*Name: Ashley Bashioum
*Birthday: December 30, 1983~~>18 years old
*Birth Place: Born in Chicago, but raised in Wayzata, Minnesota.
* Siblings: One brother, younger, Josh.
*How she got into acting: "I was required to do a play in the fifth grade, and I thought: I really like this. So I did some more, I got into (it professionally) in Minneapolis, doing plays, going out on auditions. I met my manager there, and signed with her." Quoted by Ashley herself.
*Following the dream:
"I came out to L.A. for pilot season last year. I didn't get anything, but I had a lot of great auditions. I came back out again this year on February 1. Before I knew it, I was auditioning for the "Young & The Restless." By the end of the month, I was a member of the cast."
*Getting the part:
"For "Y&R," I did one audition, got two callbacks--the second one from executive producer Ed Scott and head writer Kay Alden--and then I got booked. I'm still a little blown away by the fact that I'm working on the No. 1 daytime soap, but it's starting to sink in."
*Working with Jeanne Cooper:
"Oh my gosh, its such a privilege to be working in scenes with Jeanne, because she's really nice. I'm learning so much just by watching her. Once I heard I was going to be working with the matriarch of the whole soap opera world, I was so excited--and now I'm very happy to actually be here on the set with her."
: "I never had time to watch soap operas, because I was always in school. But once I got the job, I started watching "Y&R," so I'm catching up with the different storylines."
*On her character
: "My character's tough; she's had a bit of a rough background. I think she's brave, going out on the streets like that, trying to make a go of it, surviving on her own."

****This was taken from Soap Opera Weekly; dated April 27

History on MacKenzie Browning

Full Name: MacKenzie Browning
Occupation: High School Student
Occupation#2: Waitress at Crimeson Lights Coffeehouse
Resides: 12 Foothill Road
Marital Status:
Past Marriages: None
Relatives: Amanda Browning (Mother); Brock Reynolds (Father); Katherine Reynolds Chancellor (Grandmother); Gary Reynolds (Grandfather; deceased)
Children: None
Flings & Affairs: Raul
Crimes Committed: Underage drinking; Charges were dropped

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Ashley's Co-star David Tom, who plays Billy Abbott

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