Jill Abbott
(Jess Walton)
Jill Abbott is a wealthy woman, but she grew up in a working-class family.  She went to work for Phillip Chancellor when he wanted someone to help keep an eye on his wife, Kay, who was an alcoholic.  Jill ended up having an affair with Phillip and bore him a child, Phillip, Jr.  This started Kay and Jill's long-time feud, which carried over past the deaths of both Phillip and his son.  Recently, Jill and Kay found out that Jill is Kay's long-lost daughter, but it hasn't made their lives easier.  They are currently both living together and trying to make it work, along with Jill's father, Arthur.

Jill married John Abbott and thus took on the family business, J'Abot.  She had an affair with his son, which resulted in their divorce, but she received a percentage of J'abot in because of that.   She has been a smart and powerful businesswoman, despite her lack of education or  training in business.

Jill maintains a friendship with John and his family, despite their past.  Jill and John share a son, Billy.  Jill meddled in her teen son's business in a horrible way.  He married his long-time girlfriend, Mac (Kay's grand-daughter), but then they found out that they were cousins, so they both left town separately after having the marriage annulled.

Jill has been involved with many men on the show, but business, and her family, seem to be her main reasons for living.

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