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The Young and The Restless History Pages

Y&R History

Cameron and Sharon by Christopher

Murderous Obsession: Plotting Gone Wrong Envy:

In New York, Grace Turner was trying to make a new life for herself in the wake of what she viewed as her mistreatment at the hands of the Newman family in Genoa City. Having slept with Nicholas, she had been banished to Newman Enterprises NY division, as a way to allow the big shots to get her out of town without firing her and facing sexual harassment charges. Most assumed she let go of her vendetta while away, when in fact, her resentment of best friend Sharon grew stronger every day. Sharon had what Grace wanted (and had for a brief time); the man, the marriage, the family, the money.

Combined Evil:

Grace's feelings of inadequacy and her lack of satisfaction dissolved quickly when she met business tycoon Cameron Kirsten. He was attractive, rich, wild in bed, and ? most importantly ? interested in her to no end. What Grace didn't know was that a long and painful history during which he lost his Mother at a young age, left Cameron feeling very skittish about women, hesitating to trust them, and seeking to control them whenever possible. It was to Cameron that Grace confided the pains she'd endured in GC. She told him about Sharon, the best friend she'd tried to help out several times; about Nick, the husband of her friend whom she'd slept with accidentally; about being cut out of Cassie's life; about losing Tony (another love); and about being used by Nick for sex when he wanted to get back at Sharon for cheating on him. Cameron understood Grace's pain, and gave her a shoulder to cry on. He also promised to help her resolve the issue any way she saw fit.

Sharon Checks Out:

Back in GC, Sharon and Nick's marriage was falling apart. Still struggling to deal with her affair with Diego, and his with Grace, the couple was trying to get things back on track. However, constant pressure from the Newman women (Mother-in-law Nikki, and Sister-in-law Victoria) had Sharon feeling at the end of her rope, and close to losing her mind, as she and Nick contemplated divorce. With only Father-in-law Victor to turn to, Sharon began to lean on the man more than she ever should have. In a moment of weakness, as she felt incredibly unnattractive ? and while Victor was overdosing on pain pills ? she kissed the man, and Nick (who had intended to resolve their marriage problems) witnessed the entire thing. Suddenly finding herself Public Enemy #1 in the Newman Family, Sharon abandoned her husband and children, and fled town, needing to regroup and figure out who she really was and what she really wanted out of life.

Denver Disaster:

Sharon Newman had become a bit of a game for Cameron Kirsten. To try to give Grace the revenge he felt she deserved, Cameron kept tabs on the Newman Family, and on all of Sharon's activities, specifically. Together, he and Grace plotted to ruin Sharon's perfect world, by dropping her down a few more notches in husband Nick's eyes. When he learned she was in Denver, having fled her home in GC, he orchestrated a meeting in a bar. What he found was a drunken Sharon. What he discovered, through conversation with her, was that she was a woman unlike any he had ever met. A woman with a unique fire, and pizazz. Despite his love for Grace, Cameron was unbelievably attracted to the woman he'd merely intended to meet. Drunk, and needing to feel connected and wanted, Sharon allowed Cameron to take her to a hotel room, where the two made love. For Sharon, it was drunken sex. For Cameron, it was lust more powerful than he'd ever known. For Sharon, the feeling of being with someone reminded her only of her husband. For Cameron, there was no one else in the world except Sharon... until she called out Nick's name, and Cameron realized he would never possess the heart of a creature like her. Something inside him snapped and ? in a jealous rage ? he beat Sharon to a bloody pulp, then passed out. Sharon, shaken, stared at her bloody face in the mirror and realized ? finally ? that she belonged in GC with her family. She spent the next few weeks allowing the bruises to heal, leaving no trace of her violent encounter with Cameron, then returned home to reclaim her family.

Getting Back On Track:

In GC, Sharon had a difficult time trying to make amends with her family and children, especially since daughter Cassie had fallen into a frozen pond shortly after she left, and spent a month in a coma, near death. However, little by little, she ingratiated herself with Victor, seduced Nick back into her bed, and charmed her way back into her daughter's heart.

Two Invasions:

While out for a 'let's get back on track' lunch with Cassie, Sharon was horrified to see Cameron Kirsten sitting at a table nearby, reading a newspaper. Remembering all he did to her in Denver, she quickly ushered Cassie out of the restaurant and rushed off with her, not explaining her sudden odd mood. Later, while shopping for dresses for an upcoming Gala she was hosting, Sharon was horrified to come face to face with Frank Barritt, Cassie's biological Father, who insisted he had come to town hoping to meet his little girl. Sharon struggled to keep the Cameron stuff to herself, but told Nick about Frank's sudden appearance. Nick confronted the man, demanding he keep his distance from Cassie.

