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Y&R History

April 2002 by Christopher

Lessons: Jill began tutoring Larry on how to be a gentleman and impress Amanda. Larry promised Mac he would never hurt her Mother. Amanda admitted to Sean that some things about Larry's past bothered her. Sean gave Jill the cold shoulder after she said she wasn't ready for marriage.

Love Woes: Danielle was bothered by Billy's inability to not think about Mac, while JT accused Mac of using him to forget Billy. Raul admitted to Raul that he was anxious to go away to college and no longer deal with Mac. Meanwhile, Raul and Brittany bonded when he was rejected for college in Boston, and again later when he was accepted to a different school. They agreed to attend Prom as friends, and shared an intimate kiss. ok Ralph: Mac continued to believe someone was stalking her, while Larry suggested it could be Billy. Mac accused Billy, who was disgusted by the suggestion. Later, she began to fear that Ralph was in town and following her. Larry looked into it and discovered Ralph was living in Tuscon. Mac and Amanda were at ease, until Ralph revealed himself to Amanda and insisted he would not leave town without her. Amanda said she'd moved on, angering him. He insisted Mac had lied about him molesting her, but Amanda pointed out her fear was too real to be faked.

Ash's Ordeal: The tumor in Ash's breast was removed, and Olivia comforted Brad while she was in surgery. With radiation treatments required immediately, Ash confided her condition to her friends, and to Victor. Her family was supportive, while Victor paid for her to have a VIP suite at the hospital and swore he'd do whatever he could.

Kenya Truth: Neil and Alex, after talking with Victoria, realized that Malcolm had gone off angry after overhearing them admit to having feelings for each other. Guilt-ridden, Neil agreed to back off from Alex, while she admitted to Olivia that she blamed Neil for Malcolm's death. Neil and Alex finally connected and wondered who was ultimately to blame, while Victoria and Olivia agreed to work together to help them through the difficult days without Malcolm.

Paul's Predicament: Lauren realized Mary had gone to Australia to see Christine, and told Paul. He warned Mary to keep her distance or risk losing him forever. Mary insisted he still loved Christine, while Isabella told Lauren she would fight for Paul if she had to. Michael advised Lauren to pursue Paul, but she backed off so he could be happy with Isabella. With his divorce from Christine finalized, Isabella pressured Paul to marry her, but he refused even after she went into false labour. Isabella ordered him to move out or marry her, while Diane worried the move would push Paul further away.

Jack's Quest: Diane admitted to Isabella that she planned to exploit the weak spots in Jack's marriage to win him away from Phyllis. Silva warned that attacking Diane's character would cause the other side to attack Phyllis'. Jack revealed to the Abbott family that Kyle was his son and he intended to take him from Diane. Brad and Ash tried to talk him out of it, but he refused to listen. When Jack was granted visitation and Diane cooperated instantly, he doubted her motives. Phyllis was terrified when she heard Diane ask Gina about Daniel. She feared Danny and Daniel would testify against her, so Jack suggested they only fight for shared custody. Phyllis admitted to Sean that she wanted Diane out of their lives for good, while Diane was bothered to see Phyllis holding her son.

Victor's Quest: Victor met with Leanna Love, Ashley, and Diane to discuss what went wrong in the various relationships. He continued to be distant from Nikki, angering Victoria who told Nikki about the engagement ring. Nikki insisted she was perfectly okay with whatever happened between her and Victor. Nikki warned Leanna to stay away from the Newman Family, but Leanna was determined to figure out what Victor was up to. While talking to Victor, Ash realized he was contemplating remarrying Nikki and afraid to hurt her again. Victor dined with Nikki, told her she was the only constant in his life, and said he had to leave town again. Nikki wondered if he'd return.

Downward Spiral: During a dinner with Nick, Sharon pulled away from a kiss and later found him locking lips with Miranda. Devastated, she filed for legal separation and asked for a restraining order. Victoria begged Sharon to reconsider, but Sharon warned she'd divorce Nick if the Newman's didn't back off. Victor agreed to keep the peace if she stayed calm. Christine returned from Australia to handle the separation. She begged Sharon to give things a chance and asked Nick to work on it. Grace Turner, having read a story about the separation, arrived in town and offered herself to Nick. Though he refused, Sharon spotted a note from Grace on his desk and assumed they'd had an affair. In desperation, she turned to Diego for comfort, and they kissed passionately.

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