Keeping Up with Mackenzie 2!!!

Monday, July 10
Mackenzie calls Billy and he says they need to talk. They agree to meet at their secluded hideaway. But as Mac is leaving Jill walks in and tells Mac that she is going to watch her like hawk since she dropped out of the campaign. Katherine walks in and Jill leaves. Katherine asks Mac that if Jill was bothering her, would she tell her. Mac says of course and tells Katherine that she loves her. As Mac starts to leave again she is surprised to meet Raul at the door when she opens it. She tells him she has to do some 'girl thing' and rushes out on him. Katherine invites Raul in and tells him not to worry about Mac, 'that's what 16 year old girls are like.' Mac meets Billy at the hideaway and tells him that she dropped out of the campaign. he told her he was there when Jill called so he knew. She also tells him that she's going to drop out of the website.  She says she doesn't want to take a chance of her mom seeing her. Jill meets Jack in his office and the guy editing the commercial comes in. He tells Jack that he took out even shot of Mac. He and Jill watch the commercial after Jack leaves. Jill says it's perfect. While watching it the guy sees a shot of Mac and says he should edit that out. Jill says there's no need to, that only one in a million could notice that that was Mac.

Tuesday, July 11
Raul and Brittany meet at Billy's house at the same time. Billy and Mac come from the pool house and so they won't bee seen together, Mac walks around to the front and Billy goes to the door from the inside. Jack and Jill come to the pool minutes after Billy let's Raul and Brittany in. Mac shows up and gets ready for her photo to be taken. But stops and says she needs to say something. She tells them she's not going to do the internet site. Jill yells at her and Billy tries to calm her down. After Jill has her words at Mac, Mac walks to the front door to leave. Raul goes after her and asks for an explanation. She tells him that she would get shy with all the people seeing her online. Mac leaves and Brittany calls one of her friends to take Mac's place on the internet site. Raul comes back to the pool and announces that he might not want to do the site since Mac isn't.
Wednesday, July 12
After Raul quits, Jill wants to put an end to the entire campaign ad. Jack assumes that Mac is afraid of being in front of the camera. So he says that she could work behind the camera. That way she'd still be a part of it and Raul wouldn't quit. Mac tells Katherine that she dropped out of the internet project. Katherine assumes it's because of Billy.
Thursday, July 13
Ashley and Jack confirm that the Glow By Jabot House is on, whether Jill agrees or not. Jack tells Raul, Billy, and Brittany that the web site is still up and running. Raul is happy that Mac will be spending so much time with him this summer, but when he begins kissing her, Mac tells him to stop. Jill is reluctant to give Jack the okay to begin production on the Glow by Jabot House project until he has a producer in place. Phyllis' agent tells her that Jack Abbott is pressuring her to sign on to his project. She tells him that working with Jack Abbott could be fascinating.
Friday, July 14
Billy asks Brittany where Mac and Raul are. She tells him that they have been in the pool house alone for awhile and Raul must be making the most of his time with Mac. Billy wants to go check on them, but Brittany says that they need some time alone with themselves. She goes to kiss Billy, but he hugs her instead. Brittany and Billy go to the pool house. Raul apologizes for coming on to Mac too strong, but he says that he loves her and wants to take their relationship to another level. Mac tells him it cannot happen again. Billy comes in and sees that Mac is upset. He asks Raul what's going on and after Raul responds that it's non of his business, Billy gets in Raul's face.
Monday, July 17
Billy apologizes to Raul for taunting him. Brittany is worried that the stress is getting the best so Billy and they leave the pool house together to get lunch. Raul fears he's destroyed his relationship with Mac, but she tells him to forget about it. Jack is surprised that Phyllis is the producer in question for the web site project. She tries to convince Jack that he can trust her.
Tuesday, July 18
Wednesday, July 19
Thursday, July 20
Jack approaches Phyllis at Gina's and tells her that he is reconsidered hiring her to produce the web site. Phyllis tells him that he can take the job and shove it. Mac tells Raul that she would fell more comfortable if they remain friends. Brittany and Rianna agree that Billy has been acting strange. J.T. speculates that Billy has a crush on Mac, but Brittany knows that can't be true. Mac tells Billy that she broke up with Raul and Billy considers breaking up with Brittany as well. Mac tells him it's not a good idea because it would arouse Jill's suspicions.

Friday, July 21
Kay confronts Jill and tells her to leave Mac alone. Jill asks Kay what Mac has been telling her. Kay can tell that Mac is scared of Jill by the way she acts around her. Mac interrupts the conversation and Jill asks Mac what she has been saying about her. Later, Mac leaves to see Billy and Jill catches them together.

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