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Y&R History

Malcolm Winters Back From the Dead by Christopher

New Guy In Town: Malcolm Winters first arrived in Genoa City injured from a knife fight. He was tended to by Dr. Olivia Hastings, wife of Nathan, and sister of Drucilla (who happened to be married to Neil Winters, Malcolm's estranged brother). Malcolm quickly set out to rebuild a relationship with his brother, while getting to know his family. In time, he and Neil became very close and it seemed Malcolm – never really very lucky in life – was on the road to building a whole new existence for himself; one of which he could be proud.

The Wrong Man: Drucilla took ill one night and was all doped up on medication. Neil, going out of town on a business trip, asked brother Malcolm to check in on his wife while he was away. When Malcolm went to check on Dru, she mistook him for Neil and – in her drugged state – came on to him. Malcolm did not resist. The two made love. Shortly thereafter, Dru realized that her dream about having passionate sex with Neil was more than a dream, and that it was Malcolm whom she had bedded. Olivia urged Malcolm and Dru to keep the truth to themselves, insisting Neil would never understand. A short time later, Lily was born to Neil and Dru. Of course, Neil never knew there was a chance the girl could be his brother's daughter.

Tragic Love: Olivia's husband, Nathan, cheated on her with Keesha Monroe. When Drucilla and Neil discovered the affair, they insisted he call it off or they would tell Olivia the truth. Nathan devastated Keesha by breaking up with her. She met Malcolm, and they began dating. Malcolm was unaware of the history between Keesha and Nathan, and Dru and Neil struggled to find a way to tell him he had to get rid of his new girl. Then tragedy struck. An old flame contacted Keesha, revealing that he was dying from AIDS. Keesha got tested by Olivia, and learned that she, too, had the disease. Nathan told Olivia the truth, and her family was torn apart as she worried he'd brought the AIDS virus home to her and son Nate. Meanwhile, Malcolm refused his family's order to back away from Keesha. He stood by her, and granted her dying wish; he became her husband moments before she took her last breath, ravaged by the illness.

Loving Olivia: After Olivia divorced Nathan for his betrayal with Keesha, he kidnapped their son. While bringing him home, Nathan was run over by a car and died in the hospital. Malcolm stepped in to help comfort little Nate, who had just lost a Father. As the man and boy grew closer, Olivia began to fall in love with Malcolm. He returned her feelings, and soon the three – Malcolm, Olivia and Nate – became a family.

So Much Drama: When Neil and Drucilla divorced over disagreements about her interest in a modeling career over a family, Olivia began to find it difficult to fight her feelings for Neil, whom she'd always loved. Meanwhile, Malcolm reconnected with Callie, a former girlfriend who had meant the world to him in high school. Unable to handle one another's divided interests, Malcolm and Olivia separated. She was devastated when Neil did not return her feelings, and it began to look like she'd broken up her family for nothing. Meanwhile, Malcolm helped extricate Callie from an abusive marriage and business relationship. In the process, he was attacked, beat, and nearly killed, while Nate was nearby. Olivia, furious he'd put her son in danger for a woman, insisted Malcolm could not see Nate again. What followed was a custody battle for little Nate, that forced Neil to choose his brother's side over Olivia's. However, Malcolm did inevitably say good-bye to Callie... then hello to Alex Perez.

Alex Perez: Hired to work at Newman Enterprises on a case, lawyer Alex Perez was feisty and beautiful. She captured the attention of Neil, who worked alongside her representing NE, and of Malcolm – who admired her from afar. Phyllis – Malcolm's best friend – advised him to pursue a relationship with the woman. He did so, and over time Alex broke down her defenses and let him in enough to really fall for the man. They began living together, devastating Neil who had never told Alex how he truly felt about her, but had continued loving her from afar. Olivia realized that both brothers were in love with the same woman, as did Victoria Newman, Neil's friend. It was a recipe for disaster.

Admitting The Truth: Disaster began to unfold when Neil and Alex admitted to one another that they'd fallen in love. However, Alex had accepted a marriage proposal from Malcolm, and felt there was nothing she could do about her feelings for Neil. He agreed, though he was hurt. They decided to keep their feelings a secret, not wanting to hurt the man who meant so much to them both. Malcolm, however, was not stupid. He picked up on the vibe and – with convincing from Phyllis – confronted Neil and Alex. The two lied about their love. Alex assured Malcolm she was in love with only him, and Neil claimed he'd wanted the woman, but that she hadn't wanted him back. Malcolm was furious with Neil (unaware he was taking the heat to protect Alex), but he decided to try to put the hostility behind him, and focus on his relationship with Alex instead.

Death In Africa: When Newman Enterprises scheduled a photo shoot in Kenya, they wanted the best photographer around... that was Malcolm. He decided he and Alex should wed while away, then spend their honeymoon together in the beautiful land. Though Victoria was supposed to run the entire event, she got ill at the last moment and had to send Neil in her place. Malcolm warned his brother to keep his distance, and not mess things up for him and Alex. Victoria decided it was best if she headed to Africa anyhow, not trusting Neil and Malcolm alone together. However, she was too little, too late. Malcolm overheard Neil and Alex talking. He listened as Alex admitted that she'd loved Neil, and he chastised her for making him take all the blame with Malcolm. Devastated at having been deceived and betrayed by the two people he loved most, Malcolm went out with a tour guide to scope out sites for pictures, wanting to be alone. While crossing a bridge, their caravan came under fire from warring tribes, and Malcolm was plunged into a river when the bridge collapsed. Neil and Alex had a search party scour the land, looking for him, but Malcolm did not resurface.

Dealing With Grief & Accepting Responsibility: Back in Genoa City, everyone mourned Malcolm's passing. Little Nate was rocked. Olivia was horrified and saddened. Victoria felt responsible. Neil and Alex were grief-stricken and confused. Phyllis was angry, and wanted revenge. She blamed Neil and Alex, insisting they must have done something to drive Malcolm to go off alone. As they reflected, they came to the conclusion – with help from Victoria – that Malcolm MUST have heard their conversation. Overwhelmed with guilt, Alex said good-bye to GC, and Neil turned to alcohol to numb his pain.

Moving On: Drucilla eventually returned to Genoa City, with Lily, and helped Olivia get Neil back into the world of the sober. He recovered, and remarried Drucilla. Olivia went on with her own life, briefly dating Wes Carter – a psychiatrist from Paris. She also send Nate off to school in London, where he did his best to forget about Malcolm, the second Father figure he'd lost in his short life.

The Return: What no one knew was that Malcolm survived the fall into the river in Kenya. Years later, present day, he returned to Genoa City. He insisted he wanted nothing to do with Neil, believing he'd called off the search party too soon because he wanted his brother dead. He insisted he wanted to see Nate, though Drucilla warned him that wasn't a good idea just yet. He refused to answer questions about why he'd stayed away so long, and said no one understood. And he befriended Devon Hamilton – a street kid taken in by Drucilla, but forced out by Neil.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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