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Y&R History

Year in Review 1992 by Christopher Lawrence Menard

The Truth Of Sheila’s Game Revealed

1992 began with Sheila continuing to face the threat of her mother revealing all to Lauren. Things worsened when Paul began snooping around the hospital, asking questions about a possible baby switch. During the course of his investigation, Paul learned that Sheila had lied about being trapped in a snowstorm out of town where she claimed to have given birth to Scotty Jr. At the same time, the doctor who had treated Sheila after her miscarriage ended up working with Scott and – in time – expressed his sympathies over the loss of his child. Scott was perplexed, but was too distracted by troubles in the actual marriage to give it much thought. 

He and Sheila had begun having problems when he’d lost interest in making love to her. As Sheila dealt with the marital dilemma, Lauren – overcome with suspicion – launched a phony insurance scam to obtain blood samples from Sheila, Scott and their baby. Very resourceful, Sheila managed to destroy her own blood sample. But before she could celebrate her own cleverness, she realized her mother’s health was improving, and she was still bent on exposing the truth to Lauren and Scott.


Backed into a corner, and seeing no real alternatives, Sheila visited Lauren and kidnapped her at gunpoint, forcing her into a car and driving her to a remote farmhouse where she was holding her mother hostage. Intent on killing both Lauren and Molly, Sheila finally confessed to her baby-switch scheme. Her victims were nearly saved when a meter-reader showed up to take a reading, but Sheila duct-taped their mouths and escorted the man downstairs. As she advanced on her prey, Lauren used a free foot to kick Sheila away. She slammed backwards into a table, knocked over a kerosene lamp and set the farmhouse ablaze. As the fire spread, Sheila disappeared. Paul rushed to the farmhouse, having put everything together, and rescued Lauren and Molly from the fire. As the flames were doused, the authorities found the body of the meter-reader in the basement and assumed that Sheila had died in the fire. 

With the truth revealed, Lauren and Scott agreed to live together again so that Scotty would have both his real parents under one roof. In time, they decided to remarry, which disappointed Paul. Despite the new beginning, Lauren was unable to feel the same trust and passion for Scott that she once had. She turned to Brad and began an illicit affair, while Molly was horrified when Sheila showed up on her doorstep one day, very much alive, and revealed that she’d escaped the fire, moved to LA, made a life for herself, and now wanted her mother to join her there. 

Victor’s Impact On Jack & Nikki’s Love

Though Victor had been pursuing a custody suit against Nikki, he promised to drop it if she would undergo surgery for her back pain. Nikki refused and ended up collapsing on the grounds of the ranch during a snowstorm. Nicholas found his mother and she was rushed to the hospital, where she regained consciousness and consented to the surgery. But before she went under the knife, she met with Ashley and pleaded with her to raise her children if she didn’t live.

When Nikki came through the surgery okay, Jack pressured her to stay away from Victor, and expressed his desire to have a child with her. Meanwhile, Victor was furious to learn that Jack and Brad had been planning a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. During an emotional encounter with Jack, Victor suddenly collapsed. Jack, in a stunning moment, walked out of the room and left Victor to die.

However, overwhelmed with guilt, he later returned and summoned the paramedics. Victor was rushed to the hospital, where he regained consciousness and begged Nikki to marry him. While Nikki struggled with the proposal, Jack realized his marriage was obviously weak and walked out on her. Nikki accepted the proposal, and soon after learned she was pregnant with Jack’s child. So she changed her mind and reconciled with Jack, but chose not to tell him that she was pregnant. Eventually, he did discover the truth.

The Ever-Dramatic Life Of Drucilla Barber

Adjusting to life as a model, Drucilla became involved with Al and Vinnie, two men who claimed to have the ability to launch her career. However, when she learned they planned to feature her in a porno movie, she refused to cooperate. They locked her up, along with Nina and Christine, and planned to exploit all three women. But Danny and Neil tracked them down and came to their rescue. The move strengthened Dru’s already growing feelings for Neil, and she was annoyed when he later stood her up to spend time with Olivia.

Seeking revenge on Neil for hurting her, Dru arranged for Nathan to spot his wife with another man, but things backfired when Neil learned of her plan ahead of time and cancelled his plans to see Olivia. He also made it clear to Dru that things were over between them. Later, Dru agreed to pose for a centrefold in Sensuality Magazine, while a pregnant Olivia discovered she had cancer.

The doctors urged Olivia to immediately have a hysterectomy, but she wanted to have her baby first and worry about herself later. When her blood pressure skyrocketed, putting her health in jeopardy, the doctors warned they had no choice but to induce labour.

The Triangle Of Victoria, Ryan & Nina

Despite their blossoming love affair, Ryan went behind Victoria’s back and began sleeping with Nina. When Victor learned of the secret romance his daughter had been having, he paid Ryan $10, 000.00 to leave town. Ryan, thinking of the long term, took the money, but only pretended to break things off with Victoria. He then considered ending his affair with the needy Nina, but changed his mind when she gave him a sports car as a graduation present. On the day of his graduation, an unknowing Victoria and Nina sat side by side, talking to each other about their boyfriend, unaware they were dating the same man. Nina left with Ryan, while Victoria slipped out early, and snuck into the closet of his apartment, hoping to surprise him when he came home.

