Jill Abbott
(Jess Walton)
This is from 2000 during the writers' strike
I am so blessed in having fans such as you and I am truly fortunate to be one of the few actors who can gladly go to work and come into your home everyday. Many actors are not this fortunate. Most work long and hard just to get an audition, which may or may not lead to a job that lasts only a few days each year. Currently my performers' unions of SAG and AFTRA are on strike fighting for a better commercial contract. The contract the advertisers have offered proposes an actual 60% to 75% wage cut. Even more shocking is the fact that this has been offered when the advertising agencies we are striking against have posted record earnings for the last few years. Talent cost remains a minor part of the huge advertising budgets.

It is the working class actor who will be hurt most by this cutback. I'm not talking about the highly paid stars, but the average person with a family to support who is just trying to make an honest living. These are the actors whose names you might not know, but whose faces are familiar.

If this strike continues it could ultimately carry over into a network television and theatrical strike as well. This means that during that time I would no longer be able to come into your home everyday via my show. I am asking you, as a fan and a consumer, to click on the link below and send an e-mail to one of the targeted companies that pay these advertisers to make their commercials and let them know that you do not support products advertised in commercials that use non-union scabs.

Thank you for your help and support in this matter.

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