Business Partners & Confessing To Michael Baldwin:

At Nick's office, Sharon was rocked to the core when she stopped in to see him and instead found Cameron Kirsten meeting with him. Cameron barely acknowledged Sharon, who made a quick exit. She bumped in Michael Baldwin, who was in the building to see Victor, and ? in a moment of desperation and utter need ? she told him everything about the man and what he had done to her in Denver, and that he was now meeting with Nick. Michael stressed that Cameron was a businessman, and it was not so far fetched he'd get involved with NE, and recommended Sharon tell Nick the truth. However, convinced her marriage couldn't handle any more trouble, Sharon kept quiet, hoping instead to figure out what Cameron was up to, what he wanted.

Sending Frank Away:

Determined to maintain his family now that he had it back, Nick confronted Frank about his desire to see Cassie, and warned him to stay away. Frank tried to explain that he hadn't known about his daughter and felt he deserved a chance to be in her life, but Nick stressed how damaging it could be, and said he wouldn't share his daughter with anyone. Unbeknownst to everyone, Frank sought legal advice, intending to petition for some custody rights where Cassie was concerned.

The Cameron Menace:

Sharon's worst fears were confirmed during a private meeting with Cameron. He admitted his intention to do business with Nick and NE over a long period of time, and denied beating Sharon in Denver. He said they'd shared a passionate night together and that he'd thought of nothing ever since. During a public dinner with her and Nick, he was annoyed when Sharon brought along the children, hoping it would show him how happy she was and make him back off. Instead, he privately told her that he wanted another go with her and that he wouldn't take no for an answer. He went to Nick and requested Sharon's hosting help with a New Year's Eve party. Though Sharon didn't want anything to do with him, she worried that she would cost Nick a lucrative deal at a time he needed to prove his worth to his Father's company. As a result, she agreed to play host for Cameron's party.

Ignoring Michael's Advice:

Convinced Cameron would not let up until he got what he wanted from Sharon, Michael pleaded with her to come clean with Nick. But Sharon had herself convinced the truth would cost her a marriage that had already been through too much. She told Michael she would help Cameron with his holiday party and hope that would be the end of it.

New Year's Eve Murder:

Cameron ? in contact with Grace ? decided that they could destroy Sharon once and for all by luring her to a motel for sex, and making sure Nick found out exactly what had happened. His badgering of Sharon reached peak proportions during the New Year's Eve party, where he demanded she sleep with him at the end of the night, or risk losing her family when he told her husband everything that had happened between them in Denver. Cameron asked Nick to prepare a business proposal that would take him away from the party and Sharon, and keep him occupied at work all night. Reluctantly, Nick agreed, while Sharon knew that Cameron had planned it to make sure she was alone. He ordered her to meet him at a sleazy motel after the party. Hoping to explain to him once and for all that she couldn't sleep with him no matter what, Sharon went to the motel, where the clerk assumed she was a prostitute, and allowed her to go up to the rooms. Alone with Cameron, he told her he wanted sex and she refused him. A battle ensued, with him punching her and preparing to lay on a beating to rival the one she'd received in Denver. But this time, Sharon fought back. She smashed a champagne bottle down on Cameron's head and ? in her panicked state ? believed she had killed him. She wrapped his body in a sheet and dragged him down the back stairs, and into an alley, where she left him covered and laying behind a dumpster.

Demanding Vengeance:

Cameron woke hours later, disoriented, and became enraged as he quickly realized that Sharon believed she had killed him, and had the nerve to leave him for dead in a dark and cold alley. He contacted his trusted henchman, Gabe, and insisted on a vengeance far sweeter than he'd initially planned to exact on Sharon. He explained what had happened to Grace, and told her he had a plan to drive Sharon to the brink of insanity. However, unbeknownst to Grace, Cameron ordered Gabe to do the unthinkable; Gabe murdered Frank Barritt, dressed him in the tuxedo Cameron had worn, and placed his body behind the motel dumpster, where it was quickly covered by a snowstorm. Cameron went into hiding, but told Grace that the time had come for her to get her own hands dirty.

