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One Bad Day

Part 1 by Willy Garza  6/16/15

 It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Genoa City. We focus on the happy couples walking around at the local fair, especially Lily Winters and Kyle Abbott, holding hands, walking around the fairgrounds. Lily pulls her boyfriend closer, as they lock lips .

"Mmm, Strawberry flavor-- tasty!" teases Kyle .

Lilly laughs. "Actually, its called Forbidden Passion.  However, there are strawberries in it. It's from Jabot. Ashley wanted me to sample it first" she replies.

"Ashley, huh? Does this mean you are considering working back at Jabot as our modeling campaign manager?" asks Kyle.

"Yes, baby, I just don't know how I am going to tell my dad.  He's been so busy creating the new business. I swear, Kyle, my dad's literally becoming the next Victor Newman! " she says, tearfully.

Kyle embraces her and then he buys them some nachos with jalapeņos, and Pepsi.

Meanwhile, Victor Newman encounters his oldest son, Adam, passing thru the hallway. "Where is your brother, Nicholas?!" he demands.

Adam glares at him and replies, "My youngest brother, Nicholas, told me he didn't want you knowing where he went.  Sorry, dearest Dad, but you aren't getting any information from me about where your golden boy is hiding!" Adam then grabs an apple from the kitchen, biting hard into it, while he enters his office.

Somewhere in Big Bear, a remote mountain lake location near Los Angeles, Nick and Sharon are enjoying their romantic getaway when it's interrupted by a few rough-looking punks, wanting to create havoc.  First, they follow the happy couple onto their yacht.  As two guys hold Sharon back, she screams "Stop!" as she watches Nicholas get beaten up.  Then, after he's thrown overboard and left for dead, she screams, "Nicholas! No!!!" She pleads with the thugs, in tears.

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Page updated 5/2/15

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