Ashley's Bio By Suzanne

Ashley is the son of John Abbott and Dina Myer.  John was her adopted father, but sAshley with Brian, old flamehe grew up thinking he was her biological father, and they were very close until he died. She never told him that she learned the truth about her parentage.  She has a half-brother, Jack, and a half-sister, Tracy, that she grew up with. They are all very close, but she has learned not to trust jack over the years because he is often dishonest and scheming (especially when it comes to Jabot or her ex-husband, Victor Newman).

Ashley is a chemist at Jabot.  For a while, she worked for Forrester Cosmetics in Paris and then L.A., but she returned to her beloved Genoa City after a year.  She reunited with Victor, arguably the love of her life. She and Victor have a daughter, Abby, but they have had a rocky romance off and on for many years.

Ashley has been mentally unstable a few times, but she's had to be tough many other times when she needed to.  She tries to be a really tough cookie but is often fragile and not able to cope with the travails of her life.  She had an affair with Victor when he was married to Nikki in the 1980's. She got pregnant and had an abortion because she didn't think Victor would marry her.  When he found out about the abortion, he grew very angry and they fought. Realizing she had made a big mistake, she went off her rocker and later ended up in a mental institution.

Nikki and Ashley have always had a rivalry over Victor, but they do like and respect each other, and love each other's children, as they have shown over the years.  Ashley's good friends include Dr. Olivia Winters and her brother-in-law, Neil.

When Abby was pregnant with Abby, she told everyone that a stranger she met on a cruise for a one-night-stand was the father. In reality, she had stolen Victor's sperm from Diane, who had stolen it from a sperm bank (Victor has gotten a vasectomy).  Ashley married Brad. Later, everyone found out that Victor was the father.  Abby grew up thinking of Brad as her dad and Victor as her biological father (she was closer to Brad until his death).

Ashley has been married many times.  When Victor had his own emotional breakdown a few years ago, Ashley was the one who rescued him and talked him into regaining control of his life.  They eventually wed.  Ashley got pregnant, even though Victor shouldn't have been able to be a father.  They might have survived this time, except for Victor's meddling in Jack's life (using Colleen), and lying to Ashley about it.  Also, Victor's son Adam moved in with them, and, in order to get back at Victor, he gaslighted Ashley into insanity. He caused her to lose her baby, but then he made her believe she was still pregnant.  Later, he was able to steal Sharon's baby and give it to Ashley. Ashley is currently raising "Faith" as her own, not realizing that she miscarried. She is living alone at the ranch and has divorced Victor.

(This above is from my memory)

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