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Y&R History

The Trials & Tribulations of Victoria Newman; Heiress To The Throne
by Christopher

The oldest child of Victor and Nikki Newman, Victoria was - from the beginning - a very precocious young girl. At an early age, she nearly drowned in the family pool, but was saved when her father performed infant CPR. As an adolescent, as was the case with most of Genoa City's rich youth, Victoria was sent away to Switzerland, where - at a boarding school - she grew into a young lady.

That young lady returned to Genoa City years later, unimpressed to be spending time with her father's new wife, Ashley, and disheartened to see the pain that union was causing her mother, Nikki. Victoria set out to destroy her father's marriage, doing all she could to reunite her parents. And, when her efforts seemed futile, she finally began to focus on her own life.

Taking a job at Newman Enterprises in the mailroom, she met Ryan McNeil, a young man with dreams of someday being a top-notch executive for the company her father had built. She also met Brandon, another young man, who fell in love with her. While Brandon was her age and would have done anything for her, Victoria was much more attracted to the older Ryan, who took an interest in her innocence and beauty.

The two began a secret romance, not wanting her father to find out, and perhaps fire Ryan. But, unbeknownst to Victoria, Ryan was not a one-woman guy. He was also involved with Nina Webster, an heiress to a fortune all her own. On the day of Ryan's college graduation, the two women sat next to one another, completely unaware they were both there for the same man. Victoria bought him a stunning watch, while Nina purchased a red convertible as congratulations. Ryan took Nina home that night, unaware that Victoria was in his apartment, planning a surprise. It was Victoria who ended up shocked, when - while hiding in the closet - she observed Ryan making love to another - much more experienced - woman.

Somehow, Victoria was able to forgive Ryan for the indiscretion, especially when he chose her over Nina. The two resumed their relationship, but Victoria was insistent upon waiting for marriage until they made love for the first time. Ryan proposed to her, and - in secret - they wed. When Victor discovered this, he fought to have the marriage declared invalid, since Victoria was still a minor. He even contemplated having Ryan charged with statutory rape. Victor's efforts, however, were unnecessary. Victoria was utterly unable to make love to Ryan, as she was overwhelmed with hang-ups from having watched him with Nina. The marriage dissolved, and the two remained friends, while Ryan found his way back to Nina.

Sometime later, Victoria made the acquaintance of Cole Howard, a young novelist struggling to make a name for himself. He came to work at the Newman ranch, as a stable hand, using his spare time to write. While Victoria was infatuated with him, it was Nikki - her mother - whom Cole desired. Victoria was devastated to discover their relationship, and felt she'd never recover from the blow. In retaliation, she left town and posed for a nude centerfold in a trashy magazine. Victor, to protect her image, bought up all the copies, and brought his daughter home. There, Cole turned away from Nikki, and towards Victoria, wanting her as he'd never wanted anyone before.

Their romance was a beautiful one, and they decided they would marry. Around this time, Eve Howard, Cole's mother, realized that her son was dating Victoria. She was horrified by the news since she believed that Cole was the result of an affair she'd had with Victor years before. Since this would make Cole and Victoria brother and sister, Eve realized something had to be done. But as she rushed back to Genoa City to stop the wedding, she took ill, unable to pass on the information in any way other than to scribble the word 'Sis' on a piece of paper.

After Eve's passing, while going through her things, Victor discovered the possibility that he was the boy's father, and was devastated. He told Cole and Victoria, who realized they had to keep their distance until things were confirmed. Eve's body was exhumed and it was revealed that they were not, in fact, related. They were overjoyed, and resumed their marriage. However, the happiness did not last very long. As Cole began working on new novels, and took Nina on as an assistant, Victoria found herself still attracted to Ryan. The couples became incredibly mixed up, and Victoria and Cole realized it was time to say good-bye to their marriage.

Despite herself, Victoria could not fully let go of her feelings for Cole. As he began a new romance with Ashley, Victoria set out to interfere. It didn't take Ashley long to realize the two still had feelings for one another, especially when Victoria announced that she was pregnant with Cole's child. The baby, Eve, was born, but died. Victoria was devastated, and Cole helped her through her grief. This pushed Ashley out of the picture, and the former spouses briefly considered a reunion, but Cole left town instead, and Victoria was alone.

Setting her sights on work, she became the face of Brash N Sassy, the
cosmetics line she had built from scratch as she'd made a name for herself over the years as one of NE's top executives. To launch her as the face of Newman, advertising executives were hired to assist. One of them, Gary, became obsessed with Victoria. She began receiving fan-mail that became more and more threatening in nature. But she was entirely unaware that Gary was the culprit, until she discovered his secret shrine to her. Completely insane, Gary kidnapped Victoria and held her captive on the Newman grounds, in an old tree house Nicholas had used as a child. He tried to poison her, wanting them to die together, but Victoria was rescued.

She found comfort in the arms of her former husband, Ryan, who was now
involved in his own complicated relationship with Tricia Dennison, a very unstable young woman. When Ryan left Tricia, for reasons of his own, the vixen became convinced Victoria was to blame. She vowed to make them pay for her misery. Though Victoria begged everyone to realize how dangerous Tricia really was, she managed to keep Ryan convinced she was intent on receiving psychological help. But in the end, Victoria was right... and it was too late. To stop Ryan and Victoria from getting married, Tricia attacked Victoria, stole her wedding dress, and took her place at the altar. During the altercation that followed, Tricia shot Ryan, while aiming for Victoria. In the hospital, Ryan died, and Victoria - once again - said good-bye to a
great love.

After this great tragedy, she briefly dated Neil, her deceased husband's best friend. And though the relationship did not work out, the two remained best friends for quite some time.

Positive she'd never recover from the blow, she again focused on work,
briefly dating Cody (a man who worked at her brother's coffeehouse). There, she met Diego, the new stable hand at the ranch. She was initially mistrusting of him, since she believed he had feelings for Sharon, her brother's wife. So, Victoria set out to spy on Diego by getting close to him. In the process, she fell in love with Diego, beginning a relationship that frightened Sharon and Diego, who had - in fact - made love. When the truth of their affair was revealed, Victoria was devastated and ended the relationship. However, her love for him was so strong that she took him back, alienating herself from her family. To get Diego out of her life, Victor offered him a huge sum of money. And though Diego had decided not to take it, he was jumped by thugs and beaten almost to death as they stole it from him. When Victoria realized all that had led to the attack, she hated her father for the offer, and Diego for what looked like his acceptance. When he recovered and explained himself, she forgave him, and decided to be with him and never speak to her father again. But Diego's desire to reclaim the lost money by trapping the thugs nearly cost him his life. And it proved to Victoria that he was just like her father... which she couldn't handle. Painfully, she said good-bye to their love, as Diego left town.

Certain she'd never love again, Victoria was caught off guard by Damon
Porter's arrival in Genoa City, and by the deep attraction she felt for the man. Of course, it didn't help that she'd found herself surprisingly drawn to the often-wicked Michael Baldwin. Both men competed for her heart, and one of them very well may have won... but a family tragedy shook up Victoria's entire world. Her brother Nick, upon discovering a bribery scheme orchestrated by their father, turned the man in to the FBI. Victoria was rocked on two levels... first, to discover her father's criminal activities. And second, to realize her brother would actually turn against him so completely. Disillusioned, she left town, feeling there was nothing left for her in Genoa City.

Now, nearly two years later, she seems ready to come home. And the timing couldn't be better, since Nick is in charge of the family business, and Jack Abbott needs a CEO for Jabot.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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