It was Victoria who was surprised when Ryan returned, with Nina, and the two made love the bed he’d been sharing with her. Trapped in the closet, Victoria was forced to watch and listen as Ryan and Nina had sex. She was traumatized by the event and broke things off with Ryan, but later forgave him and took him back. She went to him, condoms in hand, and insisted she was ready to have sex again, but he refused until they were married. Seizing the opportunity, she suggested a trip to Chicago where – in private – they eloped.

Desperate to keep Victor in the dark about the marriage, Ryan led his boss to believe that he was marrying Nina. However, when Victor congratulated Nina on her upcoming wedding, she mistakenly believed Ryan was planning to marry her. While Nina believed she had won the love of the man she desired, Victoria struggled with an inability to have sex with her husband. Unable to stop picturing Ryan and Nina in bed together, Victoria developed an intense dislike for sex. As she began to suspect he was still having an affair with Nina, Victor – believing Ryan had left his daughter alone – promoted him and gave him a substantial raise.

With Ryan handled, Victor turned his attention to Victoria. Concerned about where she was spending her days, and about her secretive behaviour, he hired Paul to trail her. Eventually, Paul saw Victoria enter a hotel with a man and immediately phoned Nikki, who rushed to the hotel and found Victoria and Ryan in bed together. When Victor learned the truth, he fired Ryan and filed rape charges since Victoria was underage. Victoria tearfully blurted out that she was pregnant, and borrowed money from Kay to bail Ryan out of jail.

When Ryan was released, Victor offered him a blank cheque to drop out of Victoria’s life and leave GC. Ryan refused the offer, claiming he was in love with her. Touched by the gesture, Victoria moved in with him. But tension soon developed because of money problems, and her continuing dislike of sex. Realizing Ryan was strapped for money, Nina lent him a hefty sum, saying it was a loan. And rather than tell Victoria the truth, Ryan claimed to have found another job.

Through Struggle, Kay & Jill Each Find Love

To win Kay back, Rex pretended to be dying from a heart attack, while Jill – still in love with John – followed Mamie’s advice and moved out… hoping it would prompt John to pursue her. When John didn’t express any interest, Jill began dating Blade Bladeson, a photographer at Jabot, hoping to make John jealous.

While Kay gave in and remarried Rex, Jill took a break from her fling with Blade and briefly dated the great Victor Newman. When she mistakenly believed he wanted to marry her, she told John all about the wonderful new man in her life, and boasted her plans to soon wed. Later, Victor explained to a tearful Jill that he wasn’t in love with her, and that he hoped that she didn’t think he had only used her for sex. Acting under the assumption that Jill had married Victor, an elated Jack threw a party to celebrate her final departure from his family. At the party, Jill quietly said that a mistake had been made, and dissolved in tears. When John spotted Victor comforting her, he deduced that she was involved with him. Touched by Jill’s vulnerability, John arranged to have her move back into the Abbott home.

Nothing Saves The Love Of Brad & Traci

With Brad by her side, Traci gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Colleen. Soon after, Traci tried to seduce Brad, but he rejected her, stating that he didn't want another surprise pregnancy sprung on him. Realizing that their marriage was a sham, Traci accepted a job offer in New York from publisher Steve Connelly.

The Sexual Harassment Of Christine

When Christine began spending long hours working late with her new boss, attorney Michael Baldwin, Danny grew concerned. And when Michael impulsively kissed Christine, her own discomfort grew. She made it clear to him that she was a happily married woman. Soon after, she was promoted at the law firm, and Michael used it to his advantage, telling her she’d lose the job unless she’d sleep with him.


Though her job was at stake, Christine refused to be victimized. She turned Michael down flat. In retaliation, a rejected Michael spread vicious rumours about her moral character. When she learned of his smear campaign against her, she hired John Silva to help her file a sexual harassment suit against her firm. Worried about negative publicity, the firm offered her a lucrative promotion if she dropped her charges, but she declined.

In order to prove the harassment had occurred, she wired herself and took a business trip with Michael, getting him to blatantly admit to the harassment, and even proposition her again. Michael attacked her when he realized she was wired, and tore off the recorder. He threw it out the window before Danny and Paul burst in and saved Christine. Though she was safe, she was angered to realize she’d lost the tape.

But things changed when the tape was suddenly located. She immediately played it for her bosses and Michael lost his job. Thinking that newlywed status would help him fight the charges against him, Michael quickly married a former employee, Hillary. However, when she heard the confession tape, she ended their relationship. As payback, Michael arranged to make it look as if Danny was involved with a woman named Rebecca. When Michael quickly landed a job at another firm, Christine was infuriated. At the harassment hearing, Michael served as his own representative, but Christine’s case was strengthened when Hillary testified against Michael on Christine’s behalf.

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