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Y&R History

December 2002 by Christopher

Trying Phyllis... & Diane: Diane visited Phyllis and 'forgave her', and was shocked when Phyllis apologized for starting the fire. Paul and Jack learned that Diane was instructed to take her cast off weeks before the fire, and that there were no traces of a sleeping pill in her system the night of the blaze. Phyllis had a mini-breakdown and imagined those she had wronged (Danny, Timothy, Brian, Sasha, Paul and her Father) lashing out at her and sending her off to a life behind bars. Security tapes showed the red-headed woman's wig blowing off in the parking lot of the paint thinner store. Diane was exposed as the true culprit behind the blaze. She broke down on the stand and said she loved Jack, but was not a criminal. Phyllis was released, and revealed that Jack had used Diane to free her. Devastated, Diane refused to let Jack see Kyle, while Weber began investigating her. Jack ordered Diane to face an investigation or give up full custody of Kyle.

Almost Sued: When Larry mistakenly thought Jill was offering him $1000 for sex, he told Michael to proceed with a sexual harassment law suit. John and Jill were livid when Michael told them about Larry's decision and demanded a settlement of half a million to keep it out of court. Guilt-ridden, Larry withdrew the charges. Kay was disappointed.

In Love: Frederick and Anita fought to break up Raul and Brittany, who remained strong in the face of the adversity. They made love for the first time since the accident and shared their first Christmas together.

Ash vs The Winters Sisters: Ash tricked Drucilla into admitting to knowing about the videotape, then demanded she keep her mouth shut and stay away from Brad. Dru refused to let Ash be happy while Olivia suffered. Olivia warned Dru not to tell Brad the truth, while she urged Ash to tell Brad before he found out from someone else. Brad wondered if his friendship with Olivia was having a bad effect on Ash, but Olivia said Ash was self-righteous. Victor offered his support, but Ash could not turn to him because of her secret. Olivia warned Ash that when Brad did learn the truth, she would be there to console him. Ash was disgusted, but decided it was time to reveal her secret.

Romeo & Juliet: Traci agreed to drop the charges against JT if he convinced Colleen to go back to NY. For her own good, JT told her he didn't love her and suggested she leave. Devastated, Colleen agreed to go home with Traci. At Brittany's urging, JT stopped her at the airport and they ran away together. Realizing the depth of Colleen's love, Traci agreed to let her stay in GC with JT, while Brad asked for at least two weeks for Colleen to see only her family. On her birthday, JT broke the rules and snuck out to see her. He serenaded her with his guitar.

Winter Holiday: Wes bought Dru and Lily tickets to Paris for Christmas, disappointing Neil who had hoped to spend the holidays as a family. Olivia worried Neil would turn back to the bottle and begged Dru to stay in town. Wes agreed to cancel the trip, and let Lily believe it was his fault so she would not be angry with Neil. Meanwhile, Neil suspected Dru's feelings for him played a part in the cancellation, and they shared a kiss. Blame Game: Cassie blamed Sharon for the breakup of her family, while Nick defended her to the kids. Nick was bothered when Cassie visited Diego, who agreed to stay away from Nick's family from now on. Sharon refused to attend the NE Christmas Bash with Nick, not wanting to spend the night pretending. When Nick rejected Sharon countless times, she decided divorce was the only viable option. Nikki told her she hoped she left town for good.

Black Sheep: Victoria held Victor accountable for all Diego's injuries, infuriating Nikki and devastating Victor. Diego worried Victoria would resent him for ruining her family, but she insisted she chose a life with him over them. Nick warned Diego that Victoria would eventually turn her back on him and return to the family, while Victor forbid her to bring Diego to the company party.

Christmastime: At the Homeless Shelter, Larry played Santa and listened to Jill's wish list. Mackenzie returned to help feed the poor, and was reunited with Billy who promised to focus on their love in the New Year. Raul and Brittany were robbed, and spent the evening dining with both of their sets of parents. Michael and Paul both showed up at Christine's empty condo, shared a drink, and commiserated about how they each missed her presence in town. Victoria bumped into Victor at the Ranch, moments before Nick and Sharon ? putting their differences aside for the night ? showed up to exchange gifts. The Newman Family tensely made it through a celebration together. Phyllis and Jack celebrated one year of marriage, and her freedom, with a night of passionate lovemaking, while Diane was all alone.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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