Susan hits Salem

Kristen Blake had done almost everything to keep her beloved John Black from his beloved Marlena Evans.  First she stole the letter that John wrote to Marlena while he was waiting to be executed that proclaimed his undying love for her (he wasn't executed in the end), then she helped Stefano DiMera kidnap Marlena (she was later rescued), but she knew it was only a matter of time before Marlena would expose her for all the evil things she had done.

The only reason John was with her was because she was pregnant with his baby, but Kristen had neglected to tell him that she had a miscarriage while they were in Paris, and had been faking her pregnancy for the last three months.  Kristen was desperate, and she need help.  Thankfully, for her anyway, she had Stefano on her side.

    Stefano DiMera would do anything to help his adopted daughter, and in the process get his “Queen of the Night” Marlena, so Stefano came up with a plan that most people would never even dream of ... he brought Susan Banks to town.

   Susan Deliah Banks came to Salem on November 4, 1996.  When Kristen first saw Susan, she could hardly believe her eyes ... it was like looking in a mirror.  Miraculously, Stefano had found a woman who looked exactly like his daughter, and coincidentally, was six months pregnant!  In reality, Susan was a brunette, with brown eyes, buck teeth, and a soft southern accent.  But with a little make up, a blonde wig, some fake teeth, and some blue contacts, Susan was Kristen’s identical twin.

   Stefano's plan was to have Susan pose as Kristen, and go to all of her doctor's appointments, and when the time came, Susan would give her baby to Kristen and leave town once and for all.  In the meantime, Kristen could pretend to be pregnant, and keep John all to herself.  The plan was flawless ... well, almost flawless.

  Kristen and Kris-tan

    It became apparent over time that Susan didn't have all her marbles in her head, as she constantly spoke to a baby doll, which she called “Lisa Marie.”  It also became apparent that Susan was a big Elvis fan.

   At first Susan stuck to the plan, dressing up as Kristen and going to all her doctor's appointments, but as time went on people began noticing that there were two Kristen’s floating around Salem.   However, no one figured out that Susan was impersonating Kristen, except for Vivian Alamian and her sidekick Ivan, that is!

    Vivian and Ivan caught on to Kristen’s little plan and blackmailed Kristen into helping them out, in exchange for them not telling John about what was happening.

   Susan kept going to all her appointments and everything was going according to plan, when all of a sudden, Susan went into labor!    Kristen had arranged for Susan to give birth in a private hospital outside Salem, but Susan went to University Hospital instead.  As she was being rushed into the maternity ward, John just happened to be at the hospital and accompanied who he thought was Kristen into the delivery room.  Being a man of his word, John decided to carry out his promise to marry Kristen before she gave birth, and so they were married ... of course, John had no idea that he had just married Susan!  (This was kind of ironic considering John married his second wife Isabella on the same day she gave birth to their son Brady — Isabella died of cancer later that year).  Kristen, in the meantime was forced to watch the ceremony in the same room where she was disguised as a nurse.

  John Junior - Lil'Elvis  

    On February 21, 1997, Susan gave birth to John Black Jr.  Shortly after the birth ... and the wedding ceremony, Kristen forced Susan to leave the hospital and sent her to a rehab clinic to recover from giving birth.  She sternly told Susan never to return to Salem again.  However, Susan just couldn't leave her brand new baby boy — who she called “Lil'Elvis” (for reasons that will be explained later).

    Susan had become a real mother, and she knew that her baby need his real mama.  After a few days in the rehab clinic, Susan decided to come back to Salem.   When she did, she was saddened to learn that Lil'Elvis was having problems with his heart, and he needed to have surgery!  Thankfully he was okay, but doctors told Kristen she needed to breast feed him so he could become stronger.  Kristen obviously had no milk in her, so she was forced to get Susan to dress up as her once again, and breast feed Lil’Elvis / John Jr.

    When it was time for the baby to go home, Kristen tried to get rid of Susan again, but Susan was not about to go without a fight.  Vivian and Ivan, who had started helping Kristen — because Stefano threatened to kill them if they didn't, tried to keep Susan away from her baby.  They even tried giving her an injection that would stop her from lactating, but it was Ivan who ended up getting the injection in the end.  With all their antics, Susan started to call Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan “Them Evil Vampires!”

Feeling depressed about being away from Lil'Elvis, Susan decided to go see a therapist, who just happened to be none other than Doctor Marlena Evans — the woman who was out to expose Kristen, and win back John.  Susan, without naming names, told Marlena the whole story about how a mean woman had taken both her husband and her baby from her — Susan had developed a major crush on John after marrying him — and Marlena told her that no one had the right to take her baby away.  This made Susan more determined than ever to get Lil'Elvis back!

