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Y&R History

August 2002 by Christopher

Trying: Michael warned Isabella not to trust Lauren. Christine had second-thoughts about letting Michael into her personal life. Lauren and Lynne tried to get Paul and Christine to admit to having feelings for each other. Isabella warned Mary not to fight her marriage to Paul, since he's happy. Michael agreed not to try so hard with Christine.

Forbidden: Colleen began tutoring JT with a reading list, angering Billy. Colleen admitted to Mac that she had feelings for JT. Mac warned JT about Colleen's feelings and told him to let her down easy. John Abbott spotted Colleen and JT together and warned Jill that he wouldn't permit them to date. Despite himself, JT kissed Colleen.

Good-bye Billy: Billy suggested ditching college to build houses for the homeless in Louisiana. Though Mac initially agreed, she backed out, explaining that she'd been looking forward to college for too long. Jill fought Billy's decision, but at Larry's urging, wished her son well and said good-bye. The Abbott's gathered to say farewell to Billy, before Mac brought him to the airport, exchanged 'I love you's' and parted ways.

Paralyzed: Raul met Brittany's parents, whose cold behavior left her wanting nothing more than to get drunk. She did so, and got behind the wheel of her car. When Raul tried to stop her, she crashed the car, leaving him in the hospital, paralyzed. Brittany was arrested for drunk driving, while her parents worried Raul's family would press charges. As Raul realized he might never walk again because of Brittany, he blamed her for ruining his life.

Rehab: Serena kept Neil at her place, fighting withdrawal, while Drucilla returned to GC with Lily, hoping Neil could help straighten out their troubled daughter. Juice beat Neil, stole his apartment keys and went over to rob the place. He found Dru, Olivia and Lily there, attacked them and nearly killed Dru, before Neil showed up and saved them. Disgusted that he'd let his life sink to the pits of alcoholism, Dru ordered Neil to go to Rehab. He agreed, where he admitted to Serena that he couldn't think about their relationship just then. He begged Dru to stay in town until he was better, while Lily phoned Wes – Dru's boyfriend in Paris – and told him Dru missed him. Wes booked a trip.

Losing It: When Diane taunted Phyllis about losing Daniel because she was an unfit Mother, Phyllis punched her in the face. Jack was furious, and worried about Phyllis' inability to control her temper. He told Diane she would have to move out the moment her leg healed from being run over. Phyllis tore up a picture of Diane and burned it, before asking Larry Warton if he knew of any hit men for hire.

Distance: Ash and Brad argued about Victor's interest in her chemotherapy. Brad went on a trip, giving them space, while Olivia helped fit Ash for wigs and listened to her marriage troubles. Ash was happy to have such a good best friend. Brad returned, thanked Olivia for her support, and admitted to Ash that their marriage was in trouble. Dru noticed Olivia's growing closeness to Brad.

Newman Relationships: Sharon admitted to Christine that it bothered her to see Diego moving on with Victoria, and said she no longer felt the same about her marriage and Nick. To change things, Sharon suggested to Nick that they have another child. Nick was doubtful, but took this as a sign of true love. Meanwhile, Victoria and Diego made love and admitted to developing deep feelings for one another. Reluctantly, they went public with their romance.

Max & Lorie's Game: Max recruited Lorie – who was insulted by Nikki's demand that she leave town – to help him stop the Newman Wedding. They set up a hidden camera in Lorie's room, then lured Victor there, while Max had a television linked to the camera in his room, where he lured Nikki for a closure lunch. Their plan failed when Nikki and Victor realized they were being set up and ended up stronger as a result. Lorie regretted her actions, while Max gave up and ordered flowers for the wedding.

Preparing For the Newman Wedding: Victor promised Kay he would make Nikki extremely happy. Ash – in an effort to show her support to Victor – informed Brad she intended to go to the wedding, whether he liked it or not. During a nap, Ash had a nightmare about Abby growing up never knowing her biological Father. Jack visited Victor, wished him well, and told him not to hurt Nikki again. Jack observed Phyllis bonding with Kyle and was pleased. Later, Diane revealed to them that she was filing a petition to prevent Phyllis from being alone with Kyle. Victoria bought Diego a suit for the wedding, and they admitted to falling in love. Sharon revealed to Nick that she'd slept with Diego when she thought he'd cheated on her with Grace. She swore it had only happened once, but Nick insisted her excuses were worthless and her actions unforgivable. Nick burst into the tack room and attacked Diego in front of a stunned Victoria.

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Page updated 7/10/12

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