Susan and Edmund

Edmund's Poem


Read on 1/24/98

"She flew into the village
This peculiar bird
Distinct in her look,
Even more so in her word.
And there was I...alone
Praying for love
Which Heaven has answered
On the wings of a dove."

Edmund's Promise to Susan

"I promise our days will be filled with sunshine,
our nights with the light of a million stars.
Our hearts and souls will now be one and we'll soar together
on the wings of love until our days on this earth are done."

Edmund's Proposal

You have given life to my heart.
Renewed my soul with faith and joy.
The light of your sweet goodness and
beauty shines still after evening falls.
To live life without you is to
feel the cold wind of loneliness.
Marry me my precious Susan and I
will pledge to you my heart, my soul,
my body and my motorscooter too.

THIS ONE DOESN'T WORK RIGHT NOW Edmund: Will you marry me Susan Banks? Susan: You betcha I will Edmund P. Crumb!

And Now for Some Fun Facts

Susan Bank's middle name is Delilah.
Susan and Edmund's favorite drink is Half and Half - a pint of 1/2 lager and 1/2 stout.
Penelope Kent, Susan's sister, is a famous European movie star and has starred in Sirens of Saturn.