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Y&R History

November 2002 by Christopher

Larry's Case: Jill refused to rehire Larry, while Kay advised Jill not to push him out of her life so easily because he truly loved her. Michael advised Larry to sue Jill and Jabot for sexual harassment, but Larry refused, until Jill would not give him a reference for another job. He moved out of the Chancellor Mansion and told Michael to file suit.

Rebuild: Serena resurfaced and asked Wes to help her keep Neil and Dru apart. Neil admitted to Wes that he was rebuilding his life and that included Dru and Lily. Serena threw in the towel and finally left Neil alone, while Mamie advised Dru to choose between the two men. Both Wes and Neil decided Lily would benefit from a real family; Neil asked Dru to move in, while Wes proposed marriage. Meanwhile, Victor rehired Neil, on probationary terms.

Ash vs Olivia: While Brad and Ash started fresh, Olivia admitted to Dru that she'd fallen in love with Brad. Ash overheard the conversation and demanded Olivia keep her distance and keep quiet about the videotape. Dru stole the tape from Olivia and decided to send it to Brad. Wes convinced her not to, and she got it back before he watched it, destroyed a copy, but held on to the original for safekeeping. Ash told Brad she knew about Olivia's feelings for him, but Brad swore it was over before it began and asked Ash to focus on their future together.

Poor Little Runaway: Colleen admitted to JT that she was in love with him, and he reluctantly admitted the same. Traci phoned from NY and insisted she wanted Colleen sent home. Colleen ran away and hid out with Raul and Brittany. Traci arrived in GC and alerted the cops, who found her and arrested JT for statutory rape, despite his insistance they never slept together. Traci told Colleen she was going to Juvenile Hall, while Colleen blamed her.

Rape?: Isabella reunited with her Father at the baptism. Michael's arrival infuriated everyone, especially Paul, who beat him to a pulp when he revealed his engagement to Christine. Isabella rushed off, humiliated. At Christine's condo, Paul confronted her and things turned angry and passionate. Despite her protests, Paul forced himself on her, then rushed out. Michael and Paul blamed each other when Christine disappeared and phoned to say she would not be back in town for quite some time. Paul admitted to Andy that he'd raped Christine, and promised Isabella he would re-focus on their life together. Isabella warned Mary to stop meddling or risk losing her son and grandson, while she told Michael not to destroy her happiness just because he lost Christine. Lauren began to suspect Michael was somehow involved in Christine and Paul's divorce.

Dangerous Games: Convinced Diane framed Phyllis, Jack set out to prove it by pretending to legally separate from Phyllis. Jack kissed Diane, but she still remained tight-lipped, prompting Phyllis to take matters into her own hands. She hid in Diane's closet and overheard Isabella and Diane admit that the car accident that broke Diane's leg was Diane's own doing. Phyllis revealed herself to Diane and was arrested and locked in jail until the trial begins. Jack confronted Isabella, who refused to give him any helpful information. Diane admitted to Jack that she was responsible for her leg being broken, but that's it. Phyllis told Jack to do whatever was necessary to get Diane to admit to the rest. Ash lashed out at Phyllis for leaving Jack, but Phyllis revealed their scheme against Diane. Jack and Phyllis wondered if the woman in the surveillance tape could be Diane. Jack made love to her and realized she'd been lying about her leg injury. Phyllis was devastated, and told Jack to locate the doctor who treated Diane. Victor accused Diane of using her child to manipulate Jack, while Diane told him he was her biggest mistake in life because he cost her Jack's love. Jack set out to prove Diane was walking fine when the paint thinner was bought.

Separation Anxiety: Cassie and Noah blamed Nick for the separation, and later Sharon, when Cassie overheard Nikki tell Victor that Sharon's betrayal caused all the problems. Nick admitted to Nikki that he wasn't sure he wanted a future with Sharon, and told the kids he needed some space. Victor advised Sharon to remain patient, while Nick told Victor to stop meddling in everyone's lives. Sharon accused Nikki of poisoning Cassie against her.

Dirty $ For Diego: Victor insisted Diego take the money and leave. Raul learned about the bribe and told Diego to return the cash and live his life with Victoria, the true prize. On route to give Victor the money back, Diego was mugged. In the ER for days with no ID, Raul began to worry Diego had actually skipped town with the cash, while Nikki wondered what Victor had done to make him disappear. Raul told Victoria the truth about the bribe, and she lashed out at Victor and slapped him across the face. Nick comforted her and agreed Victor had gone too far, while Nikki suggested Diego may have been hurt somehow. Victoria tracked him down at the hospital and sat by his bedside, where he eventually awoke.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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