The History of Ashley Abbot

Ashley was raised by John Abbot.  Her mother is Dina, John's ex-wife, who lives in Europe.  John is not her biological father, but he doesn't know that and Ashley considers him her "real" father.  She has one sister, Traci, who lives in New York with her husband Steve, and one brother, Jack.  The Abbott family general considers itself close, but they have all had their problems.  Traci and Ashley have both been married to Brad, which has caused some tension.  Billy is Ashley's step-brother because Jill and John are his parents.

Ashley is currently married to Brad.  She and Brad dated a lot before but recently became involved again.  She had a baby and claimed that the father was Christian, whom she met on a cruise.  But Brad overheard her speaking with Christian and knows that he is not the father.  Probably Victor is the father but he doesn't know it, either.  We think Ashley might have gotten artificially inseminated with Victor's sperm and it just hasn't come out yet.  Brad has adopted the baby as his own.

Ashley is a chemist and runs the lab at Jabot, the cosmetics company owned by her family.  Her family had previously lost the company when they took it public and it was taken over by Victor Newman.  Newman Enterprises owned it for a while but Jabot recently came back into the family's ownership after having some financial problems.  The long feud between Jack and Victor has caused business and personal problems for the family.  Part of the feud stems from Victor's on-again, off-again relationship with Ashley.

In the early to mid-80's, Victor had an affair with Ashley while he was married to Nikki.  Ashley got pregnant and didn't tell Victor because she thought Nikki, his wife at the time, was dying.  She got an abortion without telling him.  When he found out, he was very upset and said awful things to Ashley.   Ashley became very upset and took off, eventually wandering the streets in New York City, where she was found and put in a mental institution. 

Later, Ashley and Victor wed and then divorced, and then got back together again.  It was only fairly recently that they had a fight and broke up.  Then she married Brad, sort of on the rebound.

Ashley's good friend is Olivia Hastings, a doctor; they were sorority sisters together.  They each stood up for the other at their respective weddings.

Jack and Ashley generally get along well.  The only time they have problems is when Jack tries to interfere in her personal life (especially when she is involved with Victor or Brad, because he hates both of them), or when they have arguments about Jabot.    Jack is often condescending to Ashley and treats her sometimes like she's just his little sister, even though she is a full voting member on Jabot's board of directors and a scientist.