  Susan in the house of the Vampires

 Susan was going to tell John everything that Kristen had done, and take her baby back, but Kristen got to her before she could, and shut her up by hiring her as the baby's nanny.  Susan was all right with the idea, because she got to be with her baby, and near her John!  Susan had fallen in love with John, and often fantasized about making love to him.  At the same time, she had become convinced that Kristen, Vivian, Ivan, and Stefano were all Vampires, and soon discovered that they were plotting to get rid of Susan for good.

First she tried to confront them.
“Vampires!  Vampires!”  Susan sneered at Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan.
“I am not a Vampire!” Vivian replied sternly.
“Yes you are!” Susan said, as she put a mirror in Vivian face.  “Look!  No reflection!”
“See!  See!”  Vivian responded “There is a reflection! ... and I look like hell!”
Still, Susan remained adamant that Vivian, Kristen, and Ivan were all evil vampires and decided to something to get them out of her hair.  One night, Susan was talking to her Lil'Elvis as he played in his crib.
“Its a full moon tonight Elvis, and that's when those Vampires are very very very very very busy, but you know what I did?  I went to the Library and I checked out some books on them, yes I did!  And I'm going to study up on Vampires, and I'm going to out smart ‘em!”  She said with a determined look.
Susan knew that she first had to get rid of Kristen, and she thought the best way was to make it like Kristen wasn't missing at all, because she would impersonate Kristen again.  But she knew that in order to fool everyone, she needed a lot of practice.  Susan started working on sounding exactly like Kristen, but Kristen soon caught on.
“What have you been up to?” Kristen asked angrily as she walked in on Susan practicing to speak like her.
“Well I could ask you the very same thing Kris-tan!” Susan replied.  “And if you think you and your Vampire friends are going to come and take me away from here, you got another thing coming!  You ain’t steppin’ on my blue Suede shoes!  No you ain’t!”

Kristen knew Susan was becoming a big thorn in her side, and asked Stefano to help her.  Stefano arranged for a secret room to be built in wine cellar of Kristen’s mansion.  There she could lock Susan and Marlena up for Stefano to come get them later.
  meanwhile ...

 Laura Horton had arranged for Kristen’s brother Peter’s body to be exhumed so she could prove that Peter was really alive.  (Peter had faked his death and framed Laura’s ex-son in law Jack for the murder.  Laura was trying to free Jack, who had been given a life sentence).  Stefano told Kristen to stop Laura from getting the body exhumed, so Kristen got Vivian and Ivan to help her dig up Peter’s grave, and get rid of the body that was inside (which was Daniel Scott’s) before Laura could get to it.    Susan watched as “them Vampires” dug up the grave, and was more certain than ever that they weren’t only Vampires, but hey were also grave diggers!  She was determined to get Kristen out of Lil’Elvis’ life once and for all.   meanwhile ...

Doctor Marlena Evans began putting two and two together, and finally figured out that the evil woman Susan was talking about was Kristen.  When Kristen got home, Marlena threatened to tell John everything, but Kristen managed to trick Marlena into the secret room and locked her in.  Susan soon discovered that Marlena was in the room, and was about to free her when she realized Marlena loved John.  Susan wanted John to herself, so she decided to keep Marlena locked up in the room.  Susan had come up with a plan to get rid of Kristen, so she could be with her “sweet potato pie” John.

  How do you spell SUNSHINE? John Black!  He’s mine!  All mine!

 Susan went out and got herself a brown wig, and dyed her hair blonde with extensions put in so she could impersonate Kristen down to the very last detail.  Marlena had tricked Kristen into opening the door to the secret room in hopes of escaping, but Susan had followed Kristen down to the wine cellar.    'Its time to strike down that evil Jezebel!'  Susan thought, as she snuck up behind Kristen and pushed her into the secret room, locking both her and Marlena inside.

With Kristen taken care of, Susan was ready to put on the act of her life ... as Kristen!  She managed to fool everyone, including John.  She even got him to have sex with her!  John had previously promised to renew his vows to Kristen in an elaborate ceremony, but Susan began changing all the plans for the wedding.  Instead of the elaborate Victorian style wedding Kristen had planned, Susan changed it into a Viva-Las-Vegas wedding.  Soon she would marry John, and John would fall in love with the person she really was!   

Sister Mary Moira Banks   

However, an unexpected visitor soon showed up at the DiMera house.  Susan’s twin Sister, Sister Mary Moira Banks (a nun).  John talked to Sister Mary, who told John that Susan had written her a letter telling her that she was going to marry someone named John.  John told Sister Mary that Susan had quit her job as the baby’s nanny, and he didn’t know where she was, however, he did find it ironic that Susan was marrying someone who had the same name as he.

