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Y&R History

The Marriage of Jack & Phyllis by Christopher

INTRODUCTORY GAMES: Phyllis Summers met Jack Abbott under very questionable circumstances; Victor Newman sent her to do his bidding by keeping an eye on his adversary and stealing company secrets from Jabot Cosmetics. Jack caught on to the ruse fairly quickly and the two ended their relationship. Phyllis left town, but returned years later, determined to prove herself trustworthy to Jack. This time around, she worked for Jabot, heading up the Internet division for their summer campaigns. As the company's success increased, so did Jack's willingness to forgive her for past indiscretions. However, once again she went to work for Victor, this time reporting to Victoria. While she refused Victoria's demand that she spy on Jack again, he confided in Jill that he was using Phyllis, as payback. Jill spilled the beans, and Phyllis broke off the relationship. Only then did Jack realize he truly loved her. Meanwhile, Ashley – Jack's sister – did everything in her power to keep them apart.

MARRIAGE PROPOSAL: In front of everyone, Jack proposed marriage to Phyllis, hoping the act would score him points and convince her to believe in his love. Though she initially turned him down, she later accepted his proposal and they shared a New Year's Eve wedding ceremony.

NO BABIES: When Phyllis learned she was pregnant, Jack was overjoyed, having always wanted a son. However, Phyllis miscarried and later ended up in the hospital because of complications with her ovaries and uterus. On hormone therapy, she nearly died, and Jack refused to allow her to keep trying to give him a son. She felt inadequate, an insecurity amplified by the arrival of Diane Jenkins – Jack's former love – in Genoa City, and the revelation from Nikki Newman that Diane had been impregnated by Jack's sperm and given birth to his son, Kyle.

THE DIANE FACTOR: While Jack prepared to fight Diane for sole custody of their son, Phyllis worked with Diane to try to help her escape from the country. Later, Jack discovered the betrayal and nearly ended his relationship with Phyllis. However, realizing she'd acted out of desperation, he forgave her and asked her to stand by him while they took Diane's son as their own. The court trial was a long and arduous process, that ended when Phyllis broke down on the stand, being interrogated by Michael Baldwin, about having lost custody of her own son, Daniel, years before and being deemed an unfit Mother. Because of Phyllis, Jack lost the case. Their marriage nearly fell apart again, but they stayed strong. However, after Diane got herself moved into the pool house, she set a plan in motion to convince everyone Phyllis wanted her dead. The plot culminated with Diane setting the pool house on fire, with her inside, and framing Phyllis for attempted murder. To save Phyllis' future, Jack slept with Diane, got enough info to prove she was lying, and had the charges dropped. Later, in exchange for full custody of Kyle, Phyllis and Jack withheld discovered info that would have sent Diane to prison. Phyllis was livid at having to keep quiet, but did so for Jack.

OPPOSITE TEAMS: With their problems seemingly behind them, things should have been great. However, as NE and Jabot went into battle over competing product lines for African-American women, Jack demanded Phyllis leave NE and come work with his family. Her refusal to do so put a huge strain on their relationship. Especially when Victor declared that he wanted to crush and obliterate – rather than simply beat – Jabot. Jack, Ashley, Jill and Brad accused Phyllis of working with the devil to destroy them. She tried to make them understand her need for independence, and the thrill of being valued as an employee.

BECAUSE OF VICTOR: After Ashley lost her baby in a tragic accident for which Jack blamed Victor, he issues an ultimatum that Phyllis either quit her job or lose him. Devastated, Phyllis moved out. However, upon returning to fix things, she discovered Diane had moved in for the kill, comforting Jack during his time of need. Disgusted, Phyllis kept her distance. On trial for bribery charges that resulted in a financial loss for Jabot, Victor had to face Jack's acid tongue as he pleaded with the courts to lock Victor away. It was Phyllis' testimony – however – that swayed the Judge to give Victor a reduced sentence. She pointed out that Jack and Victor's hatred had always been a too way street, and Jack's words were born out of a desire to destroy, rather than see justice. Unable to handle Phyllis ultimate betrayal, Jack said good-bye and insisted upon a separation.

MOVING ON: Phyllis took solace in the arms of Damon Porter, who Jack promptly fired from his job at Jabot. Later, facing an ultimatum from Victor regarding settlement money, Jack was forced to leave Jabot, and Ashley hired Damon back. Meanwhile, Phyllis met her son, Daniel, and began a relationship with him. Lives moving in separate directions, Jack and Phyllis received divorce papers and met to reflect on all they'd shared and lost. A passionate kiss sealed the deal, and they walked away.

Not Really Letting Go: While Jack began romancing several local singles, Phyllis' relationships with Daniel and Damon were both incredibly taxing. At Yves' Bistro, she ran into Jack and joined him for breakfast, accidentally meeting Elise, one of his conquests. Rather than tuck tail between her legs and run, Phyllis planted yet another one on Jack, this time doing her best to make sure Elise felt like the third wheel, despite it being HER date with Jack, and NOT Phyllis'. Jack, unable to keep the grin from his face and the laugh from his throat, was dumped by an irate Elise, while Phyllis – proud of herself – stalked off, grinning back at the man she so obviously loved.  

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Page updated 7/10/12

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