Ashley Abbot Time Line


Ashley's first love was Eric Garrison, who proposed to her.  

Ashley's mom Dina Mergeron, formerly Dina Abbott, returned to town after a 12 year absence (she had deserted her family).

Ashley became involed with Marc Mergeron, too, but she couldn't decide between the two men.


Victor became involved with Ashley for the first time.


Brent Davis revealed he was Ashley's biological father.

Ashley, upon learning about Brent, ran off, traumatized, and couldn't remember who she was.  She was about to be raped by some guy when Victor arrived just in time to save her.


Brent died of a liver ailment.

Jack learns that Ashley is his half-sister.

Victor proposes to Ashley.  She finds out that she is pregnant, but before she can tell Victor, she learns that his wife, Nikki, is dying, so instead she has an abortion.  Victor finds out and they have a really bad argument.  Again Ashley is traumatized and ends up wandering the streets of New York City without any identity.


Ashley is put into an institution where she is under the care of Dr. Steven Lassiter. He tracks down her family and they convince Lassiter to accompany Ashley back to Genoa City for treatment.  Nikki also finds out about Ashley being in the institution and tries to find out what happened.

Victor and Ashley reunite.  Nikki, who is in remission, pretends to still be sick in order to hold on to Victor.  Ashley goes on a Christmas trip with Steven and they fall in love.  She accepts his marriage proposal.


Ashley and Steven wed.  They are threatened by Leanna, one of his ex-patients.  Leanna finds out the dirt on Victor (particularly his past with Ashley) and publishes an anonymous tell-all book, "Ruthless: The Story of Victor Newman" which brings embarrassment to both the Newmans and Abbotts.

Steven is jealous of Ashley's friendship with Victor.  Then he is gunned down by "the distraught son of a patient" before he can tell Ashley that he found out Leanna wrote the book.

Eileen leaves the role of Ashley. :(


Ashley and Nikki team up to ruin Leanna's relationship with Victor.


Brad proposes to Ashley.  Traci is jealous.  Ashley ends up marrying Victor instead.


Ashley doesn't have too much to do this year.  She takes Victoria in for AIDS and pregnancy testing after she sleeps with Ryan, who has also been sleeping with Nina.


Victor spends a lot of time helping Nikki, who is sick.  Brad and Ashley grow closer.  

Victor and Nikki kiss but Victor vows to bring the magic back to his marriage by taking a long-delayed honeymoon trip with Ashley.  

Because of Jack's plotting, Victor collapses.  Because of his health scare, he decides Nikki is the woman he wants.  He proposes to Nikki but she turns him down.

Victor offers Ashley Jack's old job but she turns him down and gets a divorce.


Victor is believe to be dead.  Later, after he returns, Ashley becomes friends with his new wife Hope.  John and Ashley return to Jabot, without Jack.


Ashley meets and falls for Blade, a Jabot photographer, and they marry.  Mari Jo arrives and gets engaged to Jack.  Ashley finds out about Blade and Mari Jo's past.  When Blade's twin Rick comes to down, she mistakes him for Blade.

Ashley and Blade have marriage troubles so they decide to go to St. Thomas.  Also visiting the island are Jack, Mari Jo, Rick, and Brad.  Brad comforts Ashley when she thinks Mari Jo and Blade are getting chummy again.  Rick takes Blade prisoner and steals his identity.  Back home, Ashley is pleased by Blade's new lovemaking skills, not realizing it's really Rick.  Rick falls for Ashley and wants to have a baby with her.  Blade escapes and returns but then dies in a terrible car and train accident.  Ashley throws Rick out.


John has a stroke and the family rallies around him.


Victor is shot by Mari Jo.


Hope and Ashley both become interested in Kurt Costner, a man that Katherine has taken in.  Ashley and Kurt go to Cape Cod to investigate the death of his wife and child in a tragic accident.  Ashley finds a letter that said his wife planned to leave him for another man.  Later, Kurt learns the truth when he finds evidence of the affair.  Much later on, Kurt leaves town.


