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Y&R History

June 2002 by Christopher

Co-Existing: Paul revealed he'd summoned a Judge to marry him and Isabella. Mary accused Christine of turning Paul against her, then realized she had it all wrong. She rushed to the apartment, but was too late to stop the wedding. While taking care of their new baby, Ricky, Paul imagined he and Christine were raising the child. He and Christine saw each other and agreed to never speak again, while Isabella wondered if she should tell Paul the truth about her past with Michael.

Loneliness: Michael kissed Christine, who accused him of taking advantage of her. He begged her to stay in town and swore that she was an important part of his life. When Mary mentioned wishing Michael had stayed with Isabella, Christine demanded to know how the two were connected. Michael claimed they'd dated briefly, but that was all. After winning a case, Michael spent the night on Christine's couch and she admitted it was nice.

Neil's New Life: Olivia witnessed a kiss between Neil and Serena. She demanded Neil stop feeling sorry for himself and give up the liquor. Against Olivia's wishes, Nate came by to visit a drunken Neil. Serena prevented the visit and took Nate home, to an irate Olivia. Brad and Ash suggested they get Neil into Rehab, but when they showed up, he'd already left to stay with Serena.

Phyllis Fights Back: Brad lashed out at Phyllis for going to Ash for advice about Diane. Phyllis felt horrible since she wasn't aware Ash's cancer had returned. She warned Diane that Jack was off limits, but was bothered to observe so many family moments between Jack, Diane, and Kyle. After Diane paraded in a bikini to impress Jack, Phyllis showed up at the Pool naked, and ready for a swim. When she got wind of Diane's intention to move into the Guest Suite of the Abbott Home while the Pool House was being readied for the Glow By Jabot campaign, Phyllis made a pipe burst, causing damages. John heard her threaten Diane, while Diane admitted to Michael that she wanted Jack back. Jack accused Phyllis of sabotaging the Guest Suite, insulting her. She refused to comment.

Dt. Victoria: While Raul begged Diego to stay in town, Victoria accused Sharon of being responsible for him wanting to leave. Sharon begged him to stay, believing it would simplify things, and agreed not to tell Nick about their affair. Victoria began to suspect Sharon had feelings for Diego, and confided in Olivia that she planned to get close to Diego to see what she could learn. Olivia warned her to be careful. Sharon confessed her affair to Christine, who warned her that Victoria was suspicious. Diego was leery when Victoria began warming up to him. Meanwhile, when he called Sharon and said he'd appeased Victoria and they were in the clear, Victoria overheard.

Ash's Secret: Ashley began filming a Video Diary for Abby, in case she died as a result of the cancer. She called Victor and told him she had something important to tell him. Brad interrupted the call with news that Ash's biopsy results showed the cancer had not spread. Abruptly, Ash decided not to tell Victor her secret after all.

Manipulated: Leanna Love teamed up with Max Hollister to bring down Victor. Leanna guessed Victor was visiting ex's to ensure he wouldn't make old mistakes in remarriage to Nikki, and suggested distorting the facts. They arranged for footage of Victor visiting first Ramona in New Mexico, and then Hope in Kansas. Max backed out at the last moment, and told Nikki he wanted to be with her, and that she should take the chance to strike back at Victor. Nikki was devastated to see Leanna's televised expose of Victor's trip, and turned to Max for comfort. Unaware of what was transpiring in GC, Victor wondered why he was unable to get in touch with Nikki.

Jealousy: Rianna returned to town and offered to join Raul at the Prom to make Brittany jealous. JT realized he was being used as part of a game between Brittany and Raul, and backed out. At Prom, they were crowned King and Queen, and made love by the Lake.

Pre-Prom Drama: Ralph made Amanda steal a ruby from Jill's room. Jill caught her in the room and later found the jewel missing and blamed her. Sean moved out of the Mansion to get away from Jill. Billy asked Mac to the Prom, and agreed to keep his Mother off Amanda's back. Ralph ordered Amanda to steal Kay's necklace during the Prom.

Prom Night: Amanda stole from Jill again and it was caught on tape. Mac returned home early and came face to face with Ralph. He attacked her, so Billy bashed him over the head, then took off believing he'd killed him. Amanda was arrested for theft, while Mac and Billy wondered why there was no news of Ralph on the radio. Ralph returned to the Mansion and kidnapped Kay, dragging her back to a motel and swearing he'd get what he wanted.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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