How well do you know Kristen and Susan?

No answers to these, sorry....hopefully coming soon!

1)What is Edmund's middle Name?
2) Who murdered Penelope?
3) Susan finally got her revenge for the mean things that Kristen had done to her. What did Susan do to Kristen?
4) Kristen blamed Marlena for all her problems. What did she do to her?
5) In the past, Susan pretended to be Kristen at her wedding. What was the theme of the wedding?
6) What did Kristen plan to name Susan's baby after she finally got her hands on him?
7) After Susan trapped Kristen in the secret room and was off seducing John, which one of the two Eileen Davidson characters was wearing the engagement ring, the one that John gave to Susan when she was in the hospital?
8) What is Susan's absolute favorite foods and snacks?


1.  Phineas

2.  Edmund

3.  Sent her to the Island with the Sheik

4.  Poisoned the chocolates

5.  Graceland

6.  John jr.

7.  Kristen

8.  Peanut-butter and banana sandwiches and potato chips

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