Kelly Capwell

Kelly Capwell is the second Capwell daughter and has always been in the shadow of her older sister Eden. Kelly had many lovers and was even married a couple of times.

Courtesy of The Great Talents of Santa Barbara

Was married to Joe Perkins before he was killed by Peter Flint ( a lover of Kelly) who got jealous. After that she fell in love
with Nick Hartley, a photographer and Vietnam veteran. They got engaged and then his brother Dylan Hartley showed up and
fell in love with her. They shared a night together at a plane but then Kelly went back to Nick. Dylan and Kelly kept it a secret
for a while but then when Kelly`s wedding day came so she told him everything at the altar. They split up for a while but when
getting back together, Dylan was also very jealous and came after her. Kelly flipped out when she in self-defense pushed him
out the window in the presidential suite at Capwell Hotel.  Dylan had a gun. Kelly started to confuse Dylan and Peter Flint
together and because the gun was gone (Gina took it and a videotape of it) Kelly ended up in a mental institute. She was rescued by Pearl Bradford and sent to Switzerland. Jeffrey was sent there to keep an eye on her.  They came back to Santa Barbara and fell in love. Kelly didn`t want to get married without Mason. Kelly became pregnant and was sure that it
was a girl. She was trying to get C.C. and Sophia back together and started to investigate T.J. She went to a business trip with
him (Sophia got ill and couldn`t go with them), the plane crashed and they ended up in a barn and then Kelly lost the baby in a
small house. When she came back she told Jeffrey who later got angry and blamed T.J. Eden and Cruz got them back together by telling about their own loss.. TJ and Kelly get closer when at the beach party thrown in Mason's, Kelly is poisoned
by Pamela and goes into a coma (the actress changes at the point to K.McArthur).  Then after she wakes up, Kelly wants a divorce and even doesn't want T.J. anymore and he becomes angry with Kelly. Just as they are about to divorce, Jeffrey is injured and Kelly insists on taking care of him. Jeffrey is so badly hurt that he ends up in a wheelchair and paralysed, though awake and unable to communicate. During that time Kelly gets attacked by the Video-rapist but is saved by CC and Sophia;  even Jeffrey tried to warn her. Jeffrey after that gets well. Just before that, Jeffrey and Kelly spend time on New Year's Eve at the Orient Express with the rest of the Capwells.  They aren`t getting along too well, but then they make up. Kelly doesn't meet T.J., who is also there to kill Kelly.  Jeffrey reluctantly pushed T.J. off the train. Jeffrey leaves a crying Kelly
behind him when he leaves SB, after they are divorced. Kelly leaves to Paris with Eden after Adriana`s "death". 

Courtesy of The Santa Barbara Soap Homepage

Kelly eventually unites with Cruz, her sister's great love.  More info to come soon.