, along with a note stating that someone from Lauren's past was about to re-emerge. At first, Lauren assumed Traci was responsible for the puzzle. When a presumed-dead Sheila showed up on Lauren's doorstep, claiming that she wanted to resolve their differences, Lauren was shocked.

She quickly deduced that Sheila was the secret blackmailer. In anger, she also jumped to the conclusion that Molly Carter was working on this with her daughter. Lauren accepted that her marriage to Scott Grainger was hopeless and announced that she wanted a divorce. She investigated Sheila’s reasoning for revealing herself and quickly discovered that she’d begun a new life for herself in LA and was desperate to ensure Lauren wouldn’t somehow destroy the happiness she’d found. When Lauren arrived in LA, she was horrified to learn that Sheila had met and seduced her good friend, Eric Forrester.

When Scott learned he was suffering from a terminal illness, Sheila went to him and said she still loved him. He told her to move on with her life with Eric, but admitted he felt responsible for the mental duress she’d faced in GC years before. He planned a vacation to Catalina, with Lauren, so he could experience some last joys before his death. Secretly, he arranged for Sheila and Eric to join them on the trip. There, he took seriously ill and – in his dying moments – begged Lauren not to destroy the life Sheila had created for herself. Lauren reluctantly agreed, but left GC and headed to LA, determined to keep an eye on Sheila firsthand. On the eve of Sheila’s wedding to the man, Lauren visited her hotel room and the two battled. However, in the end, Lauren decided – for the time being – to keep the truth to herself. She then briefly returned to Genoa City.

The Aftermath Of Victor’s Tragic “Death”

While Victor and Nikki were engaged in a heated confrontation, Nikki accidentally fell down the steps and suffered a miscarriage. Jack was grief-stricken over the loss of his baby. Realizing that Nikki was still confused about who she loved, Jack moved out, hoping that the separation would give her a chance to finally resolve things. However, Jack was livid when he discovered that an argument between Nikki and Victor had led to Nikki's fall. He confronted Victor and they began fighting. Soon after, Victor was blasted by Nikki, Ashley and Victoria, who all resented the control he tried to exert in their lives. And, on another front, Victor had to warn his former secretary, Eve Howard, not to make false claims about his being the father of her son, Cole.

Anxious to take a breather from his troubles in Genoa City, Victor left town for an extended trip in the country. During his trip, he was robbed of his money and car. In Kansas, he rescued a blind woman named Hope from a rapist. Meanwhile, the thug who had stolen his car died in an automobile accident.

In Genoa City, everyone presumed that Victor had been behind the wheel when his car crashed. Now they believed him dead. A power struggle for control of Newman Enterprises quickly erupted between Jack, Brad and Ashley. Nikki, who was grieving over Victor's death, accepted consoling from Cole. To show her appreciation for Cole's friendship, Nikki introduced him to a publisher in New York, Steve Connelly, who agreed to publish Cole's first novel. Unaware of the friendship developing between Nikki and Cole, Victoria said that she was interested in making love to him. Instead, Cole pursued an affair with Nikki. When Victoria learned of their involvement, she told Cole of her love for him. Soon after, Cole wrote to his mother and said he had fallen for Victor Newman's daughter.

Nikki suspected that Cole was seeing another woman when he suddenly appeared distant. Eve Howard received Cole's letter and was immediately distraught because she believed Cole had fallen for his half-sister. She quickly arranged a trip to Genoa City, but became ill and slipped into a coma.

Although Cole was worried about his mother's health, he proceeded with his plans to elope with Victoria. Eve briefly regained consciousness, but died before she had a chance to tell Cole that Victor was his father. Not long after Eve's funeral, Cole and Victoria eloped to Las Vegas.

The Aftermath Of Victor’s Shocking Return

Jack succeeded in gaining control of Newman Enterprises, and when Victor heard the news, he returned to Genoa City, where he learned from his pal, Douglas, that everyone thought he was dead. After overhearing a conversation between Nikki and his children, Victor mistakenly believed that no one missed him. He asked Douglas not to reveal the truth and headed back to Hope's farm in Kansas. His presence created a dilemma for Hope. She was attracted to him, but she accepted a marriage proposal from her longtime friend, Cliff. While wedding plans were underway, Victor arranged to return home. When Hope learned of his plans, she told Cliff that she couldn't marry him. Disappointed, Cliff broke the news to Victor. Soon after, Hope accompanied Victor on his return to Genoa City.