Sister Mary also told John that Susan was a bookworm until their mother took them to an Elvis concert.  After the concert Susan was an Elvis fan for life!  Sister Mary said Susan was so obsessed with Elvis, that she had a tattoo of a heart with his name in it on her ankle.   

The Wedding Fiasco  

  Susan was able to stop John from seeing the tattoo just long enough to be able to have the wedding of her dreams!   Susan had added a lot more flare, and sparkle to the wedding than Kristen had planned.  Everyone there thought she was crazy, but no one had figured out she wasn’t really Kristen, (except for Celeste — a psychic, and former sidekick of Stefano, turned good).  With John as her Elvis, Susan had her dream wedding, but the reception was ruined by Laura Horton, who had just been released from the hospital.  Laura attacked who she thought was Kristen and started shaking her, yelling at her to admit that Peter was alive.  Laura shook Susan so hard that her fake teeth went flying out of her mouth and landed in Vivian’s wine glass!  Susan had been exposed, and was quickly forced to tell everyone where the real Kristen and Marlena were.

John rushed down to save Kristen and Marlena, and was about to marry the real Kristen when Marlena exposed Kristen for the witch she really was.  Susan backed up all Marlena had to say, and told John that the baby was really hers.  John immediately dumped Kristen for Marlena.  John and Marlena could finally be together, and everyone forgave Susan for what she had done.  Susan finally had her Lil’Elvis all to herself forever and ever and ever and ever!   

Up  in the Penthouse

“Them Evil Vampires” were locked up in jail for the time being, and John and Marlena were finally together again, but poor Susan and Lil’Elvis had no place to go.  Out of the kindness of her heart, Marlena asked Susan to stay with her in her swanky Penthouse apartment in the middle of downtown Salem.  Susan was thrilled!  The first night she was there, Susan got a special visitor ... it was Elvis!

Elvis wanted to know why Susan had married John, but Susan told him it was all a big mistake, and assured him that he was the only one in her heart.  Elvis soon vanished into thin air, telling his precious Susan “I can’t help falling in love with you!”   Susan immediately went to John and told him that she no longer had that warm fuzzy feeling for him anymore.

Marlena and John were engaged on that same night and their wedding would follow the week after.  However, Kristen decided to show up in the bride’s room at the church with a little gift for Marlena ... her supposedly dead ex-husband Roman Brady!  The wedding was cancelled for the time being, but that wasn’t a real surprise to Susan.

“I just knew it!  I knew it!   I knew it!” she said to Lisa Marie.  “I’m just real glad I kept that sales receipt for that deep-fat-fryer I bought them for their weddin’ present you see, cause I just had this feelin’ in ma head; it was kind of a psychic feelin’ that I was gonna have to return that darn thing, and you see!!!!”
Later that night, Susan received a visit from her twin sister at the Penthouse.  Sister Mary was furious with Susan for impersonating Kristen, and wanted to know who the father of her baby was.

  The Million Dollar Question

“THE KING!!!!!!” Susan said.

“A king?”  Sister Mary asked.

“No! Not a King!  The King!...” Susan said.  “My baby’s daddy’s Elvis!”

Susan went on to describe a room with bright lights and doctors and nurses standing over her, with Elvis standing by her side.  Apparently, the conception of Lil’Elvis required a little medical assistance! meanwhile …  
With Roman Brady back in town, Marlena and John couldn’t get married, because Kristen had tricked the dying Roman, telling him that she and John were an item, and Marlena was all alone.  Roman wanted to reconcile with Marlena.  As Susan would put it, “She is Mean!  Mean!  Mean!”  Marlena couldn’t hurt Roman by telling him the truth.  However, Susan had decided to make sure that no one would ever take Lil’Elvis away from her, and had his birth certificate and name legally changed.  Marlena and John were giving her what ever kind of support she needed.  Life had become pretty good for Susan.

One night, while walking through the park with Lil’Elvis, Susan ran into Kristen.  Kristen asked to talk with Susan.  At first, she was a little reluctant, but out of the goodness of her heart she forgave Kristen, and even let her hold Lil’Elvis!  Kristen asked Susan who the father was, but Susan said she wasn’t at liberty to say.
  meanwhile ...

 Sami Brady had just won back Austin and was on the verge of marrying him again, when her evil bitch sister Carrie ruined the whole wedding.  Austin ended up marrying Carrie instead.  This prompted Susan to come up with a theory about Salem.

“It should say: Town that has an awful lot of weddings, but not very many of them eververververververreallyreallyreallyreallyreally happen!” she said of what the sign to Salem should say.

