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(these first two are now working; the others I have lost--sorry!)

Demise Kristen's Demise

The Secret Room!!


Susans Sister
Susan's Sister, The Sister!

The Banks Triplets

Kristen's Alive
Kristen Reveals She's Alive!

The Secret Room 2 
Let the Games Begin in the Secret Room!


The Killing Pool 

Kristen and Susan Wav's
(These should all be working now!)

Susan: Shut up Kristen!
Susan: You Are Mean, Mean, Mean!
Susan: Mr. & Mrs Thunder & Lightning
Susan: I Already feel like I'm Dyin', Mister
Susan at the Soap Opera Digest Awards
Susan giving her Deep Fat Fryer Speech
Edmund: Will you marry me Susan Banks?
Kristen going over the Edge
Kristen: Where the hell have you been? What are you up to?
He's Our Brother.  We're the Banks Triplets
Susan's dream of Stefano and Little Elvis
Susan and John sing "Happy birthday" to Brady
Kristen talking to herself
Marlena stumbling in her speech
Kristen:  Marlena's won.  No...no...NO!
Kristen yelling "Oh, no!"
Kristen going psycho: This is what's left of John and Marlena!
Susan singing: Yes, I am, I'm livin' in a penthouse...
Mary: You're such a corker! I can't believe we're doing this, Mrs. Horton.  Alice: Laughs.
Susan:  (unintelligible) Kristen: Quiet!
Susan singing: You're gonna get what you deserve...hmmm
Susan talking to Elvis
Someone saying goodbye to Elvis and Susan says, "Thanks for the chowder!"
Mary and Susan arguing about Elvis
Susan telling Kristen not to give her eggnog
Susan thanking John and Marlena for helping her find Edmund.
Susan's thoughts on Kristen
Susan: Till the Cow's Come Home
Susan: I am not a Yank, I'm from the South!
Susan: You gonna come with me?
Susan: No, No, That's not True
Kristen: Hello, You're not even listening to me
Marlena: No! Kristen: Yes!

Sister Mary

Sister Mary Wav's
(these should all be working now, too!)

Mary: Elvis has not only left the building, he is dead!
Mary: Oh yes my dear, this was very very very very easy. Next time I'll make sure that your punishment is SEVERE!!
Mary: Well, I suppose we have no choice but to return to the convent and just pray, pray, pray!
Mary: It's time for you to change your evil ways!!
Mary: Boy, haven't I heard that one before. You are confusing love with lust!!
Mary: You have no right to my sister shame (?)!!
Mary: Killing another human being is a mortal sin. You will rot in hell!