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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

September 2002 by Christopher

T H E    N E W M A N    W E D D I N G

Impulse: Despite possibility of city-wide gossip, Christine asked Michael to be her date for the wedding. Paul was furious to see them together and took Christine aside, insisting she got off on making him unhappy. When he asked her what she really wanted, Christine passionately kissed him, while Isabella, Mary, Lynne and Michael wondered where the two had gone off to.

At The Hospital: Mac blasted Brittany for putting Raul in the hospital and leaving him paralyzed. After Raul wiggled his toes, Brittany was thrilled and begged forgiveness. Raul suggested she go off to college and move on with her life, but Brittany insisted he was her main priority now.

Fire: Diane told Jack and Phyllis they could take Kyle to the Newman Wedding, and let it slip that she would be taking a sleeping pill to get some much-needed rest. A gloved female hand moved flammable materials close to the Pool House. At the ceremony, Phyllis told Michael of her intensifying hatred for Diane; Isabella overheard and called to warn Diane that Phyllis was on the warpath. After receiving a call insisting the NE website had crashed, Phyllis left the wedding to attend to it, sat on a tube of lipstick and rushed to the Abbott Home to change her dress. Isabella, visiting Diane, saw Phyllis tearing into the home in a fit. The gloved hand poured paint thinner around the Pool House and torched it. Diane stumbled out moments before it went up in flames, and collapsed. As paramedics rushed to revive her, Jack and Phyllis rushed home after learning of the blaze. While Jack admitted that paint thinner had been left in the Pool House during the renovations, Dt. Weber revealed that the fire was set on purpose.

Facade: Victoria tore Nicholas away from Diego and demanded to know what was going on. Nick revealed that Diego had slept with Sharon, and though Diego stressed that it was a mistake that happened once, a devastated Victoria demanded he leave. Nick and Victoria confronted Sharon and insisted she keep her cool during the ceremony and not ruin the day for Nikki and Victor. Sharon broke down in the Bridal Room, and Victor was suspicious of her tears, while Nikki told Nick she was thrilled to know he and Sharon were going to have another child. During the ceremony, Nick hid his inner turmoil and toasted the happy couple. He later admitted to Victoria that he was unsure about the future of his marriage, and Sharon overheard.

Magic Moment: Lorie Brooks phoned and apologized to Victor for trying to destroy his and Nikki's love. Julia, Hope and Neil sent well wishes to Victor, with apologies they could not attend. Leanna showed up, intent on causing a scene, but was thrown out by Nick and Victoria. Kay assured Nikki her future with Victor would be perfect. At the altar, Nikki vowed to be Victor's friend and lover and partner in all things, entrusting him with her fragile heart. Victor said that all the riches in the world meant nothing without her to share his life. They said 'I do? and were wed.

Revelation & Betrayal: Brad begged Ash to stay away from the wedding, but she went and saw Victor. He told her she looked ill, thanked her for coming, and suggested she return home to rest. Alone at the house, Ash tearfully recorded a Video Diary for Abby, insisting it might someday be important for her to know the identity of her biological Father. Ash revealed the man to be none other than Victor. Brad stopped by to check on her, but she insisted on being alone. Rejected, Brad went to Olivia and told her Ash was shutting him out. While Ash fantasized about telling Victor the truth about Abby, Olivia comforted Brad with a passionate kiss. Ash locked the tape away.

I N    T H E    W A K E    O F    T H E    W E D D I N G

Revenge Betrayal: Nick told Sharon he couldn't be in the same room with her, and set out to discover who was responsible for the affair. He fired Diego, while Christine accused Sharon of creating the situation so she could pursue her feelings for Diego. Sharon begged Diego to take full responsibility for the affair, but he refused. She told Nick he'd taken advantage of her, but Nick doubted that considering her jealousy over Diego's relationship with Victoria. After imagining Sharon and Diego having sex, Nick started sleeping on the couch and placed a phone call to Grace in New York, but hung up without saying anything. Sharon ordered a sleeper sofa for the bedroom, and lied to Cassie, when the kids grew suspicious about Nick's new bedtime arrangements. Christine apologized to Sharon for her harsh suggestion, while Grace arrived in town and offered to help Nick in anyway she could. Nick grabbed her and kissed her.

Not Giving Up: Diego told Victoria his night with Sharon was a mistake and begged her to believe that his love for her was real. Nikki thanked Diego for making Victoria happy, while Nick told her he'd fired the man and she wouldn't have to see him again. Raul advised Diego to fix things with Victoria. Diego told Victoria that he did not intend to give up on their love. Nikki phoned from Australia and was told everything was fine back at home.

Safekeeping: Ash sealed the video confession in an envelope marked, ?For Abby on her 16th Birthday?, gave it Olivia for safekeeping and asked her to watch the tape and help decide when was an appropriate time to reveal it contents. Brad and Olivia agreed never to kiss again, and tried unsuccessfully to improve Ash's mood.

Secret Romance: JT thanked Colleen for tutoring him by giving her a sweatshirt from GCU. John saw the gift and demanded to know where it was from. He told Colleen to stay away from JT, ignored Ash's advice that he go easy on the girl, and alerted Brad to the growing connection between the college boy and his daughter.