Ashley becomes involved with Cole Howard, who is married to her ex-step daughter Victoria (eeeeuuuwww).  Cole is ambivalent because he still has feelings for Victoria.  Finally Cole decides he wants Ashley, but she doesn't want to be hurt again.  Cole persuades Victoria to tell Ashley that it is over between them; he only wants Ashley.

When Nikki is shot, Ashley and Cole are there to support Victoria.  Cole writes a book based on what happened, dedicates it to Ashley, and asks Ashley to marry him.  She accepts.  Ashley dreams that she and Cole have a baby together.

Victoria is pregnant by a one-night stand with Cole but doesn't tell him.  Cole and Ashley worry about why Victoria is acting strangely.  Ashley overhears that Cole is the father and confronts Victoria.  Victoria lies about it to just about everyone.   Finally Victoria is forced to admit the truth.  She shows up unexpectedly at Cole and Ashley's wedding.

Ashley and Cole take a trip and then move into the Abbott house.  Brad returns, surprising Ashley.  As Cole supports Victoria during her difficult pregnancy, Brad gets close to Ashley.  Victoria is forced to give birth prematurely and eventually the baby dies.  Ashley goes on a business trip for a while.  When she comes back, she is in touch with a mysterious man.  She takes more secret trips to Europe, which leaves Cole and Victoria more time to get close again.  


Cole gets frustrated by Ashley's absences and has to go track her down in Europe (despite Brad's trying to stop him).  Meanwhile, in Madrid, Ashley pays off a blackmailer named Rafael.  We learn that he is her "stepbrother" and wants to meet Cole, but she won't let him.  He sold a fake painting so Ashley had to cover for him.  Cole arrives and they have a happy reunion.  Cole meets Rafael but is suspicious.  Brad helps Ashley out of the situation with the fraud painting.

Victoria goes to Madrid to make Cole see that Ashley is not being honest with him.  Cole, Ashley, & Victoria return to Genoa City to find that Victor is reported missing and Jack and Brad are taking over his company.  Ashley fights with Jack about his tactics.  Rafael shows up, much to Ashley's dismay.  Victoria dates Rafael just to get under Ashley's skin.

Mamie returns.  Ashley has a hard time putting up with Diane living in the Abbott house.  Victoria and Cole continue to pry into Ashley's relationship with Rafael.  Rafael is forced to reveal the painting forgery problem to Cole, who is upset that Ashley didn't share with him.  Ashley reveals that she shares a past with Rafael but that's all.  Cole and Ashley decide Rafael should leave.  Victoria tries to convince Rafael to stay and break up Cole and Ashley.  Brad makes observations about Cole being too boring for Ashley.  Rafael finally leaves town.

Ashley calls Jack on the carpet for shady dealings but he pleads that he just trying to get Jabot back for John.  Jack and Brad take Jabot back and replace Victor's picture with one of themselves.  Ashley urges Jack to get rid of Diane.  Everyone is arguing (Brad & Jack, Ashley & Diane) when Victor returns and an emergency board meeting is called.  In the vote to decide who will be in charge, Ashley abstains, so the vote ties.  Brad & Jack remain in charge of Newman Enterprises and Jabot.  Jack demands to talk to Ashley about her allegiances but Cole defends his wife physically.  Jack and Diane fight.  Jack offers to give Ashley half of everything and throw Brad out, but she isn't interested.  Ashley gets disgusted at Jack and Brad's antics and Victor threatens to sue.  Jack goes behind everyone's back and offers to resign if Victor gives Jabot back to John.  Ashley is touched by Jack's decision.  Victor insists that they buy Jabot back from him, but they can't come up with the money.  Cole gets annoyed at the time Jack spends plotting with Ashley.  Jack and Ashley ask Jill for help but then decide against it.  Jack searches for John.  Mamie offers money to help.

Ashley chats with Olivia about her failing marriage to Malcolm.


Eileen returns as Ashley (yay!)



Ashley's wedding to Brad is interrupted by her giving birth.  Victor takes her to the hospital.  Eventually she marries Brad and christens her baby.  

Ashley gets nervous when people talk about what happened to Victor's missing sperm.  Did she steal it to make her baby? Stay tuned!

Source: The Y&R 25th Anniversary book

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