Keeping Up With MacKenzie #3!!

Monday, July 24
Jill asks Mac why she is with Billy at the Abbott house just as Jack and Phyllis arrive. Jack covers for Mac, telling Jill that he invited everyone participating in the web site project to come by and meet Phyllis, the new producer. Phyllis and Jill butt heads immediately, but Jack is certain Phyllis will keep Jill in line. Mac suggests that Billy consult Jack on how to handle Jill. Rianna and Brittany arrive, and Brittany watches as Billy gazes at Mac.
Tuesday, July 25
As Phyllis observes the pool house, she notices someone is missing. Jill is shocked that Raul is not around, and tells Mac to go find her boyfriend. Billy offers to give her a ride and explains to Brittany that he will serve as a buffer between Mac and Raul, considering their argument the other night. Mac and Billy go to the coffeehouse in search of Raul, but have no luck finding him. Mac knows Raul is avoiding her and feels guilty for breaking up with him. Billy tells Mac that he will put off breaking up with Brittany if Mac doesn't tell Raul the real reason she broke up with him.

Wednesday, July 26
Thursday, July 27
Friday, July 28
. Raul shows up at the Chancellor Estate and asks Billy if he can speak to him alone. He tells Billy that Mac broke up with him. He needs Billy to talk to Mac for him and convince her not to dump him. Billy tells Raul that Mac obviously has her mind made up. Raul tells Billy that he will continue working on the website project because he can't bear the thought of not seeing Mac the entire summer. Phyllis begins the meeting and asks Brittany, Rianna, and Mac to tell her about themselves. Mac reveals to everyone that she and Raul are no longer together. Raul and Billy enter and Phyllis gives them details on the production process. After the meeting, Brittany wants to spend time with Billy, but he tells her he has to talk to Jack.
Monday, July 31
Billy goes to Jack in confidence and asks him if Jill has any skeletons in her closet. Jack asks if Billy is trying to blackmail Jill so that he and Mac can be together, but Billy doesn't answer. He only tells Jack that if he knew what Jill was doing to keep them apart, he would be shocked. Jack tells Billy that he wants to help him, but he needs more information. When Billy tells Mac that Jack cannot help them unless they give him more information about Jill, Mac thinks that they should stop seeing each other. She feels guilty that they have to lie to Brittany and Raul. Kay reminds Jill that Billy is the product of an afternoon rendezvous with the mailman. She demands Jill acknowledge Mac as her granddaughter. Jill tells Kay that she's being conned by an opportunist. She calls her private detective and he asks her if she's received his letter in the mail. Jill doesn't know what he's talking about and wonders what could've happened to the letter.
Tuesday, August 1
Mac and Billy have a picnic in the Abbott hideaway. They resolve that no matter what, they will not hide their feelings from one another. Phyllis wants to give the web site project some personality by revealing the lives of the teens on-screen. Jack agrees to a certain point, but tells Phyllis that he's counting on her not to make the campaign into a melodrama. Phyllis asks Jack out for a drink, but he declines. Brittany and Rianna find Raul in the coffeehouse. Brittany tells Raul she's sorry to hear about his break up with Mac, but Raul tells Brittany that the break up wasn't his idea.
Wednesday, August 2
Kay shoves Jill into a table, warning her to leave Mac alone. Jill accuses Kay of intercepting the letter that came for her. Jill leaves and Kay knows she must act now in order to keep Mac from Jill's wrath. Jill calls the post office to find out who signed for the letter she never received.
Thursday, August 3
Jack claims that he can help Billy if he lets him know what's going on with Jill and Mac. Billy tells him that it's too complicated. Mac sees Billy and Brittany kissing and she becomes jealous. Billy asks Mac why she's avoiding him and she admits that she doesn't know how to handle seeing Billy and Brittany together.
Friday, August 4
Phyllis uploads the first day of web site clips onto the web site. Brittany agrees to do a live chat. When Brittany is alarmed when she is asked about a mystery girl who seems to be close to her boyfriend.
Monday, August 7
Phyllis admits there is a clip on the web site that reveals a conversation between Mac and Billy. Mac is upset with Phyllis and asks that she be involved in the next edit session to ensure she is absent from all footage. Brittany, still upset over the "mystery girl" seen with Billy on the web site, treats Billy coldly and leaves. J.T. tells Brittany that he doesn't have any proof that Billy is interested in someone else, but he knows that Billy doesn't give her the attention she deserves. He offers Brittany a drink and tells her he'll always be there for her.
Tuesday, August 8
As Brittany drinks more and continues to bash Billy, J.T. puts the moves on by stroking her hair and kissing her cheek. After Brittany and J.T. have sex, Brittany is still buzzed and blames Billy for what just happened. She suddenly freaks out and tells J.T. to back off. As far as she's concerned, nothing happened between them. Phyllis knows there is another reason why Mac doesn't want to be seen on the web site and asks Mac what she's hiding. She guesses that Mac and Billy are involved, but Mac denies her accusations, insisting she and Billy are only friends. Billy arrives and Mac warns him that Phyllis suspects there is something going on between them. Billy suggests they go to their hideout, but before they can leave, Billy spots Brittany coming in. He tells Mac that since Brittany has come, they shouldn't be seen leaving together. Billy approaches Brittany and asks her if she's been drinking. He offers to take her home. J.T. tells Brandon that he and Brittany slept together. Just as Mac arrives home, Jill is on the phone with the post office clerk. The clerk identifies Mackenzie Browning as the person who signed for the letter.
Wednesday, August 9
Jill confronts Mac about the letter and tells her that tampering with someone else's mail is a federal offense. Upset, Mac begs Jill not to contact her mother. Jill thinks that Mac could be a fraud after all and anticipates learning the truth when she speaks to Mac's mother.
Thursday, August 10
Mac tells Billy that Jill knows about the letter. Jill gets a call from her private detective saying Mac's birth certificate was not destroyed in a fire and he is working on getting it. Jill suggests they send an anonymous tip to Mac's mother, figuring it will bring her to Genoa City. Billy tries to convince Mac that his mother will not try to find Amanda and risk ostracizing everyone around her. He points out that if things get too tough for Mac, they can run away together.
Friday, August 11
Kay is worried that they could lose Mackenzie if Jill brings Amanda into her life. Brock admits that in a casual conversation, he gave Jill all of the information she needs to locate Amanda. Brittany tells J.T. to leave her alone, but he insists that what they shared meant the world to him. Rianna joins them, and J.T. leaves. Rianna tells Brittany she suspects J.T. is cheating on her, but it might be for the best since he's a jerk. After Rianna leaves, J.T. tells Brittany that if she thinks she can set him up and then blow him off, she's dead wrong. Jill leaves the meeting and finds Raul at the pool house. She senses something is wrong and he tells her that Mac broke up with him. Sensing Mac is planning to get closer to Billy, Jill books the next flight to St. Louis.

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