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Y&R History

January 2002 by Christopher

House Guest: After refusing Sean's marriage proposal, Jill invited him to move in, much to Kay's annoyance. Sean set out to make peace between the two women, as well as befriending Larry Warton and helping him with Amanda.

Repair: Mac slowly accepted Amanda back into her life. Brock blasted Amanda for keeping Mac's existence a secret from him, but forgave her and supported their reunion. While trying to find work, Amanda placed a call to an ad, only to have the man hang up and quickly jot down her number.

Parenting: Traci arrived to reclaim Colleen, but agreed to let her stay in GC at John and Billy's urging. Brad was furious at not being included. At school, she met Troy - a drug dealer - and begged him to get her marijuana. Troy worried because of her connection to hot-tempered Billy Abbott.

Youth Troubles: Raul blew off college, so Diego decided to stay in town. He took a job at Crimson Lights and recruited Brittany to help with Raul. Brittany liked Raul's new 'bad boy' image and they began spending time together. Meanwhile, Rianna learned that JT had wanted to break up with her since right after they slept together. She contemplated leaving town, while Mac blasted JT for not really changing, and Brittany accused Mac of enjoying JT's obsession with her.

Isabella's Baby: Though Paul tried to romance Lauren to forget about Isabella, he was furious to see her and Michael - her baby's supposed Father - getting closer. Lauren finally arranged for Paul and Isabella to talk. She admitted that he was the Father of her baby, that she'd deceived Michael, and that she planned to leave Genoa City and start her life somewhere new.

Hiding Feelings: Malcolm couldn't forgive Neil for loving Alex. At Alex's request, Neil reluctantly told Malcolm that she had not returned his love, and Alex and Malcolm set a wedding date for February. Victoria and Olivia worried when Neil began drinking, and almost cost NE an account. Victor ordered Neil to undergo counseling or lose his job. Malcolm agreed to do a photo shoot for NE in Kenya, so long as Alex could come along for an early honeymoon. Victoria was too ill to make the trip, so Neil went in her place, infuriating Malcolm.

Headed For Divorce: Unable to stop blaming Nick for killing their child, Sharon decided separation was the only thing to do. Nikki and Victor each fought against this, while Nick ended up living at Victor's penthouse. Victoria begged Sharon not to throw her marriage away, while Cassie felt her Mother was being too hard on her Father. Nick and Sharon split shifts at the coffeehouse to avoid contact, while Diego advised Sharon not to throw in the towel on her marriage.

Reconnecting: As they dealt with the crisis in Nick and Sharon's marriage, Nikki and Victor spent more and more time together, eventually ending up in one another's beds once more. Nikki was afraid of getting hurt, but they decided to worry about things day by day.

Medical Trauma: Phyllis' attempts to get pregnant using hormone therapy nearly took her life. Jack refused to risk losing her, while Phyllis vowed to give him a child. Through Michael, Diane sent Jack and Phyllis champagne flutes as a wedding gift. Phyllis and Diane came to blows when Diane called her an unfit Mother for losing Daniel years before. Phyllis warned Diane to keep her distance from Jack, or face her wrath.

Diane's Baby: Diane returned to GC to find out why Nikki had visited Milan. Nikki worried about her presence and lied to everyone about the identity of the Father. After Nikki learned Phyllis couldn't have children, she broke down and revealed to Jack that he was the Father of Diane's child. Jack was stunned and feared the revelation would have a potentially negative impact on his marriage to Phyllis.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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