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Y&R History

October 2002 by Christopher

Good-bye Mackenzie: Kay and Jill bonded after saying good-bye to Mackenzie, who left for college.

Jill's Secret: Kay discovered Larry and Jill's affair, and though Jill denied it, Larry admitted everything. Jill broke up with him, so Larry humiliated her by dumping a box of sex toys on the Jabot Board Table during a meeting with Frederick Hodges. Jill fired him, while Frederick promised to keep her secret and invited her to dinner.

Behind John's Back: Colleen and JT dated in secret. Jill found out and threatened to tell John. Colleen eventually came clean, and John forbid the relationship and grounded her. Colleen was devastated when JT agreed.

Defiance: Raul forgave Brittany and the two reunited, infuriating Anita and Frederick. Though Frederick felt they had no say over Brittany's decision to date Raul, Anita cut her off financially unless she agreed to end the relationship. Instead, Brittany moved out and took an apartment with Raul in a shady section of GC.

Dealing With Lily: Dru agreed to stay in town while Neil worked on making a difference in Lily's life. Wes urged Neil and Dru to let Lily return to Paris, but they refused and instead decided she would attend Walnut Grove in town. Wes feared Lily was sinking into a depression, while Dru felt it would be best for everyone if Neil and Lily rediscovered a relationship. Serena realized she had no place in Neil's life and said good-bye, while Dru worried about her modeling career back in Paris.

Christine vs Isabella: Isabella invited Christine to Ricky's baptism, then regretted it when Michael suggested their connection could be discovered. Christine moved back into hers and Paul's old condo, while Isabella gleefully told Paul that Christine and Michael were now lovers. Isabella revoked the invitation, but Christine decided to go anyway and accused her of destroying Paul's life. Mary and Lynne were arrested after breaking into Michael's office. When Mary fainted, Paul attacked Michael. Christine accepted Michael's marriage proposal, and learned that Mary and Lynne had been investigating Isabella and Michael's past. Lauren advised Paul to get over Christine. Unbeknownst to Isabella, Paul invited her Father, Ricardo, to the baptism. Ricardo knew of his daughter's connection to Michael. Christine showed up at the baptism, and as it wrapped up, Paul was infuriated to see Michael arrive.

Line-Crossing: Dru suspected Brad and Olivia's friendship was becoming more, and wondered why Ash entrusted Olivia with a tape rather than her own husband. Olivia and Brad passionately made out at her apartment. Olivia then watched the tape and learned Victor was Abby's biological Father. Ash asked Victor to keep his distance from her and Brad, and he reluctantly agreed. Olivia demanded that either Ash tell Brad the truth, or she would. Wes advised her not to destroy Ash and Brad, while Dru warned Brad not to hurt her. Ash and Brad made love.

Trouble Brewing: Phyllis was released on bail and confronted Diane, who pretended to be afraid of her. The Grand Jury added the charge of attempted murder against Phyllis, who was terrified she'd lose her freedom. A videotape showed Phyllis buying paint thinner the day of the fire, so Silva demanded a psychiatric evaluation and Jack doubted her innocence. Diane went to Jack and promised to always be there for him, prompting him to realize Diane had never stopped loving him and was setting Phyllis up. He and Phyllis staged a separation fight and she made a show of moving out, hoping to lull Diane into a false sense of security and trip her up. Jack suggested they live apart for a time to ensure that Diane didn't discover what they were truly up to.

Hurting Sharon: Nick slept with Grace twice to punish Sharon for her infidelity with Diego. Nikki and Victor returned from their honeymoon and quickly sensed trouble in the family. Sharon admitted her affair to Victor, who vowed to help her save her marriage, while Nikki encountered Grace and demanded she leave town. Nick told Grace nothing could happen between them again, while Nikki blamed Sharon for ruining her marriage. When Sharon learned Grace was in town, she confronted Nick, who admitted to sleeping with her. He and Sharon had angry, rough sex, and realized their relationship was no longer healthy. Nick suggested a legal separation, and Sharon agreed and told the kids. Cassie was devastated and wanted answers, while Victor blamed Diego for everything. Nikki, however, felt that a separation for Nick and Sharon was probably for the best. Meanwhile, Victoria briefly broke up with Diego but stopped him from leaving town when she realized she truly loved him. Victor and Nick demanded she choose between her family and Diego. Victoria chose Diego, while Nikki reminded Victor that she hadn't been in love with Ryan, and needed this. Victor offered Diego $100,000 to leave town and Victoria.

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