Lady in Red

Eileen Davidson

Kelly Capwell/ Kristen Blake /Susan Banks/Ashley Abbott 

Eileen Davidson joined "Days of Our Lives" as the passionate Kristen Blake in May 1993. Over the past year, Davidson has received critical acclaim for her work in the multiple roles of Kristen, Kristenís strange lookalike Susan, and Susanís twin sister, Sister Mary Moira. Davidson has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and "Soap Opera Digest" has named the actress one of the most beautiful women on television three times.

A fashion photographer spotted Davidson at the age of 19 dancing barefoot in Southern California's Newport Beach, and she began her career as a model shortly thereafter. She eventually appeared on the covers of numerous magazines before entering the daytime-drama arena.

A native of Southern California, Davidson comes from a large family of four sisters and two brothers. When she has time away from the studio, Davidson often works with the inner-city children of the Para Los Ninos organization.

Eileen's Favorite Memory

I was raised in Southern California. But I hadn't seen snow most of my childhood. So my father and mother rented a cabin up in the mountains one Christmas when I was about eight. That's the first time I saw snow. And everybody was up there and we had just carloads of stuff and... You know, when you have that big of a family, it's just so much fun. So seven kids and their friends and toys and stuff. So that's a great memory.

Eileen's Best and Worst Moments of 1997

BEST~My marriage to John Lindstrom (Kevin, Port Charles), and my niece, Caroline, being accepted into Stanford.

WORST~The fact that Los Angeles still doesn't have a football team. The Rams are gone. The Raiders are gone. So there is nobody to root for.

And now for some of her Personal Facts:

Eileen was educated at a Catholic school until her senior year in high school...perhaps that is why she is so good at playing Sister Mary Moira, Also says she is so good at making Susan's faces because she was the youngest of 7 children in her family and they were always fooling around like that. Because of this she actually enjoys playing a character like Susan and really gets into it. She says she can relate to Susan because when she was in high school she was overweight, mousy, and a "wallflower"(imagine that). She then began studying acting when she was 20 years old. Eileen got her big break when she was cast in Y & R. From there she went on to play Kelly Capwell on the late Santa Barbara. In addition to soap operas Eileen has also been in a few films, one of them is "Eternity." She departed from Days in the hopes of having a baby with husband, Jon Lindstrom. Eileen returned to her role as Ashley Abbott on the Young and the Restless in March of 1999.

Likes to read Tolstoy

Eileen's Birthday is June 15, 1959

Birthplace: Artesia, California

Siblings: John, Mary, Connie, Patricia, Ruth and Tom. Eileen is the youngest.

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 125 lbs.

She has 3 dogs and 2 cats

Favorite TV show is Chicago Hope

Likes living in California, going to the beach

She is a newlywed.....married to GH's Jon Lindstrom

Met her husband many years ago while she was doing Santa Barbara

In her spare time...if she has any...she likes to play tennis, SURF (she amazes me), read and hang out with her hubby


Returned to the role of Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless in March of 1999

"Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series .... Kristen Blake DiMera (1993-1998)/Susan Banks Crumb (1996-1998)/Sister Mary Moira Banks (1997-1998)/Thomas Banks (1997)/Penelope Kent (1998)

"Santa Barbara" (1984) TV Series .... Kelly Capwell (#4) (1991-1993)
"Broken Badges" (1990) TV Series .... J.J. "Bullet" Tingreedes
Easy Wheels (1989) .... She Wolf
Eternity (1989) .... Valerie/Dahlia
Sharing Richard (1988) (TV) .... J.C. Dennison
House on Sorority Row, The (1983) .... Vicki
... aka House of Evil (1983)
... aka Seven Sisters (1983)
Goin' All the Way (1982) .... BJ
"Young and the Restless, The" (1973) TV Series .... Ashley Abbott (#1) (1982-1988)

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Para Eileen Works with Para Los Ninos, an Organization thats Dedicated to helping Inner-City Children. 


Eileen's book will become a movie!

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