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Y&R History

July 2002 by Christopher

A Crush: Colleen began flirting with JT, which John Abbott and Brittany each noticed. Though JT seemed not to realize it, he attended her music recital when no one else could make it, knowing how much it would mean to her. Chemo: After making love, Brad noticed Ash's hair was beginning to fall out because of her chemotherapy treatments. She began wearing a turban, while Brad confided his hopes and fears in Olivia. John comforted his daughter, and later received a friendly shoulder from Jill, as everyone struggled to deal with Ash's cancer.

Juice: Brad took Nate to a baseball game, unaware the boy called Neil to meet them there. Neil left his keys behind so Serena snuck into his apartment, snooped around, then jotted down Drucilla's number in Paris. Olivia found her there, learned Nate was with Neil, and ordered Neil to stay away. Meanwhile, Juice ? an ex who lost Drucilla to Neil years before ? spotted Neil in the bar and recognized him.

Afterwards: Isabella promised Michael she'd keep their secret, since they'd both got what they wanted. Christine and Michael bonded over meals and conversation, while Paul assured Isabella they were a family now. Isabella asked Lauren to be Ricky's godmother. Paul demanded Isabella end her friendship with Diane, because he hates her. Isabella refused. When Lauren told Isabella that Michael and Christine were dining together, she went to the same restaurant with Paul as a test to see if he still had feelings for Christine. Michael was heartbroken when Christine told him she just wanted to be friends.

Good-bye Ralph & Amanda: Ralph disguised himself as a cop, got info from Raul about where to find Mac and Billy, and attacked them by the lake. Larry and Amanda found Kay in the motel. Kay blamed Amanda for putting the teens in danger, then collapsed from stress, while Jill warned Amanda she'd pay if anything happened to them. Larry rescued Mac and Billy and battled Ralph, who got away. Sean broke up with Jill, Larry broke up with Amanda, Mac refused to forgive her, and Jill ordered her to leave town and never return or face criminal charges. Amanda left, and Jill hugged Mac.

Unlikely: As thanks for saving Billy, Jill had dinner with Larry, while Kay invited him to move in. As they spent more time together, Jill and Larry developed feelings, kissed, and made love. They agreed to keep it a secret for now. Meanwhile, Brittany and Raul fell for one another, despite Billy and JT's efforts to break them up. Brittany got him to drink beer, angering Billy. Later, JT convinved Brittany Raul was wrong for her, and she turned down a dinner invite.

Proposal: Victor returned and was annoyed to find Nikki with Max. She told him about the Expose, while Victoria accused Leanna of slander. Max met Victoria, who warned him to stay away from Nikki. Victor explained the purpose of his trip to Victoria, then to Nikki. He proposed marriage, but Nikki wanted two weeks to think about it. She left town to decide. She later accepted, against Jack and Max's advice, but told Victor she'd speak to Max one last time.

Letting Leanna Have It: Victor met with Leanna and warned her that Hope, Ramona and Julia would press charges against her with his financial backing if she didn't retract her story and issue a formal apology. Leanna agreed, but warned Victor not to trust Max where Nikki was concerned. Lorie Brooks, Victor's one time fiancee, and Max's ex-wife, returned to town.

Victoria's Game: Nick regretted asking Diego to stay in town, as Sharon and Victoria went to war over his presence. Victoria told Olivia that Diego was falling for her, but Olivia worried it was the other way around. Victoria directly asked Diego if he and Sharon were involved, but he swore they were not. Nick and Sharon made love and she thought of Diego. Christine advised her to let go of her feelings for him. Victoria began to feel for Diego.

Phyllis Takes The Lead: Diane threw herself behind Phyllis' car, broke her leg, and got sympathy from Jack, who agreed to let her stay in the Pool House. Phyllis briefly moved out, then returned with ground rules forbidding Diane to enter the main house without permission. Diane was livid to see Kyle with Jack and Phyllis, and swore to Isabella that she would not let Phyllis use her own son against her. She blamed Victor for her unhappiness, but he told her to stop being a victim and take charge of her own life. Jack apologized to Phyllis for bringing Diane into their lives and thanked her for at least trying to make things work. Isabella recommended Diane throw in the towel and leave GC.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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