While the whole Sami-Carrie-Austin thing was going on, both Celeste and Kristen asked Susan who Lil’Elvis’ daddy was.  Susan finally told them it was Elvis, but neither Kristen or Celeste believed her, although Celeste did “sense” the father was someone  she knew.

  Helping out the Hortons  

 While Roman was dying, John had embarked into some foreign jungle with Stefano, Kristen, and Hope to find a cure for him.  Susan was left to hang around with her homies in Salem.  She first helped Alice Horton get into the police commissioner’s office, to help Jennifer (Laura’s daughter — and Jack’s ex-wife), get a job with the prison Jack was in as a guard.

Susan ran into the policeman’s office yelling that Vampires were outside, and the policeman kindly escorted Susan out, allowing Alice to trick the Prison Warden (who was doing the hiring) into believing she was the Police Commissioner’s secretary.   meanwhile...…   

The Seance  

Vivian had gotten out of jail, but had to turn all her assets over to charity in exchange for her freedom.

She managed to scam her way into the heart of a man named Jonsey, who would only allow Vivian to move in with him if she could prove she was his Flora Dora.  So, Vivian decided to hold a faux-seance, and invited Susan to attend.  Of course, Susan had not idea that it was a fake seance, and was delighted to see the ghost of her Elvis appear right before her eyes (her glasses had been taken off).  Just as things started to get good, Sister Mary busted in on the party, and ripped off Elvis’ wig.

“Vivian-girl!”  Susan yelled, as she realized she had been tricked!  The next day at the Brady Pub, Susan confronted Vivian, who she called a liar.  Susan told Vivian and Ivan they were going to have to pay for messing with the spirits.  Celeste said so!  “You’re gonna get what you deserve!  You’re gonna get what you deserve!”  Susan sang.

  Searching for Elvis

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night, and Susan was reading a scary story to Lil’Elvis about zombies.  “Suddenly, there was a knock at the door ... Betsy knew not the answer, because the Zombies had arrived, they were right outside ... and there they stood, with their bloodless faces, and cold hallow eyes, and they had only one thing in mind, and that was to make Betsy one, for real!” Susan read, when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.  “Ahhhhhh!”  Susan screamed as she went to answer it.  It was Celeste, who was sleep walking.

 “Oh Celeste, you scared me to death!”  Susan cried.  “I thought you were a Zombie coming to make me one of your own!”
Celeste woke up, and told Susan to come with her.  She had a vision of where the father of Lil’Elvis lived.  Susan and Celeste dressed up in Halloween costumes and headed for the house that Celeste saw in her vision ... it was Jonsey’s house.

Susan and Celeste went inside, Celeste dressed as a witch, Susan dressed as a ghost.   Vivian found them suspicious and asked them “Aren’t you too old for Halloween?”  Susan replied in a disquised voice “You’re never too old for Halloween!” Nonetheless, Vivian was very suspicious, and asked Ivan to keep an eye on them.  When Jonsey asked Vivian to give the tricker-treating children a tour of the Vampire Room, Susan shreeked, but Celeste kept her calm.  While the kids went off with Vivian and Ivan, Celeste and Susan hid behind a Vampire mannequin.  Susan and Celeste dressed up for Halloween.

 Celeste then suggested that they go and hide behind a door.  Susan went to open it, and all of a sudden an alarm was set off.  Jonesy, who was napping on the couch, woke up and screamed “Death!  Danger!”

Vivian quickly ripped off Susan’s costume!  “Susan!” Vivian yelled.  “I knew that voice sounded farmilar!”

Jonsey warned the four never to open the door, or death would come to them.
 When Vivian asked Susan and Celeste what they were doing there, Celeste told them that she had a vision that the father of Susan’s baby was connected to the house.

Susan said she didn’t know what Celeste was talking about since “The father of my baby is Mr. Elvis Presley!”

Vivian called Celeste a psycho, but Celeste was convinced that the father of Lil’Elvis had something to do with Jonesy’s house.  She then asked Ivan if he was the father.  Ivan denied it!  

Susan confronts the Head Vampire

Susan was out walking in the park with her Lil'Elvis one night when all of a sudden the wheel broke off his stroller.  Susan decided to go into Chez Vous restaurant to see if there was anyone who could help her.

When she got to the restaurant, she saw Abe, Lexie, and Celeste having dinner, so she decided to go ask Abe to help her with the stroller.  She walked over to the table and greeted them all, but then she saw that the Carvers had another dinner partner ... Stefano!

"Vampire!  Vampire!" Susan shreiked.  Lexie tried to convince her that Stefano was not a Vampire, but Susan wouldn't have any of it.  Stefano just laughed and smiled at Susan and Lil'Elvis.

"Thats a mightly cute baby you have there," Stefano said.

Courtesy of Lisa Ann from "The Susan Banks Collection"