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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

March 2002 by Christopher

Going To Court: To distract a security guard and sneak Diane out of the country, Phyllis disguised herself as Diane. She had to lie to Ash when they ran into each other, and claim it was a new look. Diane, suspicious of Phyllis' motives, snuck into her doctor's office and learned Phyllis could not have children. Though John Silva recommended Jack not bring Phyllis to the Preliminary hearing, he did so anyway. Phyllis was stunned to see Diane there. The Judge agreed to hear arguments in the coming days. Out of loyalty to Phyllis, Michael refused to represent Diane. Diane admitted to Isabella that she hoped a part of Jack still loved her, while John Silva worried that Phyllis having been declared an unfit Mother would hurt Jack's custody case.

To The Rescue: Victor skipped town after a romantic lunch with Nikki, to meet with his first wife, Julia. Her company was involved in a hostile takeover, so he saved the day by defeating Maxwell Hollister, her enemy. Julia was grateful and admitted to Victor that he'd treated her like an object when they were married. Nikki, confused by Victor's distracted mood upon his return, cancelled dinner plans. Meanwhile, Victor stared often at a diamond ring he'd purchased, while thinking back on past failed marriages. Victoria discovered the ring, kept it a secret, and begged Nikki to quit Jabot and work for NE, so as not to upset Victor. Nikki refused. Victor took Nikki to dinner.

Building: Brittany got the lead in the school play and she and Raul grew closer, sharing their first kiss. Brittany worried about Mac and Raul's continuing connection, but Raul swore they were just friends and decided to pursue Brittany, despite the fact that they are not one another's usual 'type'.

Helping Colleen: JT confronted Colleen about smoking pot, warned her not to confess, and kept Troy away.

Lump: While chairing a campaign for breast cancer awareness, Ashley was devastated to discover a lump on her own breast, which tests revealed to be cancerous. Brad stood by her while she wondered how to tell her family.

Mary's Interference: Isabella and Paul continued to bond, and learned they were expecting a baby boy. Mary begged Lauren to break them up, but Lauren refused. Mary then went to Isabella with a brochure for a home for unwed mothers. Isabella and Paul were insulted, and Paul warned Mary to back off. Instead, she traveled to Australia, told Christine about Isabella's pregnancy and begged her to come to GC and stop the union. Christine refused, but while alone, was visibly affected by the news of Paul's new life.

Moving On: Billy suspected Mac's hangups about sex had to do with her step-father, Ralph. Amanda hoped that wasn't the case. JT insisted Mac could do better than Billy, while Mac accepted her relationship was over. Billy began flirting with Danielle, another girl working on the play. Mac told him to go for it, hoping Danielle could give him what she couldn't. At the Abbott, hideaway, Danielle tried to seduce Billy, who was haunted by memories of Mac. Meanwhile, Mac became increasingly convinced someone was watching her from the shadows of the school stage, while Amanda admitted to Larry that she feared Ralph would resurface someday. Larry swore to protect them. Meanwhile, Jill and Sean trained for a marathon to be adventurous, while Jill offered to help Larry woo Amanda.

Damage To Repair: Sharon began fantasizing about being with Nick again, while he dodged a dinner invite from Miranda, a woman interested in him. Nikki offered to watch the kids to give Nick and Sharon time alone, but Nick refused and kept his distance from Sharon as he began wanting her again. Diego took a job working at the Ranch, while Nick began to have second thoughts about having dinner with Miranda.

Malcolm's Memorial: Back in GC, Neil devastated Olivia by revealing that Malcolm was dead. Alex broke the news to a devastated Phyllis, who insisted Malcolm must have learned the truth about Neil and Alex and gone off the deep end. Victoria warned Phyllis to back off, while Neil and Alex wondered if she could be right. Nate gave the Eulogy for his Father, and Phyllis complimented him on being a brave little boy. Phyllis asked Neil how he could live with himself if he'd been responsible for Malcolm's death, and was livid to see Neil holding Alex's hand at the service.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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