A New Year Begins:

Sharon struggled to deal with the fact she'd committed murder by confiding the deed to Michael. Horrified, he advised her to go to the police immediately. She said the body would be covered by snow, thus biding her some time, while Michael argued that she was losing her mind and that he couldn't be involved in the cover-up of a murder, but was also bound by confidentiality rules. Nick grew increasingly concerned, as did Cassie, about Sharon's erratic behaviour and obviously distracted state. He was also bothered by Cameron's sudden disappearance, not understanding why he had him work all night on a business proposal he never showed up to read. To Sharon's utter horror, Nick became convinced something awful had happened to Cameron, and alerted Dt. Weber to his sudden disappearance. Michael advised Sharon to come forward, telling her that when the body was discovered, there could be evidence linking her to the crime. And to make everything worse, Grace surfaced in town and stunned Sharon by revealing that she was there looking for her boyfriend... Cameron.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures:

With the walls closing in to a degree she could no longer handle, Sharon decided she had no choice but to get rid of Cameron's body before the snow melted. With Nick out of town on business, she took the largest car, made up a bogus story about going shopping, and returned to the motel. She found the body, still wrapped, and loaded it in the trunk of her car. She was stopped by the clerk at the motel, who seemed to recognize her from her previous visit, but couldn't really place her face. He did, however, let her leave, after warning her not to dump her garbage there (assuming that's what she was doing). What followed was an ordeal. Sharon was followed by a group of thugs who tried to rape her, but fled when they realized she had a dead body in the trunk. She was pulled over by a cop, who only wanted to tell her she had a light out. And at an out of the way bar where she stopped to compose herself, she ran into Grace, who demanded to know why she looked so disheveled, and what she was up to.

Enter Larry Warton:

Quite by chance, Larry Warton ? friend of the Newman Family (and partial to Sharon) ? saw Sharon enter the seedy bar and also wondered why she looked so distraught. As he passed by her car, he saw the bloody sheet sticking out of the trunk and ? noting the door was open ? unlocked it. Inside, he discovered the body, figured something horrible had happened and ? in a panicked state ? removed the body from Sharon's trunk and dumped it down a nearby sewer. As he drove off on his motorcycle, not knowing what to do, he got into a horrible accident and ended up hospitalized, unconscious.

Break Down:

At Sharon's car, Grace continued to confront her, insinuating that she was somehow connected to Cameron's disappearance. Enraged at the comment, and furious when Grace threatened to contact Nick and tell him about Sharon being at the bar, she violently shoved Grace, then broke down and dragged her to the trunk to show her exactly what was going on. As the trunk opened, Sharon hyper-ventilated, realizing it was completely empty. She drove off, leaving Grace stunned. At home, she broke down and woke the next morning to a horrifying apparition... a dead and bloody Cameron staring at her through the windows. Michael stopped by and she told him everything she'd done. He worried about the clerk having seen her, but Sharon insisted she was finally in the clear.


Dt. Weber's investigation heated up. After speaking to Grace, he had no choice but to question Sharon and Nick about Cameron's disappearance. Though Nick wanted to do all he could to help, Weber immediately picked up on an odd vibe from Sharon, who seemed more than a little on edge. His suspicions only mounted when the motel clerk came forward and offered a description of the woman seen at Cameron's motel room. The sketch looked exactly like Sharon. Though Grace insisted on the resemblance, Nick said it could be anyone. Weber, however, demanded to know where exactly Sharon had been after the New Year's Eve party. Sharon began to realize, to her horror and dread, that she would have to make a deal with the devil to save herself.

Needing Nikki:

To save herself, Sharon went to Nikki Newman, her Mother-in-Law, and confessed everything about her history with Cameron. Nikki, who had noticed Sharon's odd behaviour for weeks, and had helped counsel Cassie several times about it, was stunned that she had once again shown such bad judgment and landed the family name in such grave danger. Sharon begged Nikki to give an alibi for New Year's Eve, but there was a problem... Nikki had been unable to find Sharon that night, and had told several people that. She told Sharon that while she wanted to help, she could not lie to the police for her. However, when push came to shove, Nikki also didn't tell Weber that Sharon WASN'T with her. She remained very non-committall.

Haunting Sharon & The Sewer:

The weeks passed with Sharon terrified that Cameron's body would be discovered, that she would be linked to the crime, that Nick would learn everything, and that Nikki would turn her in. To complicate things further, Sharon began to believe she was losing her mind as she started seeing Cameron everywhere. Staring at her through windows. Lingering in the shadows outside the door. Standing in her living room. Also, Grace was now having meetings with Nick, insisting that Sharon was hiding something, and telling him about her frantic trip to the bar the night he was out of town. Sharon became convinced that Cameron's ghost was out for vengeance, and that she would never live a normal life again. And then Larry Warton showed up, badly bruised and bandaged from his stay in the hospital. He stunned Sharon with the revelation that he had stolen Cameron's body and disposed of it in a sewer. Sharon told Nikki everything, and Nikki blasted her for involving yet another innocent person in her drama. Both Larry and Nikki were stunned when Sharon insisted that she could put the whole ordeal behind her if she could see Cameron's body and be sure he was dead. The three of them, in the dark of night, journeyed into the sewer and found the body, with a face so badly decomposed that Sharon was unable to identify the man. The hauntings continued, and Nikki demanded Sharon see a psychiatrist. Nick was weirded out by Nikki and Sharon's newfound closeness, but supported it and believed Nikki's story that Sharon was having womanly problems he couldn't possibly understand. Sharon's shrink prescribed tranquilizers, which Nikki was not entirely happy about.


