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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Psychos by Christopher

Matt Clark: When Sharon Collins rejected Matt’s advances, he raped her. He then raped Amy, Sharon’s best friend. On the night Sharon was marrying Nicholas Newman, Amy was confront Matt. She shot him and left him for dead. Sharon told Nicholas about the rape and both rushed to Matt’s (Nick to kill the man, Sharon to prevent a killing). Nick saw Sharon leaving, found Matt shot and assumed the worst. In an effort to protect his wife, he went to prison when Matt insisted it was Nick who shot him. Eventually, a catatonic Amy remembered the rape, cleared Nicholas’ name, and scared Matt into leaving Genoa City. He resurfaced years later, having undergone plastic surgery, and assumed a job at Nicholas and Sharon’s coffeehouse, under the name Carter Mills. Involving Larry Warton and crazy Tricia in his plans, Matt framed Nicholas for drug trafficking and nearly succeeded in raping Sharon. Tricia crashed her car – with him in it – into a tree to stop his evil plans. With his dying breath, Matt planted suspicion in Nicholas’ mind that he’d had his way with Sharon. With his last ounce of strength he used Nicholas’ hands to pull the plug on his life support machine, framing him for the murder.

Mari Jo Mason: Marilyn Mason was in love with Blade Bladeson, but was extremely attracted to his identical twin brother, Rick. When Blade discovered this, he battled his brother, who fell off a cliff and into the ocean. Blade left him for dead. Years later, Blade began his life anew in Genoa City, and Marilyn (now Mari Jo) followed him there. Intent on exposing his past to his beloved Ashley Abbott, she changed her mind when she fell in love with Ashley’s charming brother, Jack. Their relationship was short-lived; Jack rediscovered Luan Volien, his long-lost love from the Korean War. When Mari Jo learned Luan was deathly ill, she convinced her to hide the illness from Jack, and Luan began to trust her. She even went as far as to ask Mari Jo to look out for Jack after her death. Keemo, Jack and Luan’s son, learned of Mari Jo’s shenanigans and sent a FAX detailing her deeds to Jack. It was intercepted by Victor Newman. When Mari Jo learned of this, she shot Victor. As he recovered, there were several suspects. Believing Mari Jo was the true culprit, Victor tricked her into believing Christine Blair had a copy of the FAX. Mari Jo kidnapped Christine, unaware she was equipped with a tracking device. She held her captive in Jabot’s prop room and shot her with a blanks-filled gun. Christine was saved and Mari Jo was arrested for two counts of attempted murder. She is institutionalized.

Isabella Brana Williams: Isabella was a female escort when she got into trouble with the law. Michael Baldwin was the lawyer who saved her. Years later, Michael needed a favour. He paid Isabella to travel to Genoa City and play the damsel in distress for Paul Williams, distracting Paul from his marriage problems with Christine, and allowing Michael to woo the lady lawyer. Isabella succeeded, then fell for Paul. When Christine saw Paul and Isabella making love, she filed for divorce. Paul opted to build a life with Isabella, who was pregnant with his child. Things went smoothly, until Paul learned Michael and Christine were engaged. In a jealous rage, he beat up Michael and raped Christine. Isabella realized Paul hadn’t gotten over his ex. On the night he was to marry Christine, Michael admitted to paying Isabella to woo Paul. Furious, Christine cancelled the wedding and told Paul everything. He abandoned Isabella and his son, Ricky, to rebuild his stolen life with Christine. After Christine attacked Isabella, she was hit by inspiration. She filed for restraining orders against Christine and Paul, convincing everyone that she feared for her life. When she turned up missing, her apartment full of blood, all evidence pointed to a semi-amnesiac Christine. Eventually arrested for the murder of Isabella, Christine was given one night alone to say good-bye to her old life. In a bubble bath, she was attacked by Isabella, who had faked her own death to frame Christine. She drugged her, pushed her underwater and left her to die. Paul and Michael, having put the pieces together, saved Christine, while Isabella was carted off to the loony bin.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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