Jess Walton
What is your full name? Mary Jess Walton James
What is your birth date? Feb 18
Where were you born? Grand Rapids, Michigan
Do you have any nicknames? My husband calls me “Diva” when I’m having a Jill moment.
What is your height and weight? 5’ 7” and 130 lbs
Do you have any siblings?    One sister, Maggie
Do you have any pets?

A female Doberman named Gemini, a male mutt named Bull and a Cat named Figaro

What is your favorite food?   Filet Mignon with Bernaise sauce
What are your favorite TV Shows?         The West Wing, Ally McBeal, Sex in the City and The X-Files
Who inspires you personally? People with the courage to be who they are
Who inspires you professionally? Daniel Day Lewis, Anthony Hopkins, Jody Foster, Oprah Winfrey
What do you do in your spare time off the set? (Hobbies, etc) Read, Pilates, Movies, Chess
What is your greatest strength? My belief in abundance and my capacity for joy
What is your greatest weakness? Occasionally falling back into old habits of thought
What would be your wish for people looking to start to get into the business?  That they dream it til the dream becomes familiar and real
What do you enjoy most of the business industry?    The fun of acting.
Who are your favorite authors? Michael Connelly, Robert Parker, Martha Grimes, Ruth Rendell.
What would you say would be your most embarrassing moment?  The time my jaw locked in the open position while I was performing in a stage play in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. I was about 19 years old.
What are your favorite books? English detective stories and Police procedurals
What would be your worst experience? My dog was accidentally poisoned and we had to watch him die.
Many years from now what would you most like to be remembered for? Being a great wife, a loving mother and a loyal friend.
Who are your favorite actors? Daniel Day Lewis and Anthony Hopkins and others
Who are your favorite actresses? Vanessa Redgrave, Meryl Streep and others
What would be your favorite quote? “To thine own self be true"
What is your worst pet peeve?      Those little cards they stick in magazines that won’t let you flip thru the pages.
Who are your favorite directors? Elia Kazan, Robert Altman and others
What kind of music to do you listen to? Every kind imaginable.
What do you think about when you think of your fans? They are the reason I’m an actress , to communicate feelings to them, joy, tears and laughter.
How did you like working on capitol and what was your most memorable experience? I loved Capitol. Kelly Harper was a great character and my most memorable moment was when Trey and Kelly got together finally on that stormy night.
How do you like working at Y&R? These years on Y&R have been the happiest of my life.
What are your favorite sports? Swimming and Horseback riding. I ride English style. Dressage.
How do you keep your hour glass figure? How do you stay in shape? I do Pilates twice a week with a trainer. For the last few years I have been ‘food-combining” and trying to stay away from sugar.
What is your most challenging scene at Y&R? Whenever I have to cry. It’s not too hard when it happens naturally but when they write it in I feel pressure.
What was your most memorable scene at Y&R? When I announced to Katherine’s entire party that her house was really mine.
What is your favorite chocolate? Reese’s peanut butter cups
Do you have children? One son, 19, Cole and one Daughter,24, Allison
Are you married? Yes, for 20 years to a wonderful man, John W. James
Favorite colors?   Carnelian red and bluish-purple
What social issue is most important to you? Freedom in all things
How was it that you came to realize that you wanted to become an actress? It was all I ever wanted to do.
How do you manage to keep a straight face when doing a scene, when the average person would break out in laughter?? I try to get lost in the reality of the scene.
How does an actor perfect crying on cue? Is it something you have to practice or does it come naturally? I have tried for years to perfect it. The secret is concentration.
Which storyline had the biggest emotional impact?

        When my son Billy came home and didn’t love me.

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