Alone in the Newman Ranch, and hopped up on tranquilizers, Sharon was menaced by Cameron's ghost like never before. He stalked her around the room, as her vision faded in and out, then forced her into the atrium, where she lost her footing and crashed through a window. As she recovered, the ghost visited again, this time grabbing her, kissing her forcefully and whispering, ?Gotcha? into her ear. Horrified, Sharon began to suspect Cameron wasn't dead at all. Nick's discovery compounded her fears; he learned that Cameron's company had been in some legal trouble before he'd disappeared, and wondered if he'd skipped town to stay below the radar. At the GC Mother's Day Brunch, Nikki and Sharon were stunned when Cameron ? very much alive ? walked in, sat at their table, apologized to Nick for disappearing, and offered a lame story about having met a woman and taken a whirlwhind trip with her to a tropical island.


Sharon confronted Cameron the first chance she got and demanded to know what he'd been up to, haunting her. Cameron played dumb and insisted Sharon was losing her mind. He said he had never been in the motel room with her on New Year's Eve. That the last time they'd been together was in Denver, and that she was crazy if she thought she'd killed him. Sharon mentioned the body, but quickly shut up, not quite sure what to make of Cameron's story. Meanwhile, Michael was incredibly suspicious of Grace, who seemed perfectly willing to forgive Cameron for leaving her and being with another woman. Grace argued that no one understood their relationship, while Michael suspected more was going on then met the eye. Shaken by her conversation with Michael, Grace finally talked to Cameron and told him that while she'd been content with his plot to haunt Sharon and drive her crazy, she now thought it was time they left town for good. Cameron argued that it had been her idea to mess with Sharon in the first place, and that the rules had changed when she'd left him for dead. Now, he wanted pay back.

Job Offer:

To keep Sharon on edge, Cameron approached Nick ? freshly out of a job at NE ? and offered to make him the Chief Operating Officer of his software firm. Nick was stunned by the offer and admitted that he had difficulty trusting a man who would disappear for months on end without a word to anyone. Nick explained that many people ? Grace included ? had thought Cameron was dead, and that Sharon had been accused of being involved since she'd seem him last. Cameron asked Nick to put the past behind them, and not turn down a lucrative job offer that would come along once in a lifetime. Unable to handle this latest development, Sharon ? against Michael's wishes ? broke down and told Nick everything about her first encounter with Cameron in Denver, and about New Year's Eve, the body, the sewer, Nikki and Michael and Larry... everything. Nick was stunned, betrayed, and seriously shaken in his belief in his marriage. But, more importantly, he was protective of his wife, who had clearly suffered so greatly at the hands of a mad man. Nick visited Cameron in his hotel room, smashed him in the jaw, refuse the job offer and insisted he would make him pay for what he'd done to Sharon.

The Body:

As everything was brought out in the open, all involved were left with a large question mark... if Cameron hadn't been the body Larry Warton dumped down the sewer... who did it belong to? Nick worried that more was going on, and that Cameron had perhaps tried to frame Sharon for murder. In a desperate move, the two went to Grace and told her what had happened, begging her to come clean with them about Cameron's intentions. Grace refused to join forces with two people who had put her through so much, but began to waver when she listened to Sharon's account of the beating she'd received in Denver, and about New Year's Eve. It was a confrontation with Nikki that ultimately got to Grace, when she learned that a dead body really did exist, and Nikki suggested she could be implicated in a murder. Grace was genuinely shocked to learn about the body and insisted she had no clue what was going on. When she questioned Cameron about it, he realized the time was fast approaching for something to be done. He tried to learn from Grace where the body was, and assigned Gabe ? the murderer ? to track it down. All he recalled was Sharon once ? during a haunting ? mentioning the sewers. He had to force Grace to tell him the precise location. Sharon and Nick knew they couldn't risk another venture into the sewers, while Cameron visited Nikki and menaced her in her own home about the mess she'd gotten herself involved in. He implied that Sharon was a crazy woman, accusing him of things he'd never done, and that she was ? obviously ? capable of murder, with Nikki as an accomplice.

