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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

February 2002 by Christopher

Colleen Matures: Brad and Ashley began trusting Colleen more with Abby, allowing her to babysit when they took nights out on the town. At school, Troy offered Colleen pot, and though she initially kept her distance, she wound up asking him if he would sell her some. When a button from Ash's coat fell into Abby's crib and nearly choked the baby to death, Colleen saved her life, realized she wouldn't have been able to had she been high, and gave up pot.

Good-bye Rianna: JT wouldn't take all the blame for his and Rianna's breakup, and reminded her she'd pursued him in the first place. Rianna cautioned Mac against having sex before she was ready, and said her good-byes to everyone before leaving Genoa City. Brittany was oddly jealous of the long-farewell Rianna and Raul shared.

Differing Interests: While Amanda continued to advise Mac to hold off on sex, Billy told Diego he wasn't sure he could wait much longer. Mac suggested they join the tech crew of the school play to distract them from sex. Raul told Brittany to audition for the play, and she took him to dinner. Billy pointed out that they'd always played by Mac's rules, and suggested they spend some time apart until she felt ready to have sex. Kay told Mac not to give up.

Ever Changing Tide: Nikki and Victor spent the night together, and Nick and Victoria wondered about the growing closeness between their parents. When Nikki asked Victor to define their relationship, he declared their night together was a mistake. She felt they would never be right for each other, but he - surprisingly - disagreed.

Crumbling: Nick and Sharon realized their arrangement wasn't working, while Larry told Cassie to have faith in her parents. Victoria and Sharon argued about Sharon's treatment of Nick. Sharon began confiding in new employee Diego, and worried that Nick was poisoning Cassie against her. As Sharon visited Nick to finally fix their marriage, she was horrified to see him with John Silva and learn he was investigating his parental rights. Nick said he had no choice, while Sharon continued to pour her heart out to Diego.

Good-bye Malcolm: Malcolm and Neil continued to argue in Kenya, while Alex stressed to Neil that she wanted to be friends only. Victoria arrived to find Neil drunk. He kissed her, insisting Ryan would have wanted him to take care of her in every way. Victoria pointed out that wasn't what Ryan had in mind and ordered Neil to seek help back in GC. Alex and Malcolm felt their bond was stronger than ever. Neil confronted Alex, who reluctantly admitted she'd had feelings for him. Malcolm overheard this, but left before he heard Alex declare her love for Malcolm. On route to a photo shoot, Malcolm was crushed under a collapsing bridge. Alex blamed Victoria and Neil, while back in GC Olivia and Nate wondered why they hadn't heard a word from Malcolm.

Paul's New Family: Michael learned he was not the Father of Isabella's baby and was first devastated, then relieved. Diane and Isabella became friends, with Diane advising her to get money from Paul. Mary, Marissa and Lynne learned the truth about the paternity of Isabella's baby, and Mary was happy to be a grandmother, but not thrilled with the circumstances. Paul asked Isabella for another chance at a future with her and their baby, and they moved in together. He promised her that regardless of anyone's thoughts, she would be his first priority.

Jill's Project: To improve Sean's opinion of her after she taunted Larry and Amanda, Jill agreed to give Larry lessons on how to be a proper gentleman at a civilized dinner. Jill was suspicious of Amanda at first glance.

Custody: To keep Diane in town, Jack promised he'd help her find her baby's Father, then secretly obtained DNA samples from Kyle and Diane. Phyllis suspected Jack of spending time with Diane, while Victor warned Diane to stay away from his family as long as she was in town. After Michael advised Diane to just forget about Nikki and everyone else and go back to Milan, Jack revealed to her that he was her baby's Father. Michael stressed that it was now very important Diane leave, but she wanted to stay, wondering if she'd have a chance with Jack. Instead, Jack had her served with custody papers, and later told Phyllis about his and Diane's child. Phyllis begged Jack to let Diane leave, rather than keep her in their lives, but Jack couldn't. He hired a man to follow her. Phyllis ordered her to leave town, and when she learned about the man, she promised Diane she'd help her escape detection.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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