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One Bad Day

Part 2 by Willy Garza  6/16/15

We begin focusing on the Newman jet flying down somewhere in Big Bear, a remote mountain lake location near Los Angeles, CA. As Sharon Collins is watching from below, the fierce dust brushes past her face. Victor has a scowl over his face, as he is greeted by a panic-stricken Sharon. "What's the update on my son ..where the hell is Nicholas Newman?!" he shouts.

Back in Genoa City , Wisconsin, Drucilla Winters meets up with her former brother-in-law Malcolm Winters, who is setting up his photo equipment to welcome his first client of the day. "Malcolm, please tell me you have heard from that handsome stubborn older brother of yours, Neil?!" Malcolm is putting film into the cameras while he looks at Dru smiling. "Sorry baby girl, I can't say I heard anything today from my older brother!"

Meanwhile, Chloe Mitchell is at her apartment, frustrated over the phone yelling at the landlord. "I told you before, Mr. Randall. My stupid faucet has been leaking since this morning. I got no sleep at all! You are the landlord. I demand my repairs be done or else I start calling my lawyer!"

Back at Big Bear, Victor lays into Sharon publicly in front of others around them. "How is it that a stupid woman like you keeps destroying my son's life?!" Sharon loses her cool and slaps the great Victor Newman upset and in tears! "Shut up, Victor! It's not my fault that your son is missing in the lake. Those were circumstances out of my control! We need to team together in finding him!"

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