Too Late:

Sharon had finally had enough and ? against Michael's wishes ? decided to come forward and tell the police everything she knew. However, before she could do so, Gabe and Cameron located the body and arranged for it to be found. The police were alerted and Weber was on the case. In record time, he discovered the identity of the corpse was Frank Barritt, that he was connected to the Newman's. However, nothing was as damning as what was discovered during the analysis of the sheet. Special lighting showed washed away blood, crudely scribbled with a finger on the sheet, spelling out the name S-H-A-R-O-N. Immediately, she was arrested for murdering her daughter's biological husband, with the motive being to keep him from seeking custody of Cassie. Sharon and Nick swore they knew nothing of Frank's intentions, and were both devastated to realize Cameron had ended the life of a man Cassie would now never meet.

Grace Comes Clean:

Finally unable to stand it, Nick and Sharon demanded Grace tell them everything. She painfully admitted that she'd sicked Cameron on Sharon as payback for all the hurt she felt she'd been given at the hands of the Newman family. Neither Sharon or Nick could believe she would go so far, and told her they were now her only hope of survival, since Cameron was a murderer and would do so again if it meant keeping her quiet. In response to the warning, Grace disappeared and went into hiding, while Cameron warned her to board a plane back to New York, if she knew what was best for her, threatening that she'd go down with him if she talked to the cops. The statement would come back to haunt him.

Analyzing Cameron:

Released on bail, Sharon and Nick did their best to devise a plan to turn the tables on Cameron. Nick visited him, and tried to get under his skin by suggesting he beat women because was really gay and only used them for sex to hide his true feelings. Cameron didn't respond to Nick's taunts, but when Sharon paid him a visit of her own, it was obvious that he was sorry for the situation he'd gotten her into and would help if he could. Sharon practically offered herself to him if it would clear her name, but he refused, saying that it wasn't sex he craved... it was her, completely. He insisted he hadn't been the same since their romp in Denver. That no woman had ever made him feel like she had. He also revealed that he'd beat her because she had called out Nick's name during sex. Sharon suddenly realized that Cameron ? however crazy it was ? was in love with her. Finally, she felt she had something she could work with.

Cassie Copes:

Nick, Sharon and Nikki were all there for Cassie as she dealt with the reality of her biological Father's murder. Though she was admittedly upset to not be able to ever know a man who had clearly wanted to be a part of her life, she assured everyone that Nick was the only Father she'd ever known, or wanted.

The Lion's Den:

Sharon began spending more and more time with Cameron, doing her best to get him to confess to killing Frank, telling her how he accomplished it. Cameron played innocent, but said he would help if he could. When Sharon asked what he wanted from her, he told her to fly away with him, thus breaking bail and starting fresh in a new country where she couldn't be arrested for Frank's murder. Sharon told him that she could never leave her children. Cameron told her that if she flew away with him, he would tell her how he'd done what he'd done. He said that in all the time they'd spoken about leaving, she'd never mentioned wanting to stay to be with Nick, only the kids. He suggested she had feelings for him, then admitted that she reminded him so much of his Mother. Fully understanding she was dealing with a mad man, Sharon told him she would leave the country with him, but first wanted to say good-bye to her family. She and Nick devised plan to wire her and get Cameron to admit to everything before take-off. However, Cameron changed plans on them and told Sharon they were leaving early, not giving her a chance to prep herself. She managed to get him to agree to let her leave a message for the kids, which she did, slipping in a secret code that alerted Nick to the change in plans.

Air Rescue:

While Sharon and Cameron boarded his jet, with Gabe at the controls, and prepared for lift-off, Nick snuck aboard the plane and hid in the back. Sharon ? unaware of this ? got last minute jitters and tried to leave. Cameron tied her in duct tape until they took off. Only then did he release her bindings and confess to having Gabe murder Frank and frame her. Nick got the confession on tape, revealed himself, beat Cameron to a pulp, then gave the three of them parachutes and ? with Sharon and Cameron ? jumped out of the flying plane. They landed in a field, where Cameron broke his leg. Nick and Sharon forced him to walk into a nearby town, where he was apprehended by the authorities and taken to prison to await a trial.


In GC, the Newman Family held a barbecue to welcome Sharon and Nick home, and to celebrate the end of the ordeal. Nick acknowledged the support of Michael and Nikki... and even Grace ? who at the last moment came forward and told Weber about Cameron's comment about going down, thus adding to the proof that he'd done something wrong, and helping put him away. Grace and Sharon called a truce, while the truce between Nikki and Sharon dissolved very soon after the crisis had passed.

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