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Monday, June 26
Jill is horrified when Brittany is announced 1st runner up. The entire crowd is stunned when Mac is crowned prom queen. J.T. and Brendon are delighted that their plan to bump Brittany worked. Brad gets a visit from Lauren, but just as they get cozy, Jill enters and tells Brad that Brittany wasn't voted prom queen. She blames Lauren for conspiring with Katherine and Mac.

Tuesday, June 27
Mac and Billy revel in their magical evening and share another kiss. Mac tells Billy to leave before his mother catches them. Billy doesn't care what his mother thinks, but leaves because Mac doesn't want anything to destroy their perfect evening. Mac is shocked to see Jill staring at her from the stairwell. Jill lashes out at Mac, accusing her of conspiring to win prom queen and having her

sights set on Billy all along. She threatens Mac, saying that she will do anything to keep Billy away from her. Jill tells Jack and Ashley that th campaign is over because Brittany wasn't crowned prom queen. Billy arrives home on cloud nine. He tells Jack and Ashley that he and Mac won prom king and queen. Ashley realizes the campaign can continue, using Mac as the GLOW model.

Wednesday, June 28
Billy calls Mac and they discuss their new connection, but Mac hangs up the phone when Katherine enters. She tells Katherine that her prom was more than she could hope for. Jill interrupts and tells Mac not to forget the most important part. Jill tells Katherine that Mac and Billy were crowned prom king and queen. Katherine is thrilled for Mac, but wonders if Jill is holding any hostility. When Mac asks if Jill ever follows through on her threats, Katherine confirms that she does. A delivery man arrives at the door with a package for Jill. Mac signs for it and notices it is from a detective agency in St. Louis. Brad is worries about the GLOW ad campaign, but Jack and Ashley explain to him that Mac can be used as a substitute because they have footage of her from the pre-prom shoot. Brad thinks that using Mac may be to their advantage because she is the underdog and everyone will root for her rags to riches story. They watch a rough cut of the footage and everyone except Jill agrees that the GLOW ad works even better than expected with Mac.

Thursday, June 29
Nikki tells Jack that Victoria's reaction to her job at Jabot is worse than she anticipated. Jack explains that Mac will be the new star of the website campaign, but Jill insists that if Mac is in, Billy is out. Jack counters that if Jill pulls Billy out, the gap between her and her son will be bigger than ever. Mac reads the letter from St. Louis intended for Jill. Mac finds out that Jill's search for her birth records has been unsuccessful and the detective suggests they find Mac's mother. Billy calls Mac and tells her that he's worried about Raul and what their relationship will do to him. Mac tells Billy not to tell anyone about their relationship because something has come up. Billy and Raul tell John about the prom. John is happy for Billy, but thinks this is a blow to Jabot's campaign. Ashley tells John that Mac has been substituted for Brittany and the campaign is in full swing. John, Ashley, and Raul leave to scout the pool house. Billy stays behind to check on Mac.

Friday, June 30
Billy talks about making summer plans with Mac, but Mac breaks it to him that she's leaving. Billy refuses to let Mac go without an explanation, but Mac is afraid to explain. After Billy takes her to a secluded hideaway, she finally admits that Jill has threatened her. Mac suspects Jill is ready to get Mac's mother involved. At the pool house, Raul and Ashley brief Jack on the GLOW campaign. They realize that Billy hasn't showed up and assume he's with Brittany. Ashley senses Jack is hiding something from her about Billy and demands to know what it is. Jill tells Brittany to forget about the prom queen ad and concentrate on the website this summer. Jill advises her to keep Billy happy, but Brittany admits that she hasn't heard from him since prom night.

Monday, June 3
Mac admits to Billy that she is afraid of Jill. She also tells him that she has to leave because her mother has legal custody of her. If Mac is found, she will have to return to her mother and step-father, who terrifies her. At first, Billy has a plan to reveal Jill's threats against Mac, but after he sees Mac's fear, they decide to keep their romance a secret until they figure out how to handle Jill. Jack and Ashley watch a rough cut of the prom commercial. After seeing Mac and Billy together on tape, it becomes clear to Ashley that Billy and Mac have a connection. She tells Jack that once the commercial airs next week, everyone will know they're in love. Raul sees Mac's packed bag and asks Katherine if Mac is leaving for the summer. Jill overhears the conversation and is thrilled. Katherine assures Jill that Mac isn't going anywhere and tells her how excited she is about Mac's involvement in the campaign.

Tuesday, July 4

Wednesday, July 5
Billy walks Mac to the house and Billy escapes before Raul and Jill enter. Jill suspects something is going on with Mac, but Mac covers. When Raul tells Mac that she will be featured in the Jabot commercial, Mac objects. She knows that her face will be seen all over American and doesn't want to risk her mother spotting her. Katherine questions Mac's reasons for not wanting to be a part of the campaign and Mac tells her she doesn't want to be in the spotlight. Jill tells her that they will have to re-cut the entire campaign and calls to inform jack. Billy arrives home and tells Jack that his relationship with Mac cannot be revealed. Jack gets the call from Jill. She tells him that Mac doesn't want to be in the ad at all and to her surprise, jack tells her that it shouldn't be a problem.

Thursday, July 6

Friday, July 7

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