How well do you know Ashley?

1) What did Ashley do last time she was pregnant?
2) Who is Ashley's real father?
3) How many times has Ashley been married? 
4) What happened to Ashley's husband Dr. Steven Lassiter?
5) Where did Ashley live with her husband Blade?
6) What year did Ashley start on Y&R the first time?
7) What did Victor do to Jabot to get back at Brad (Ashley objected to it and eventually Victor dropped it because of her)?
8) Ashley was maid of honor at who's wedding?
9) What is Ashley's middle name?
10) What year did Eileen stop playing Ashley?


1)  She had an abortion, went crazy, and went to the sanitarium. 
2) Brent Davis
3) 4 times
4) He was shot.
5) In her father's house with John and Jack.
6) 1982.
7) He sued Jabot.
8) Olivia's.
9) Suzanne
10) 1988