Behind Closed Doors: Jill was happy to have sex with Larry in her office, but he wondered if she was embarrassed to be seen with him in public. To challenge her assurance she wasn't, he asked her to invite him to the Black and White Ball.

Nasty Breakup: Frederick and Anita worried that Raul's parents would sue them for his accident, while Brittany refused to leave town until he was better. JT advised Brittany not to put her life on hold, and told Raul he didn't deserve Brittany and should stop making her feel guilty for a mistake. Raul told the Hodges' that he agreed that Brittany should start fresh somewhere else, but a Judge refused to bump up her hearing enough that it would allow her to start a new semester in another town. Raul accused her of never really loving him, and she stormed out, telling him to have a good life. Mac advised Brittany that if she left town under these circumstances, she'd be haunted forever.

Rehab & Recovery: Serena complimented Neil on his progress, but he was still unable to discuss their future together. Lily asked Neil to tell Dru it was okay to return to Paris, but Neil insisted he wanted them to stay until he'd made amends. Wes surprised Dru, who revealed that she hadn't asked Lily to phone him. Wes offered to stay until the family crisis was over, but Dru worried about his ability to be objective. Neil was released and met Wes, refusing his offer to help with Lily. Olivia revealed to Neil that Dru had come to town hoping for help with their recently rebellious daughter. Neil thanked Dru for agreeing to stay, and swore he would set things right with Lily. Dru admitted to Olivia that she didn't want to move on with Wes until things with Lily and Neil were resolved. Neil apologized to Victoria for all the hell he put her through when he was drinking, and begged for his job back at NE. Victoria forgave him and agreed to talk to Victor on his behalf.

Worrying About Christine: Isabella noticed Paul's distracted mood in the wake of the wedding and wondered what had happened. Michael suspected Christine had come on to Paul and been rejected. Paul and Christine met and discussed the kiss they'd shared. She admitted to still having feelings for him, and said she'd been hurt that he'd moved on so quickly after their divorce. Paul admitted to having feelings for her as well but refused to turn his life upside down for her again. Isabella learned from Michael that Paul and Christine had been having secret meetings, and urged him to sleep with Christine as a distraction. Michael stressed that it was now more important than ever that they never reveal their true connection to each other, and risk losing what they'd always wanted. Following her meeting with Paul, Michael comforted Christine and the two made love. Christine told Lynne she was going to move on with Michael, while Isabella calmed down considerably after learning of their night together. Mary told Lynne that she was incredibly curious to learn more about Isabella's past.

Pointing To Phyllis: Diane was shocked to learn arson was suspected in the fire. Though Jack and Phyllis believed a crazed fan may have been upset with the cancellation of the Glow By Jabot House, Dt. Weber felt that Diane was likely the target of the attack. Weber asked if Diane had any enemies and she glared at Phyllis. While Jack arranged for Diane to stay in a hotel, Weber found a can of paint thinner and a pair of women's gardening gloves down the road from the Abbott Home. Phyllis admitted the gloves could be hers, but that they must have been stolen. Weber investigated Phyllis' cell phone record and learned the call she received at the Newman Wedding came from a pay phone. Phyllis suspected it was a prank, while Isabella revealed to Weber that she'd spotted Phyllis tearing into the Abbott Home that night, in a rage. Phyllis believed Weber had already decided she was guilty, while Jacked urged her to remain calm. He suggested they go away for a weekend, but Weber requested they stay in the country. Phyllis put forth the theory that Diane may have set the fire herself, while Diane blatantly accused Phyllis of trying to kill her. She requested Christine's help in dealing with Phyllis, considering the history between them, but Christine refused to get involved and suggested Diane hire Paul for protection. A warranted search of Phyllis' car revealed traces of the paint thinner used in the blaze, while Jack accused Diane of manipulating circumstances to cast suspicion on his wife. Michael advised Phyllis not to leave the country, while Jill revealed to Jack that Phyllis had once asked Larry about hiring a hit man.

Aggravated Arson Arrest: Phyllis confronted Diane and warned her that the more she tried to make her look guilty for the crime, the more Jack would want nothing to do with her and would rush to Phyllis' defense. Phyllis returned home from her encounter with Diane and told Jack she wanted to pack and take the trip after all. Jack devastated her by saying that was no longer possible as Weber had forbid them to go. Weber showed up and arrested Phyllis for aggravated arson. At the police station, Silva demanded she be released, but a Judge decided that while there was not sufficient evidence to prove she was guilty just yet, he was willing to keep her in custody while the investigation progressed. Phyllis did not take things seriously, believing the whole mess was ridiculous and would all be over soon, until she was finger-printed and booked and taken to a cell. As fear set in, Jack swore to her that he would get to the bottom of things and get her out of there. Diane visited Paul, who reluctantly agreed to assign men to protect her from Phyllis. However, less than an hour later, he phoned Diane with the news that Phyllis had been arrested and locked in jail. Diane was thrilled, but seemed equally horrified that her suspicions were accurate and Phyllis really had tried to kill her.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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