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Gone but not Forgotten

Eileen Davidson has said goodbye to one of Salemís most complex characters. Or should i say, five of them! When Eileen Davidson left "Days of Our Lives" she took not one, but five beloved characters with her, who not only captured our Attention, but our Heart's as well, and kept us guessing at their pranks.

Her creativity with these characters has kept us giggling at the absurdity and gasping at the twists and turns of the already complex plot. Eileen Davidson has shown us her abundant talents as she plays the deceiving Kristen, the wacky Susan, and the wise Sister Mary. And how can we forget when she crossed gender lines to play Susan and Maryís brother Thomas or Susan's long lost Sissy, The Brash, But Lovable Starlet Penelope Kent!

Eileen returned to her role of Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless in March of 1999. She previously portrayed Ashley Abbott from 1982-1989.

We Love You Eileen!!


You may not have taken home an Emmy
but you've taken home something far Greater.
Our Hearts

Eileen! This Award is for You!

Eileen Davidson
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Susan's Thoughts

Well, Hi there! I'm Susan, and on this nice lil' ol' site, you will Learn all about Eileen Davidson, thatSusan Banks Mean, Mean, Mean Kris-tan and ME!, Cuz I have a lot to say on some of them. Especially Kris-tan. I can say mean things about Kris-tan and she will never find out, cuz she's gone far, far away to that Mr. Sultan's Palace. She's probably just a dancin' up a storm and hatin' it. But I'm lovin' it. And that head Vampire Mr. Stefano Dimera will never know where she is, cuz me and my Edmund tricked him.

I really, really, really hope you enjoy what I have to say. I know I sure did. In the near, near, near future, This Site will include my Sissy, my brother Thomas, my long-lost dead sissy Penelope, my Edmund, and my Lil Sweetpea Elvis. And of course it has always included that Mean ol' Vampire Kris-tan.

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