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Y&R History

May 2002 by Christopher

Acceptance: Larry and Jill continued to bond, while Sean and Jill reluctantly admitted that good sex couldn't change the fact that they wanted different things out of life.

Rough Start: JT planted the idea in Brittany's mind that Raul only wanted to spend time with her in the hopes of having sex. On Opening Night of the School Play, JT was a no-show and Raul took his place, bonding he and Brittany even more. But after Brittany's parents didn't show up for the show, she was distraught and lashed out at Raul, accusing him of wanting her for sex. Raul insisted that he had genuine feelings for her.

Descent: While Olivia told Neil no one was to blame for the accident that killed Malcolm, Alex concluded that staying in GC would haunt her for the rest of her life. Though Neil begged her to stay, she said farewell to the family. Reeling from Alex's abandonment, and guilt-ridden over Malcolm's death, Neil turned to drinking again. While Victoria tried to cover for him, Victor was tired of making excuses and demanded Neil go to Rehab or lose his job. Furious with the ultimatum, Neil quit. He had a one night-stand with a waitress, Serena, and drunkenly frightened little Nate. Olivia refused to allow him to see the boy, prompting Neil to turn to the bottle, despite a plea from reformed-alcoholic Nikki Newman.

Spreading: During a routine breast exam, Ash was horrified to discover a second lump. The doctors insisted it had to be removed immediately. Ash worried about losing a breast or her life, while Brad told Victor to keep his distance.

Blackmailed: When Amanda admitted to Ralph that she doubted Mac's story about the molestation, he tape-recorded the conversation and threatened to play it for Mac unless Amanda stole money from Kay to help him out. Amanda reluctantly agreed and began acting very on edge, raising everyone's suspicions. Mac spotted Ralph in the Park, leading Billy and Larry to search for the man, while Amanda planted the idea in everyone's minds that Mac may have hallucinated the sighting. Mac reluctantly agreed it was possible, while Billy supported her and told her he cares deeply for her. Ralph overheard Kay invite Amanda to move in, then had tea at the mansion, posing as the phone repairman. Amanda realized Larry wouldn't back down.

Sharon's Mistake: Sharon and Diego had sex, then regretted it instantly. Fed up with trying to talk to Sharon, Nick arranged to whisk her away to a tropical paradise. They rekindled their passion, while Sharon battled guilt over her tryst with Diego. Though she tried to confess, Nick interrupted with promises that their lives would be happy forever. Back in GC, after learning Nick and Sharon had reconciled, Diego made plans to leave and quit his job. Nikki was bothered, while Victoria suspected something had happened between Diego and Sharon. Cassie planned a Welcome Home Party, with Diego's help, and celebrated her parents' reunion. Sharon finally stopped blaming Nick for killing their baby, while Diego implored her to keep their affair a secret, or risk losing her family. Sharon was torn.

Complicated: Paul encountered Christine and they began to discuss their relationship and kissed, moments before Isabella called because she was ill and suspected something was wrong with the baby. Christine sent Paul to Isabella, and they argued. Isabella collapsed and went into labour. After giving birth to a baby boy, she suffered a stroke and nearly died. Christine stood by and watched as Paul pleaded with Isabella not to die. Days later, she and Paul met to finish their talk. He asked for a reunion, but she refused to tear a family apart and sent him back to Isabella. Lauren warned Christine not to hurt Paul ever again, while Paul admitted to Isabella that he had lingering feelings for Christine but wanted to start over with her. Isabella was stunned when Paul sent a Judge to their home.

Courtroom Destruction: Jack begged Victor to testify against Diane, but Victor refused, despite his hatred for the woman and knowledge of her manipulations. Michael recommended Phyllis break down on the stand and jeopardize Jack's case, but Phyllis refused to go against her husband. Diane pleaded with the Judge not to take her son away. With Phyllis on the stand, Michael cross-examined and showed her a photo of Daniel. Phyllis crumbled and railed against Diane. Jack lost and Diane was awarded full custody. She then quit her job in Milan and told Jack she would stay in GC if he moved her into the Abbott home. Diane revealed that Phyllis had once tried to help her escape the country with Kyle. Jack realized it was true and agreed to the Pool House only, infuriating the Abbott's. Michael warned Phyllis that Diane was out to win Jack back, while Phyllis warned Diane that she would fight back. Michael revealed that Diane knew Phyllis could not have children, and would exploit that, while Jack told Phyllis he didn't think he could ever trust her again.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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