Everyone was stunned to learn that Victor was still alive. Nikki was relieved because she continued to have strong feelings for Victor. However, she felt threatened by Hope's presence. Nikki suggested that Victor was helping Hope out of gratitude for the kindness that she had shown him in Kansas. Feeling out of place and worried that she was interfering in Victor's relationship with his family, Hope headed back to her farm. At Newman Enterprises, Victor fired Jack for taking control of his company. Upset by Jack's dismissal, John and Ashley resigned. Soon after, they made plans to create a rival cosmetics company. Unfortunately, their loan papers were denied. The stress caused John to suffer a heart attack. Out of love for his family, Jack promised Victor that he'd stay away from Jabot, provided Victor rehire Ashley and John.

Victoria continued to flirt with Ryan, who was still with Nina. When Ryan approached Nina about having sex, she turned him down, saying that she was interested in a long-term commitment from him. Ryan agreed to live with her, which Nina interpreted as a trial marriage.

A Pregnancy Late In Life For John & Jill

Soon after John and Jill remarried, she announced that she was pregnant. Having not planned for a child so late in life, John insisted she have an abortion. Jill was heartbroken, but agreed, while John – intent on not having the same problem happen again – went behind his wife’s back and had a vasectomy. But Jill was in no position to be upset by lies. Rather than have the abortion, as John had requested, she merely pretended she had, until it was too late in the pregnancy to terminate. John was furious, but – in time – grew to accept the idea of becoming a father yet again. Nine months later, Jill gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom they named William.

The Victimization Of Paul’s First Wife

When Paul’s first wife, April showed up in Genoa City, he was suspicious of the bruises on her face. When he asked if he could visit their daughter, Heather, April became agitated. She insisted that she and their daughter enjoyed a happy life with her new husband, Robert. She then added that her bruises were the result of a car accident. When April returned to Robert, he accused her of sleeping with Paul and beat her.

When Paul later investigated the car accident, and learned it had never happened, he talked to Christine about his fears. They traveled to New York and confirmed for themselves that April was, in fact, the victim of spousal abuse. Over time, Paul persuaded her to attend a support group of battered wives, while Danny temporarily left town to star in a Broadway play. With Danny away, and Paul in need, he and Christine began spending a lot of time together.

The Mental-Degradation Of Lillie Bell

Olivia survived her cancer scare and gave birth to a baby boy, named Nate. Soon after, Dru and Neil patched up their differences and married. Dru was heartbroken when her mother, Lillie Bell, revealed that she had not wanted to have another baby after Olivia had been born. The only reason Dru had been conceived was because her father, while drunk, had forced himself on Lillie Bell.

When Lillie Bell was diagnosed with a serious bout of depression, Olivia invited her to live with her and Nathan until she recovered. Lillie Bell's presence created complications in Olivia's marriage to Nathan because it was obvious to him that Lillie Bell didn't approve of him. Sensing that she was to blame for the fights between Olivia and Nathan, Lillie Bell disappeared. Olivia held Nathan responsible, which prompted him to move out. Soon after, Lillie Bell returned. Olivia and Nathan agreed to iron out the differences. When Neil suggested to Dru that Lillie Bell could live with them, she vetoed the idea, not wanting the woman who’d caused her so much pain to have any part in the life she now led.

The Beginning Of Ashley And Blade

Traci Abbott returned to Genoa City and announced to Brad Carlton that she was marrying Steve Connelly in New York. Concerned that Steve would be viewed as Colleen's father, Brad suggested an alternative. To Traci's surprise, Brad announced that he had misgivings about divorcing her and he was now open to a reconciliation with her.

Traci agreed to try this on a trial basis. When Brad stepped in and took over control of Newman Enterprises, prior to Victor's return, Traci insisted she would not play second fiddle to his career. Instead, she packed her bags and returned to New York City with their daughter. While Brad focused on his career, and Victor focused on reclaiming his life, Ashley felt incredibly alone in the world. It was then that she met the mysterious Blade Bladeson, who had briefly dated Jill. In time, they became romantically involved, and Ashley fell in love with the photographer. Mere months later, Blade proposed marriage, and Ashley quickly accepted.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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