Jill Abbott
(Jess Walton)
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Jess Walton Dishes on her 30 Year Mileston As Genoa City's Jill 8/26/17

Y&R Cast Loves Jess Walton 7/7/17

30 Years Ago Jess Walton Debuted on Y&R 6/30/17

Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers Return to Y&R 5/6/17

Jess Walton Returns to Y&R/ 4/27/17

Jess Walton Tells Fans Jill Isn't Going Anywhere 3/23/17

Is Jill Leaving Y&R 3/21/17

Y&R Works with American Heart Association for Important Message to Women/ 2/16/17

How Her New Y&R Storyline Hits Close to Home for Jess Walton  

Y&R's Jess Walton Talks Jill's Emotional Scenes, Jason Thompson, Tristan Rogers, The Late Jeanne Cooper, and 30 Years Of Genoa City Drama! 1/21/16

Soap Opera Digest article about Jill 11/11/08  Part One and Part Two

Soap Opera Digest question about winning the Emmy 5/25/04

Soap Opera Weekly Ask The Pros style question 4/20/04

Soap Opera Weekly Dressed For Success 5/11/04

Soap Opera Digest 6/1/04 about Jill and Katherine's relationship

Soap Opera Weekly 7/14/04 article about Jill and Katherine

Soap Opera Weekly 7/14/04 short article about Jill

Soap Opera Weekly 7/20/04 about Jill and Jack

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Soap Opera Digest 7/12/88

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